Saturday, February 4, 2012

Madonna - Rule 5

In honor of Madonna's performance in the halftime show of tomorrow's Superbowl, here is a quick Rule 5.

She rocked the pseudo-naked look at one time (are the eyebrows supposed to match the hair color?):

This picture caught my attention in a "WTF" kind of way.  Eew.  I gather she was pro-Obama at one point.  Can't say I put much weight in the political opinion of a person who doesn't bother living in America.

This one almost doesn't look like her. 

Vintage Madonna.

She's ready to do battle.  I'm not sure the shoes are exactly sensible.  But eye-catching, yes.

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WoFat said...

She's had a long run, and keeps on coming. Is that the word I want?

Trade said...

Nice! I know I'm a pig!

Reaganite Republican said...

Not my favorite look, morals, or politics... but the way she continually re-invented herself and produced quality pop songs well into her late 40s you've got to respect the talent.

I only bought her first album in 1984 (I just heard her on the radio at work, thought she was black until I saw the LP cover!) but her songs/sound remained highly-original all along, an incredible talent.

Sad, confused, and just plain weird person though... and what a horrible role model

Reaganite Republican said...

BTW linked in update

Highlights from the Miss America 2012 Swimsuit Competion~

William Teach said...

Thanks for the link, got ya back with Patriotic Pinup in a bit.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thanks, Opus.

Loved her early music, but she's now looking more like Pontius Pilate than Madonna.

Reaganite Republican said...

Linked again, Opus:

'MISS SWEDEN 2011' is Ronnia Fornstedt

Donald Douglas said...

Linked: 'Better-Late-Than-Never Rule 5 Sunday'.