Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Shadow of Your Smile - Tuesday Tunes

My father loved George Shearing and Johnny Mandel.


Catawissa Gazetteer said...

Man, I remember listening to this song in the mid '60's. I was a kid, probably about seven or eight years old when this came out. Hearing these songs reminds me of the parties my parents had. The men came in a jacket and tie and the women always had some sort of fancy dress and giant hair. There was hors d'oeuvres and cocktails and always jazz. Shearing was on the Victrola often, the old portable hi-fi with the hinged top and the big deep sound. Count Basie was there, too, along with Dinah Washington, Sinatra, Ellington, Nat King Cole and the rest. We didn't have central air so the parties were always in the rathskeller (the name for a finished basement in St. Louis years ago, a left over from our German heritage).

The air was filled with the smell of Pall-Malls, bourbon and gin. And perfume and hairspray, lots and lots of it. Sometimes people would bring their kids. Back then the rule was always kids should be seen but not heard and even the seen part wasn't all that appreciated so we'd all hit the road and go upstairs to play. There wasn't any whining or bugging the adults 'cause if we did we knew that somebody's dad would reach around and crack us and tell us to go play and leave the adults alone. I wish more parents would enforce this sort of draconian discipline today. We did it with ours and never had to worry about taking them anywhere.

There was always a collection of cool cars in the street in front. T-Birds, Mustangs and MG's abounded. And one or two big ol' Chrysler's or Mercury's. Some had the tops down, which always got me to wondering how the women kept that pile of hair in one place. Most wore scarves, but then it seems like every woman wore a scarf when I was young, usually with curlers underneath.

It was a great time to be a kid. And I think it must have been a great time to be an adult, too. There was plenty of work and a guy without a high school diploma could support his entire family in a pretty decent manner. Things weren't necessarily simpler - just more basic.

A guy could still understand his world and his place in it. The rules that always applied still applied. There was optimism and real hope for a better life for the kids.

Things sure have changed.

By the way, sorry about your dad. I'm sure that this music brings back a bunch of memories. I know there's songs that I'll always associate with mine. He's still with us, drinkin' bourbon and waters and listening to the same songs. But at 82 I don't know how much longer that'll be the case.

Kid said...

A classic. Very romantic.

LL said...

What a sad song.
Now when I remember spring
All the love that joy can bring
I will be remembering
The shadow of your smile...

J. Shaw said...

Opus thanks for the memories. Same here, My dad loved Shering, nat K Cole, Peggy lee taking a young Shaw to the Playboy club in his Thunderbird convertible.

That was a GOLDEN Time. I think it ended about 1968.