Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ambassador Stevens Funeral, no news coverage? Not ONE WORD?

Thank you, Old NFO, for pointing this out.

There has not been a breath of information on Ambassador Stevens' funeral in the news anywhere.  Was he not a U.S. Ambassador? Was he not killed in the line of duty? Should not Obama, who Stevens represented abroad, present a wreath or something?

The family has a web page where they state that a ceremony was held October 16, 2012. But there is no information anywhere about what happened at that ceremony or who was there. They also say they expect a memorial service to be held in Washington D.C. in "the fall". Huh? After the election? Exactly when?

The obituary is ONE LINE.

Huffpo wrote a piece about receiving caskets at Andrews AFB on 9/14/12:
In addition to Stevens, the ceremony also honored three other Americans killed in Benghazi – Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran who worked as an information management specialist for the State Department; Glen A. Doherty, a former Navy SEAL who worked for a private security firm and was protecting the consulate in Benghazi; and Tyrone S. Woods, also a former Navy SEAL who had served protective duty in various U.S. posts."They knew the danger, and they accepted it," Obama said. "They didn't simply embrace the American ideal. They lived it."
The ceremony recalled one 14 years ago, when President Bill Clinton led a ceremony at Andrews for the return of remains of 10 Americans killed in a bombing in Nairobi.
The presidential election, however, did not recede for the day. Less than two hours after the ceremony, Obama took his motorcade on an unscheduled trip to the Democratic Party headquarters to hold political meetings. In the evening, he planned to attend a previously arranged fundraiser in Washington.Clinton said the rage and violence aimed at American missions was prompted by "an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with."The transfer of remains came three days after an attack on the consulate, one of a series of assaults on U.S. outposts in Muslim countries that U.S. officials blame on an anti-Muslim video made in the United States.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Only if it benefits him, huh.

LL said...

If they could have gotten away with an anonymous burial at sea, they would have. Ambassador Stevens' death turned out to be a stain on Obama's presidency and THE ONE is putting this whole sad mess behind him as he marches bravely forward toward another four years of ObamaNation.

Maggie Thornton said...

I wondered about his services and why we were not hearing a thing. I don't think his family has been willing to say much. If the woman I think was his mother, was who I saw, she was very defensive on behalf of the administration.

At some point, justice must prevail. It won't happen with Fast and Furious, but I believe Benghaze is Obama's legacy.


Race Bannon said...


What a contrast, the MSM virtually ignores Bengazi, and FOX devotes a good percentage of its daily coverage...