Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Juan Williams Insults Ann Romney After She Gives Great Speech

That awkward moment after you put your foot into your mouth.
Commenting on her speech at the RNC on Tuesday night, Juan Williams said he thought that Ann Romney came off as a "corporate wife" whose "husband takes care of her." You know- a wholly privileged gal who's never worked, never suffered (besides that whole "having multiple sclerosis and cancer" thing), so everyday American women, like single moms, just can't relate to her. 
First of all, this is funny because it's essentially doubling down on the "she never worked a day in her life" gaffe that compromised Hilary Rosen and cost Democrats swathes of support from women voters, so this'll be fun to watch play out again among women voters....   
Ann Romney walked onto that stage and delivered a message about the importance of love and family, and she expressed pride in American exceptionalism. Juan Williams will spend days, maybe weeks doing verbal gymnastics to explain what he found so disagreeable about that simple message. 
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LL said...

Juan Williams is a liberal to his core and an Obama Democrat.

The same thing was said of Sarah Palin because she is a proud mother, is pro-choice, has a family and so forth.

Unless you're a bitter, wicked, shrew (Michelle Obama comes to mind as do many journalists) who is an American in name only, the liberals will hate you because THEY can't relate to a woman who, like most women, manages it all with grace and love and raises the next generation despite massive challenges.

Ann Romney doesn't have servants, cooks, cleaners, drivers, she shops at WalMart and Costco (Fox News Sunday last week) and raised five boys to honorable manhood. All the while dealing with MS, cancer and the rocks that life threw at her with grace and courage. Naturally the mainstream media will hate her and work hard to marginalize her. She's precisely what they feel is wrong with America.

The whole "Stepford Wife" characterization that Williams branded her with is an insult of Biblical proportions.

LL said...

I'm sorry for the rant on your blog, Opus #6 (above), however, I have to say one parting thing. I don't know if Williams is gay or if he's straight -- if he's single or married. However, he or anyone, would be lucky to have a woman like Ann Romney to stand by his side for 43 years. Mitt attributes most of his success to Ann because they worked as a married TEAM.

Liberals feel that's wrong and a Bill and Hillary team is somehow so much more acceptable.

So much for Williams and his beloved ObamaNation.

Opus #6 said...

You said that very well, LL. Rant here any time.

Mark Adams said...

My wife nearly punched the TV when we heard that comment by Juan. LOL

I guess he missed the "Basement apartment" and "Ironing board" humble beginnings.
Liberal only want to hear what they want to hear.

LibertyAtStake said...

Really, can't Fox find a smarter guy to be the resident hothouse lib?

Silverfiddle said...

Great post, and I loved LL's rant!

Why is it liberals have no problems with rich people who inherited it and then serially philander and disgrace themselves, demeaning their wives, and in some cases causing their wives to drink and even commit suicide (The Kennedys)?

Or rich people like Jon Corzine "lose" billions of other people's money and walk free.

John Kerry has married up into money twice, and parks his yachts in other states to avoid taxes, yet he's a hero.

Bill Clinton plays hide the cigar with a barely legal intern, and "feminists" every where lionize him.

Joe Libermann, another pious and good man (even though I disagree with much of his politics) is also despised by his fellow Democrats.

The Romneys are good, God-fearing people, not a hint of scandal or bad behavior, and the liberals heap scorn upon them.

That contrast says a lot about liberals, doesn't it?

maddmath said...

This dumba$$ just followed the feminist mantra. Breeders, as someone like Ann would be demonized, don't produce anything of value to society in their eyes though rising two fine son don't count because, well, one, they're male, and two, they were children, something else they hate. Thing is more and more women are becoming entrenched in the mantra and feel single parenthood, as long as it doesn't interfere with being "productive", as anything male is, is praised, while being care for rising any children (those that take you away from the glory of being "productive") is scorned. This man basically showed how he's been P whipped or emasculated by his feminazi masters.

Race Bannon said...

I don't find Williams very articulate (...though he IS clean), and this was a perfect example. However, he is honest with his opinions, and he described what HE felt. Hopefully, the minor backlash that he is feeling opens his eyes to where he was WRONG, but doesn't stop him from expressing what he feels - which is what his own party did to him.

Kid said...

That juan williams makes 6 figures for spewing his brain vomit, the likes of which could be had for free in any location wino's gather, offends me beyond description.

That juan williams was fired from NPR should have told someone in HR at FOX that he wasn't worth picking up.

That juan williams was picked up by FOX is certainly one of the types of reasons I haven't watched fox for years. You want a liberal sounding board, find someone who can converse over the level of 4th grade.

WoFat said...

Juan fills his function well. He is the obligatory Democrat fanatic on the political shows. There is also a white guy Dem who is so objectionable I can't be bothered to remember his name.

Rick Street said...

Then few active brain cells Juan had have stopped working.