Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm still sad about Breitbart

I saw a tweet that a lib said we conservatives did not just lose a soldier when Andrew Breitbart died, we lost an entire division.

Too true.

He was fearless.  He marched his spies into the heart of ACORN offices in the sting operation that collapsed ACORN completely.

He brought down Anthony Weiner.

And he was constantly on the move looking for material to disable and destroy leftists.

Odd that he quietly drops dead hours before he planned to release material he said would be devastating to Barack Obama.  Yes, his family claims he had heart trouble.  But that does not rule out other causes of death.  In fact, what on EARTH were the people thinking when they hastily announced him dead of "natural causes" hours after his death.  Of course he may have died from a heart attack.  But shouldn't there be a proper autopsy first before any official announcement?  The way this death has been handled has been unusual.

Breitbart responded to me on Twitter once, about a year or 2 ago.  I asked him why he retweets liberals who bash him.  He said he did it because it was "fun".

Fun.  Good for him.  He enjoyed his work.  And we enjoyed the fruits of it.  He was a conservative dynamo who will be missed.


fuzzys dad said...

We have lost a great man

Kid said...

Last I heard, he would have an autopsy. Yes, a great man.

I understand those working with him are going to release what he had. I hope so.

I was looking forward to his movie too.

amanofwonder said...

A great loss for the human race.