Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on Palestine


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

DUH . . . . What was the question?

LL said...

1. Palestine was formed by the Transjordan mandate (2) With the British and French setting the borders at roughly where they are now for the State of Israel. Following WW2, the State of Palestine was partitioned to establish Jewish and Arab states (1947).

3 & 4. Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Jerusalem was the capitol of pre-partition Palestine and after 1947, it was a jointly held area under the administration of the inept United Nations. The question is misleading because the capital changed with partition.

5. Lord Curzon, British Foreign Secretary.

6. English, Arabic and Hebrew (under the Mandate)

7. Syria in 1918, before the Mandate. (technically under French control)

8. Palestinian Pound.

9. I don't want to research it, but as I recall the Palestinian Pound was marked to the Pound Sterling at the time of partition. Is that good enough?

10. In 1956, the Israeli Chief of Staff, General Moshe Dayan and Prime Minister David Ben Gurion worked out a deal with France where they would jointly attack Egypt. Nassar and only recently nationalized (and taken control of) the Suez Canal. The British worked with the French to establish Operation Musketeer in which both the British and French, operating in concert with the Israeli portion of Palestine would push the Egyptians off the Canal.

The Israelis called their portion of the operation Kadesh and they moved across the Sinai to engage the Egyptians. Israel also captured Rafah (Gaza Strip) and Gaza City, which had been held by Egypt.

As a by-product of this conflict, Israel also occupied Jerusalem and portions of Arab Palestine. Those boundaries were further expanded during the Six-Day War in 1967.

11. Because there were no Palestinians per se. There were Arabs and Jews living in Palestine until the State of Israel was established.

How did I do. Do I get a star -- OR A REWARD?

WoFat said...

I'd say a star should do it.

Nate said...

Except that your answer for #7 doesn't make sense, at least to me.