Friday, February 22, 2013

Why Do Dems Want To Change (Ruin) America? (pic)

Via @socialism_sucks


LL said...

They feel that communism offers a bright future. It doesn't, and when it arrives, the progressives will be the first to bemoan their condition.

They want to disarm the public and feel that by creating a police state that everyone will be safe. Except that they don't want a police state.

They're like spoiled children.

Kid said...

That's Beautiful.

I'd say they are like children, but that would be an insult to children.

LL - gun control? They don't care about those kids at Newtown. The stimulus bill has add on's for the HC bill. No healthcare for under age 3 or over 70.

Pain pills only after 70. I wonder if you break a leg, do they at least fix that?

WoFat said...

Should reality come to them they well cry "WHY ME?" And want to be protected, but them it will be too late.

Opus #6 said...

Kid, in China, families need to keep a large amount of cash on hand in case anybody gets hospitalized and needs care. They will let preemie babies gurgle bubbles and drown alone while relatives sprint across town to scrape together cash for payment.

That is what this will come to, with the ruination of our health care system.

Kid said...

And we saw it coming 4 years ago.