Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swiss court supports anti-Islam speech? No way!

Yes, way. The Swiss court ruled that the group The Movement Against the Islamization of Switzerland could not be banned from passing out leaflets, as they were during the anti-minaret campaign of 2009. And that if others threatened violence, the Swiss should increase police presence, not take away speech rights from non-violent groups.

And in case you missed it, here is a stunning anti-islam speech video of Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger. Hat tip BNI.


WoFat said...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

At least one country is starting to get it.

LL said...

Going back in time, Charles Martel was a Frankish leader who led German and Swiss armies against the Muslims (Battle of Tours - 732) and his grandson, Charlemagne took up the same mantle.

Oskar Freysinger deserves credit for taking up the cause that those great historical men championed first - removing the Moors/Muslims from Europe.

Now all we need is an American who will do the same with this hemisphere.

Doom said...

Pleased to hear and see. I was very surprised and appreciative that he brought up Kosovo. While that wasn't the beginning, it was definitely a major mistake, and a prime example of the problems. It meant the speaker isn't just talking, he thought first. Good, good, keep up the pressure. They are in serious danger. As are we to be honest.

If they (and us too) want to have any affect, they (we) better dump egalitarianism along with multiculturalism and get back to having children. Any resistance to cultural death has to be multipronged to have any chance at success. Or we will simply be griping to our foreign born "caregivers", the new owners of what was once ours, in our depends. If... they tolerate us to live that is.

Silverfiddle said...

Good for him, but it's already too late for Europe. Multi-Culti is a suicide pact, especially when combined with native European birthrates.

Europe will be a radically different place in 100 years.

Teresa said...

Spot on! Great speech!

Kid said...

Wow! Fantastic! Wouldn't change a WORD!

I'll post this as well in a couple days mentioning I saw it here.

btw-come get ya some Chet :)