Sunday, May 20, 2012

Family Guy FAIL! College kids unconvinced that Tea Party are anarchists

My son sat watching a streamed episode of the show Family Guy a couple of days ago. He shot some questions at me as I straightened up the kitchen.

"Do you still belong to the Tea Party?"


"Have there been rallies lately?"


"Well then I don't understand why the Family Guy is doing a show about the Tea Party."

This is an election year, I told him. The left is trying to hold onto what little power it has left. Saying that the Tea Party wants NO government is a falsehood; a type of Straw Man argument. Misrepresent your opponent as having a ridiculous point of view, then destroy it.

I explained that the Tea Party has always been about Constitutional government.

My son said the show claimed that the liberals represented "good government" and the Tea Party wanted no government. He knew that was wrong before he even asked me. Ha!

Headline: Desperate Leftists Offend The Few Constituencies They Have Left

Remember, lefty fools. College kids do not live in a vacuum. Insult their parents and you lose them and their blind loyalty forever. Well done!


Silverfiddle said...

Sounds like conversations we have in the Silverfiddle house. Excellent job parenting you children!

Like Opus, we all need to teach our children well. We don't need to indoctrinate them, just teach them to discern, think and analyze, and there is no way they will turn left.

WoFat said...

Many college students are aware what dolts are marching around shouting and singing. The students that graduate are the ones who end up running things, not the ones who get the clap and fail to bathe.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Maybe it's their turn to eat their own.

amanofwonder said...

Smart son. Ya dun gud gal.

Doom said...

I started to see a point, when I was at college just a few years back, where professors went from having their pick of useful idiots to only starting to pick, literally, from idiots to replace themselves. The bright had moved on, deciding that the left is vacant and... evil. It was beginning. My guess is that in five or ten years leftism will be gasping for breath... through dying professors. It's becoming very hard for professors to self-select replacements like themselves.

Good for you for training your son best you could and good for him for... sort of almost hearing some of what you said, and checking just in case! :) Hey, I was a lad. It's as good as that gets sometimes. Right, mom?

LL said...

The Tea Party is about responsible taxation and spending which means that all of the failures of the past four years were predicted and opposed by the Tea Party. ObamaCare, the two failed stimulus packages and $5 billion in new, wasteful, deficit spending. Liberals don't care that it's wasteful and stupid because they believe that they're spending "somebody else's money".

It's easy to go on a shopping spree with somebody else's credit card when you're positive that you're not accountable for your purchases.

Amusing Bunni said...

Smart kid, your son!

Kid said...

Let's just hope there are a lot more parents like You.