Friday, January 11, 2013

As A Girl In India, She Learned To Fear Men

From Mira Kamdar in The Atlantic.
My first sense as a young girl of sexual menace came from my Indian grandfather. He never sexually threatened or molested me. But he made sure I knew that the world in which I, a girl, was growing up was perilous to women. Screaming reproaches at my dress or my uppity talk, he made it clear that the only way to protect myself from the ever-present danger of men was by conducting and dressing myself with impeccable modesty, by making myself as invisible as possible. He also made me understand that, in the way of a wolf pup, my survival in the world of the alpha male depended on avoiding eye contact or any other sign of a pretense to equal status.
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Azra said...

It is the most unfortunate thing that some cultures teach their men not to control themselves, but to avoid women... and teaches women to remain invisible, because men "can't control themselves". Utter bullshit if you ask me. In so many ways, the world is still stuck in 1493.

Doom said...

She was taught rightly, but it will never be enough as things exist there. There are several reasons India (and probably China, if we got true press out of there) is like that is because females have been being aborted to such a degree that there are whole swathes of men who will never have a chance at a wife, ever. It is becoming as bad for young men there as it is in muslim countries, if for different reasons. And even now, in India, if a woman's parents don't give more and more to satisfy the husband, he will burn her in the streets. WTF? You would think the roving bands of young men would be killing those guys out of the pure greedy waste of such a thing!

As for defense? Women have no defense. A gun is only good to a point. It's... a gimmick. Until they have a land war with China to get rid of the excess males, and figure out how to get their people to stop killing off their daughters, it is only going to get worse.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Doom... And it's NOT going to get better; at least not until women are armed/allowed to fight back with 'some' weapon!

Kid said...

Opus did you see the story about the 15 year old girl being made a bride for a 90 year old man. muslim of course.
She locked herself in the bedroom and wouldn't let him in. She's back home and the guy wants her or the 17 grand back.

What kind of parent? Good God do people now know how disgusting these people are?