Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anderson Cooper does a Cory Booker on Obama campaign spokesman

Cooper asks and asks and asks about Obama's hypocrisy in courting private equity firms like Blackstone, which is actually a lot bigger than Bain Capital, while criticizing Romney.

The Obama campaign spokesman LaBolt answers each and every time with a talking point against Romney, point blank refusing to answer any questions. Filibustering his segment with Anderson Cooper. At one point, Cooper said, "you're not answering any questions."

It didn't matter. Bluff and bluster is all the Obama camp has. They certainly don't want to run on their record.

Kudos to Cooper. Welcome to the honest media.

Hat Tip Newsbusters.


LL said...

Cooper may have one unbiased interview, but I don't know that it counts as a mia culpa for all of his other slants and slanders. (I say that the jury is still out on Anderson Cooper)

Having said that, it's refreshing for the mainstream media to challenge the Obama line of B. S. No, The One can't run on his record. So they resort to Alynski tactics to try and bamboozle the American public once again.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

What a BS artist!

Kid said...

Could the purely evil imbecillic oBAMa, biden, and the rest of their totally indefensible administration gotten to the point that even the in the tank democrat media can't stay on board the stupid ship lollipoops anymore?

That could be the case. There have been a few breadcrumb incidents of the propaganda whore beyond belief media coming to their senses. Self preervation mechanism kicking on no doubt. Couldn't be anything else, but I'll enjoy every piece that comes my way, and Opus, Thanks for this one!

Kid said...

PS, But after everything that has transpired so far.... let's see if this isn't just a feint to get them some 'credibility' before they come charging back in time for the election with their tingly legs, and can't imagine what oBAMa's IQ is. Less than 100 I assure you.

I'd love to get him isolated into an IQ test with no chance of cheating. Sumbitch would be crying and begging by the time he left the room or have no idea how poorly he did.

Donald Douglas said...

Great blogging!

I'll get you linked up ASAP!