Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Never Liked Tattoos.... (pic, Content Warning)

Or should the title be Chip 'N Duds - Woodsterman Style


LL said...

Mutilation of your own body - based on what?

* Self loathing?
* Cat loathing?
* Drug abuse?
* Low self esteem?

All of the above?

Doom said...

That guy has some issues, with taste, with psychology, and with a malformed belly button. I don't think doctors can help him! Time might help, but that tat won't go far, easily, fully, or soon. I thank God every day I didn't get the tats I was... exploring. And those would have been hidden, mostly.

sig94 said...

That's gotta be a beer tat. I can't see anyone doing that sober.

WoFat said...

Class: You got it or you don't.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

You honor me again. Actually, I posed for that photo a few years ago. I believe I may have posted it at Woodsterman shortly after it was taken.

You really miss Chip'n Duds don't you. I guess I'll have to bring it back ... Woodsterman Style of course.

Nate said...

There've been two times in my life that I'd considered a tattoo...

before I got my pacemaker, I'd though of getting an 'Intel inside' tat where the pacer was going to go...then decided against it since I didn't know if it would have an Intel chip.

Second time (which continues) is getting a dotted line from the top of my breastbone to the bottom, slightly left of center, with the words 'Cut here' case I'm ever put on the heart transplant list.

Otherwise, the only time I expect to get ink under my skin is if I jab my finger with my fountain pen.