Saturday, April 30, 2011

Man and dogs ride out tornado in bath tub

Many prayers for those lost and their loved ones.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Obamacare's hidden, unlimited slush fund

Freedomworks is sounding the alarm on an unlimited slush fund they found. I guess whoever wrote Obamacare forgot to study up on the separation of powers and the Constitution.
Under our Constitution, only Congress has the power of the purse.  To formally delegate to the President the power to appropriate funds from the Treasury without stint or limit breaches the separation of powers in fact, if not in form.  
In short, Section 1311(a) of PPACA is a dangerous, irresponsible, and arguably unconstitutional delegation of money and power to the Executive Branch.
Regardless of one's opinions about government-run health care, surely all Americans can agree that this slush fund gives the President -- any President -- too much power. 
The vote is next week.  To learn more about this bill and related issues, visit our Obamacare Repeal War Room.
Or go straight to our petition page to send an email to your Congressman.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't use F word to describe royal wedding cake

via snackattacktme
Did you know that Kate Middleton chose fruitcake specialty cake as her wedding cake this weekend? Fruit, er, I mean specialty cake sales have picked up this weekend, probably for royal wedding-themed parties.

These bourbon or brandy-soaked cakes are usually Christmas favorites. Kate is said to have chosen a floral-themed cake with cream and white icing frosting.

I remember helping my grandmother bake fruitcakes, wrap them in a brandy-soaked cloth, then shut them away in a tin in the top of a closet for about a month before they were ready to eat.

Many Americans refer to them as "door stoppers" or "bar-room sponges".

But maybe the frosting will help. Grandma never frosted her cake. Perhaps that will make all the difference.  I certainly send the couple my best wishes for their future happiness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shapely leg contest. My, how the tables have turned.

Back in the day, Oprah was rocking the skirt.
via latimes blog

Now a couple of years later, Michelle O. wins hands down.
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak via foxnews
Rule 5?

Cookie dough dreams and turtle fantasies

Britney Spears has blacklisted hot dogs, pizza and cookie dough ice cream? Aaaiiiieeeeee!

OK. Confession time. If I were her, I would have to do the same thing. Cookie dough is my downfall. I cannot buy the stuff. Or if I buy it, I must convince myself that it is teeming with salmonella and save it for baking for the kids. Or I swear I could balloon up to twice my weight. I completely concur with Britney on this. She has banned alcohol from her dressing room too, which is teeming with empty calories, and also lowers inhibitions, making a cookie dough binge more likely.

Good for her.

I hope Britney never ever discovers the decadent joy of a pound of Fannie May Pixies, the way my grandmother used to bring them on her visits from Chicago. Then all would be lost.

The left's plan to take over townhall meetings: send in a few hecklers

Pretty anemic. A laugher, if you ask me. Gal heckles Allen West and gets herself arrested. She turns out to be a failed commentator on the failed leftist Air American broadcast. No wonder nobody wanted to listen to that station. Allen West handles the interruptions with dignity and grace. Whatta man!

Via sharktank.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dick Morris says no way Obama will win 2012 at present rate

It is a hopeful summary, although Morris has been wrong before. Obama is turning hard left now, and after the shellacking of 2010 this does not seem wise.  Even the White House janitor could plan it better than that.

Is every war a nuclear war now?

Forgive my ignorance on this topic. It was only yesterday that I read up on what depleted uranium is and now I learn that this radioactive waste from nuclear power plants is routinely used in many types of so-called conventional weapons. Did we really launch 944,000 of these projectiles in Iraq? Holy cow. It's the gift that keeps on giving, in a very bad way. I think we have a reason for "gulf war syndrome" illness.

This news has me seriously disturbed. War is bad enough. But poisoning the land. That is evil.

Is Obama dropping nuclear waste projectiles on the Libyans?

Am I the only one shocked by this? Does everybody else know and not care? Or is this a sort of secret? Maybe it is not widely known, because I watch a lot of news, and I SWEAR I never heard the term "depleted uranium" until the last couple of days while investigating the Fukushima story via the internet.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama intends to push failed DISCLOSE Act through executive order

Of course this only pertains to government contractors. Not recipients of government aid like Planned Parenthood, or unions. Come to think of it, this can't be Constitutional. I think a little old-fashioned conscientious objecting is in order. NOBODY should obey this if it is passed. Let the little tyrant try to get this backed up in courts. Heck, the Supreme Court denied it. The Congress denied it. Obama just can't keep his little tyrant hands off of political free speech. Not with an election coming up. Well he can POUND SAND!

Washington ( –  In what the White House calls a push for transparency, a pending executive order would require companies doing business with the federal government to disclose political contributions to independent groups, but would not place the same requirement on public employee unions or federal grant recipients that typically donate to Democrats.
Entitled the “Disclosure of Political Spending By Government Contractors,” the order would implement parts of the DISCLOSE Act, which failed to get through Congress last year. The legislation sought to restrict campaign speech after the landmark Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission U.S. Supreme Court ruling that upheld the right of corporations and unions to donate to campaigns.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed Monday that work is underway on the draft order, and linked the move to President Obama’s stated commitment to transparency.

“We fully acknowledge there is a process underway,” he told “A draft is just that. It’s a draft until it makes its way through the process. The president is committed to transparency and he certainly thinks American taxpayers should know where their money is going.”
Government contractors are already required to disclose contributions to political candidates. This executive order would require the disclosure of any donations to independent groups, where conservative groups outspent liberal ones in the 2010 election.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said the executive order would stifle free speech.
Read more here.

Fukushima release many times larger than previously admitted

The media won't discuss it. Not in Canada, and not in America. Not even Fox is discussing the irradiation of our land. They put up stories about Japan and the aftermath. But nothing about here. Why?

Here is a Canadian gentleman showing the radiation cloud. We have been bombarded with radiation since March 11, 2011. Get out of the rain. Do not drink milk. Do not drink cream. Are we all getting a chest x-ray each day? Is Fukushima equal to 2000 atomic bombs? Eating and drinking radiation is dangerous. And this will go on for another 6 to 9 months? Ridiculous! I'm going to try to buy fruits and vegetables from South America.

Do you think I am nutty because of this? Well let me inform you that there is NO safe level of radiation. Especially not for growing children. As a mother it is my duty to investigate what steps I need to take to keep my children safe.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shocker! 14 Illinois counties have more registered voters than eligible residents

Rock Island and Mercer counties are two of 14 Illinois counties with more registered voters than actual eligible voters, according to a study by the State Board of Elections.

The report says the disparity was revealed by comparing the number of registered voters in each county to the number of people listed in the 2010 Census as being older than 18 and eligible to vote.

Rock Island County lists 125,875 registered voters, although Census numbers show the county has only 114,359 residents age 18 or older. That means 11,516 people may be deceased or no longer live in the county, according to Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney.

The report also shows Mercer County has 14,295 registered voters, while Census numbers show the county has only 12,714 residents age 18 or older.

"We have to purge our records sometime this summer," Mercer County Clerk Phyllis Bewley said....

Other counties with more registered voters than actual eligible voters are Alexander, Clark, Clinton, Hardin, Jasper, Massac, Menard, Ogle, Pulaski, Richland, Stark and Vermilion.

I can't wait to hear how quickly the political machine fixes this problem without us having to worry our pretty little heads over it.

Is Fukushima worst disaster world has ever seen? Tell me this lady is wrong.

If this lady is right, we had better pray for drought.

Via bankofamericasuck.

Crying cattle starve to death near Fukushima

Shouldn't they be released to forage for grass in the abandoned area? This is too cruel and sad.

Plutonium blasted high into atmosphere, why didn't they TELL us!

There is a concrete block found in Fukushima that, if you sat next to it for 3 hours, you have a 50% chance of dying. If you sit next to it for 6 hours, your chance of dying of radiation poisoning is 100%. No wonder there is plutonium in the soil around this plant. The so-called unimportant hydrogen explosion spewed some very dangerous stuff into the area/atmosphere. Similar highly radioactive debris is scattered around the plant and may delay the cleanup efforts.

Alexander Higgins blog comments, emphasis added:
I was looking at the high resolution photos taken of the complex a few weeks ago, and looking at the shots of unit 3 in particular (the 2nd and 5th photos show it best) – because it was the one using the MOX fuel and was also the one most severely damaged by the hydrogen explosions. I’m sure you guys at UCS have already seen these shots, the link and photos are below:

A few days later I came across an article on the disaster over there that had a good cut away diagram of the reactor buildings:

I was struck by the location of the spent fuel pool on the third floor. (The spent fuel pool in the diagram is in the upper right corner of the building to the right of the top of the reactor, below the yellow beam, which is below the large orange girders.Part of the pool is cut away in the diagram, it appears to extend most of the way across about half of the building on the third floor) I went back to the site with the aerial photos and confirmed that the third floor was pretty much entirely obliterated in the explosion. The spent fuel pool is gone… see for yourself.

Today I had another look at the diagram, and noticed something else quite significant that I had missed before. I realized that the top of the primary containment vessel was flush with the floor level of the 4th floor, and that the top of the reactor itself was in the space between the 3rd and 4th floors, partially surrounded by the spent fuel pool.

Look at those photos again, particularly the 5th shot. At the top of the photo you see the skeletal remnants of the wall of the 3rd and 4th floors. It is easy to see the floor level of the third floor – there are two massive steam pipes running behind and below the building…the lower edge of the lower pipe is almost perfectly aligned with the floor level of the 3rd floor. Follow the floor line of the third floor down from that back wall along the right side of the building, then across the front side of the building near the bottom of the photo. That shows you the floor level of the 3rd floor very clearly, right? There is nothing but air remaining above that level, except for a bit of roof debris which you can see through. The top of the primary containment vessel, as well as the top of the reactor itself, is simply GONE.

Even to a layperson, it is obvious that this means that the huge hydrogen explosion at unit 3 must have occurred in the reactor itself, and that the entire top of the reactor containment vessel was obliterated, ejecting the contents of the core – as well as the spent fuel pool- into the atmosphere.

This means, obviously, that significant quantities of plutonium were released, and that the release of radiation from unit 3 alone must be many times higher than has been admitted for the entire
complex – Chernobyl pales in comparison.

It is apparent that Tepco, the NRC, and the Japanese and American government officials, among others, are participating in a coverup of the extent and severity of this disaster. This almost certainly applies to the blandly misleading assurances about the harmlessness of the fallout on US soil. The whistle must be blown, loud and clear.

Keep in mind that Fukushima has 1760 tons of fuel, Chernobyl had only 180.

Video of rainwater in Colorado Springs placed under a Geiger counter.

Radioactive rainwater in St. Louis, Missouri makes Geiger counter go nuts!

The problem is not just iodine. Cesium and Plutonium had a much longer half-life. And there is plenty of that coming down in U.S. rainwater as well. Keep safe, everybody. Knowledge is power.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beautiful hair is a woman's crowning glory.

All you need to decide is blonde, brunette or redhead.
via hairfinder

via healthspablog

Silvia Pepa via fanppop
Also, check out Pixie Lott at the Observatorium.

Theospark reminds us to stay scrubbed and tubbed. Saturday night is bath night.

Shawsblog offers Catherine Zeta Jones.

Teresamerica features Ana Serradilla.

Adding links as they come in.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our National Debt, make this video viral!

We must face our debt to save the republic. Please help by publicizing this video.
Hat Tip Mustang, Z.

National Debt and Jobs, which is the worse problem?

Which issue is more important? I think anyone who says we need to choose between the two of them is setting up a false choice. Both must be solved of they will destroy our way of life.

14+ trillion and counting. Raising the debt ceiling without government cutbacks/austerity measures will be a crime against our children. It is financial abuse, plain and simple.

Dems need to wake up and realize that government jobs are not "real jobs" in terms of the economy. Real jobs take place in the private sector, they generally produce something, and the workers pay taxes that support the government. Many, many of these jobs are required to support just ONE government job. So if Obama hires government workers and claims he is "creating jobs" the only thing he is creating is a CON JOB. How is he paying those workers when a large percent of our national budget is not covered by taxes. Borrowed money? Borrowed from whom? Paid back by whom (our children). Printed money? Remember, printing more devalues everybody's money, so printing is actually STEALING from all of us. Especially those who have saved money. Again, Obama's policies are punishing the responsible people in society.

1. Severe cutbacks not only to the point of a balanced budget but further, to pay off the debt we have already accumulated. How about confiscating the $timulus money that has not already been spent, for starters.

2. Get off the backs of private industry and allow them to create jobs. Repeal Obamacare. This is the biggest albatross creating uncertainty in today's business climate. Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent. Decrease taxes and regulations that drive American business overseas.

I don't know about you but I believe we are in a depression. McDonald's job riots? You've got to be kidding me. 51% California home sales are short sales or REOs (distressed properties)? When people have JOBS they can pay for a HOUSE!  The housing market collapse will not be fixed until the private job market recovers.  We are in a world of hurt and we need to get this fixed starting YESTERDAY!

Warning: graphic violence from McDonald's parking lot.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dreaming of Angels baseball

We went on a tour of Angel Stadium today. My boy made himself at home. First in the locker room:

Then in the dugout:

And finally in the press box:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Best or worst resume of all time.

He gets top marks for honesty. I love it! But I probably wouldn't hire him.
Via @lovinmasoldier.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Passover!

via Jewish Journal

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is Allen West our Geert Wilders? So far so good.

Allen West put this lying SOB back on his heels. Allen West is no newbie.

via @JoanMMS and Logan's Warning.

The Luxury of Obamacare: Video Spoof

What a lovely present from Obama to us. NOT!

Hat Tip Iconic Surrealism.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Emma Watson 21-years-old, Rule 5

It seems like yesterday that she was a young Hermione Granger. And now she is all grown up. Happy Birthday, Emma. Thanks for the Harry Potter fun. It is great that a movie series can keep the original cast for so many years. What a boon for all of us.

Maggie's Notebook features a bevy of conservative beauties. Vote for your favorite.

Theospark is always ready for a bath Saturday night.

Teresamerica posts about Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Woodsterman features Jane Dear Girls.

Shaw's Blog features Scully from X-files, Gillian Anderson.

Look at Trump's past actions, ignore his words.

Every businessman gives money to Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Crist and Hillary Clinton? Trump supports Canadian-style health care. He wrote in his own book "we must have universal health care."

I am saddened by this news. I was excited for about a week, thinking that Trump could take up our causes and fight the good fight on our behalf. By "our" I mean the Tea Party. Trump now refers to himself as a compassionate conservative. Well, his brand of compassion will be just another man sitting in the White House who vetos our attempts to repeal Obamacare. We MUST look at his past actions and ignore his words. Obama fleeced America with his good con. We cannot afford to be swept away by the first blush of infatuation. Our country is at stake. Let's act like adults and stare the facts in the face. If you are giving Trump serious consideration, do your due diligence and listen to this audio from Mark Levin.  You will hear Donald Trump in his own words.  And you will see for yourself who he donated campaign money to.  Not in the old days.  He donated this money to liberals in the teeth of our Tea Party struggles in 2009 and 2010.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

24 signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

I saw a commercial today for a law firm advising people to call if they or a family member suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home. It made me think back to when a friend of mine died a year and a half ago. She had breast cancer in most of her bones, but had a decent appetite up until nearly the end. She was not neglected. But I am thinking back to the thin, elderly lady in the adjoining bed. On the visits I made, I noticed on more than one occasion that the staff would set down a full plate of steak and vegetables next to the lady. She ignored it. The staff eventually removed the untouched plate. I felt a sense of outrage that they were not trying harder to nourish her. Or maybe that was a form of hospice "care", such as not re-hydrating a terminally ill patient with an IV once they are no longer able to imbibe water by mouth. I still think somebody should have sat down with the elderly lady and spoon-fed her something she could stomach. Call me old-fashioned.

Signs of abuse and neglect:

The first questions to ask when identifying nursing home abuse:

  • Does your loved one have injuries or show physical signs of neglect?
  • Are your loved one’s complaints insistent and frequent?
  • Are objections directed at a particular nursing home staff member?
  • Has your loved one displayed unusual behavior changes?

General Signs of Abuse

  • Staff refuses to allow visitors to see resident, or delays in allowing visitors to see resident
  • Staff does not allow visitors to be alone with resident
  • Frequent arguments or tension between the caregiver and resident

Physical Abuse

  • Unexplained new or frequent injuries such as bruises, burns, cuts or broken bones
  • Bloody or stained clothing


  • Complaints about painful blisters or abrasions
  • Bedsores
  • Poor hygiene
  • Weakness or inexplicable weight loss
  • Soiled bedding
  • Constant thirst or extremely dry skin
  • Hazardous or unsafe living conditions
  • Over-medication

Behavioral Changes

  • Sudden personality changes
  • Uncharacteristic anger, lack of interest, or anxiety
  • Fear of being alone
  • Overwhelming sadness and frequent crying
  • Change in alertness
  • Outright complaint
  • Rude or humiliating comments by staff

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Netanyahu cancels date with Justin Bieber over refusal to meet with children affected by Gaza rockets

Via Haaretz:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his date with pop sensation Justin Bieber over the singer's refusal to meet with children living in communities affected by Gaza rocket fire, Channel Two reported on Tuesday.
The prime minister was scheduled to host the young singer at his office in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, before Bieber's Thursday night concert....
The children had disembarked from a school bus just before it was hit by a Hamas rocket last Thursday, critically wounded a teen and moderately wounding the bus driver.
Bieber reportedly refused to meet the children, which led Netanyahu to cancel the meeting.
Even worse are the comments on the Haaretz website. A number of commenters say that Bieber is correct because "what about the children of Gaza". That makes no sense. Showing compassion for Israeli children does not take away from other groups of children. I am disappointed with Bieber. How hard is it to meet with Israeli kids?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Egypt blogger gets 3 years for criticizing army

This type of news always gives me a chill.
The military court issued the sentence against Maikel Nabil Sanad, 26, Sunday without the presence of his lawyers, according to a statement by seven Cairo-based rights groups.

It was the first trial of a blogger by Egypt's military rulers, who took charge of the country after former president Hosni Mubarak was ousted by anti-government protests Feb. 11 after an 18-day popular uprising.

Rights lawyers say the sentence has wide implications for freedom of expression in post-Mubarak Egypt, and could set a precedent for anyone seeking to expose wrongdoing or abuses by the military.

A member of the military council, Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Assar told an Egyptian private TV station, ONTV, Monday, the armed forces is open to criticism - up to a point.

"There is a difference between criticism with good intentions from a citizen, a journalist or a broadcaster, who mean the public good. There is no problem with that," he said. "The problem is in questioning the intentions (of the army)."

Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said it was "shocked" by the three-year jail sentence, asking the authorities to review it and free him "without delay."

The case against Sanad, who was arrested two weeks ago at his home, was based on a blog post titled "The people and the army were never hand in hand," questioning the military's continued allegiance to Mubarak; as well as Facebook postings reporting allegations of abuse.

"Maikel was posting on his blog news published by rights groups, and newspaper clippings" among other things, said Adel Ramadan, Sanad's lawyer. "The danger extends to all bloggers, rights activists and journalists."

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hellish drive to Fukushima, roaming animals, destruction

I saw the movie Omega Man as a child. I was probably too young to see it at the time. All I recall is a nightmarish version of the end of the world. This driving tour reminds me of that. The alarms sound when the radiation exceeds "safe" levels. So many abandoned dogs and livestock. My prayers are with the people of Japan. I hope they can restore their island home for their health and safety. So sad.

Obama's Campaign Talking Points, via @impeachtheidiot

Source, @impeachtheidiot on twitpic, click small pic
Obama Gears Up To Screw America Again ~  on Twitpic

San Francisco Dem wants to teach CA schoolchildren about gay historical figures

getty images
The California Legislature could soon pass a bill that would require school textbooks and teachers to incorporate information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans into their curriculum.
The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act, or SB48, which mimics a bill previously vetoed by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, made it one step closer to becoming law Tuesday after being approved by the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee.
The bill, introduced by state Sen. Mark Leno, could have a nationwide impact if passed because California is such a big buyer of textbooks that publishers often incorporate the state’s standards into books distributed to other states.
Supporters say that’s a good thing because it will help prevent gay students from being harassed or bullied by their classmates.
But critics say SB48 is just an attempt to brainwash students into becoming pro-gay political activists and ensure that government, not parents, has the final word on teaching kids about moral values.

This is not age-appropriate material. The first thing the child will want to know is the definition of gay. And to say that gay equals guys who like guys or gals who like gals is a lie. The little kids have friends of all genders and that does not mean they are gay, but that is the impression they will get if that is all they are told. This topic practically forces a discussion of vaginal versus anal sex. And believe me, I will be LIVID if the school system forces that discussion on my family before my kids are mature enough.

Is this the next step in the gay-marriage battle? Brainwash the children?

Punish bullies. Nobody should be bullied in school. Leave sexual practices out of it.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The evolution of Lisa Rinna's lips

Lisa Rinna, a former soap opera star and wife of Harry Hamelin, is somewhat famous for silicone lip injections at age 25 gone bad. It is said that the silicone in the upper lip became associated with contracted scar tissue and she decided to haver a lip reduction.

I have always lobbied ladies to appreciate their natural looks:
via MSN

There is a difference in the upper lip after the reduction, although there may be some residual swelling in this pic.
via styleite
My favorite pic of her is as a fresh-faced young lady, as seen on the left.
via rhinoplastybest

Another view of the lip reduction:
via fusionmag

Even Donald Trump commented on her lips in a recent episode of Celebrity Apprentice:

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bachmann disappointed budget debate ignores defunding Obamacare

I think she has a point.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trump 1, Meredith Viera 0, Obama 0

Trump really nailed this interview. And all without a teleprompter. Who wouldda thunk. She made the mistake of confronting Trump on the Obama birth certificate issue and got an earful. The more Trump learns about it, the more he believes that Obama's presidency might be the greatest con in history. HA! Not exactly the message NBC wanted to send over the airwaves. He said Obamacare is a disaster and the world is laughing at us because of our poor leadership.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here is audio of the interview, go to 1:45.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tina Fey admits Sarah Palin imitation may have hurt her career

Oh really. Fey goes on to say that half of the nation now sees her and her costar Alec Baldwin as Commie Pinkos. Ya think? Fey pushed the Sarah-is-stupid meme week after week after week. So far that many people forgot that Sarah Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house. SNL was full of high-fives when their skewering of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton had measurable impacts on poll numbers. Their comedic skits are a form of power which they wielded mercilessly against their opposition. Yes, entertainers can become involved in politics. Hey, it's a free country. And the rest of us are free to tune out their future projects. I'd rather watch CSPAN than spend one minute staring at Fey's snide countenance. It's a visceral reaction. Alec Baldwin, too, although my horror at how he called his daughter a "little pig" on a message he left on the little girl's cell phone was worse than anything he could possibly do in politics. What kind of loathsome grown man attacks a child like that. They can take their "30 Crock" show and stuff it down the sewer as far as I'm concerned. No, wait. They just did.  The show is canceled.

First swim class

I'm surprised she was able to get him to relax on his back and blow bubbles with his face in the water. He made lots of progress in class #1.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dems rake in union campaign money

Top US political donors from the 20 years

Interesting to see it in black and white. Via distributedrepublic.

45% of illegals being searched for by little over 100 agents

Many many illegals are due to visa overstays. There is virtually nobody assigned to track them down.

Via theblaze.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Targeted Government Shutdown, Option C, per Dick Morris

It is good to get a second opinion sometimes. Turns out the Dems are setting up a false choice for the Republicans.
It is a stupid, false choice to say that the Republicans in the House have either to accept the split-the-difference compromise proposed by the Senate on the Continuing Resolution battle or shut down the entire federal government. Nonsense!

Instead, the Republicans should refuse to accept less than $61 billion in cuts and -- if the Senate and Obama refuse -- should target for shutdown a handful of specific and highly unpopular programs and agencies. Why shut down the entire government? Zero fund the State Department or Agency for International Development, thereby suspending all foreign aid. Zero fund the Bonds for America program where the feds pick up the local debt service payments for states and cities. Zero fund the Highway construction program. Any combination of some of these cuts can easily generate $61 billion in cuts (less the $10 billion already cut).

The Obama Administration and the Democrats are posing two false choices for the Republican Party and Speaker John Boehner shows every sign of falling into both traps:

1. The Democrats want to pretend that the choice is between a total government shutdown and compromising on the budget cuts. It's not.

2. They want to sell the notion that you cannot cut the deficit without fundamental changes immediately in Social Security and Medicare. Not true either. Block granting Medicaid and rolling it back to 2008 levels, continuing with cuts in discretionary spending, and limiting deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan to 60,000 troops by 2015 will immediately lower the deficit to less than 4% of GDP from its current perch of 10%. See our book Revolt! for details.

Please! Write your Republican Congressman and ask him or her to stand firm. You got them elected! Don't let them sell us out on a split-the-difference compromise. Don't let them tell us that the Democrats can't find $61 billion of cuts in a $3.7 trillion budget or even in the $750 billion of nondefense discretionary spending. That proposition is laughable.

And tell them not to shut down the government, just shut down the parts we don't like. If the Democrats want to shut down the government in retaliation, a kind of lock-out in retaliation for a strike, let them be our guests!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Obama's Power

This American Thinker article is upsetting. I didn't know that Obama had reduced our strategic deployed nuclear arsenal by FRIGGING NINETY PERCENT!

I knew he disarmed our border patrol in the face of unspeakable cartel violence.

I knew he pushed gays to serve openly in the military while our soldiers stand in harm's way. We are in at least two wars right now. Is this the time for major changes? Could lives be lost?

Is it me or if the equation equals American lives lost, that is the side Obama chooses.

It brings me back to a question I asked two years ago. What happens if conservatives take back congress. Will that stop Obama?

The answer was that it could stop Obama in a number of ways, but he will always be able to "mess" with America as Commander In Chief. Meaning he can damage our armed forces. And he can gut our nuclear arsenal.

Isn't it odd that is exactly what he has done?

Lord above, help us all to last until 2012. Preserve us in the midst of our enemies.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ashley Greene is single again

The 24-year-old actress who plays Alice Cullen in Twilight and Joseph Jonas split up in mid-March from their 8-month relationship. Here she is as her vampire supporting role.

She looks quite a bit different with long hair and normal skin tones.
Ashley Greene Does December 2008 Maxim Magazine Pictures, Images and Photos

ASHLEY GREENE Pictures, Images and Photos

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Allen West really understands the Tea Party

One of the better speeches of our time.

Via therightscoop.

Glenn Beck replay blocked off Fox last night-talk of Iran rising

I sometimes play news shows to drone me to sleep. I was unable to last night. Fox News greeted me with a black screen, although the guide function told me that Glenn Beck was being replayed. All the other news station broadcasts came through. MSNBC, CNN were clear. Fox News was blocked. So I went to my DVR and found the earlier broadcast was still there. Guys, I think something is up here. Could the Fox-owning Saudis object to what Glenn said about the twelfth Imam? He points out that the qualifications of the twelfth Imam fit perfectly descriptions given in Revelations describing the anti-Christ.

This sounds crazy, but the Iranian leaders believe it.  To understand events, we need to understand that Iran views Israel as the little satan, and America as the great satan.  Iran will menace America if Israel falls.  Yes, this topic does matter to Americans.

And then he goes on to interview a man who is now under protection and a former CiA agent who worked in Iran:

Iran seems to be cobbling together power in the middle east. A man under protection says that Iran and those who see the uprisings as signaling that the end is near, believe that they will lead the armies of Islam to victory and conquer Jerusalem for Islam before the 12th Imam can appear. They fully intend to use Iran's nuclear weapons against Israel in order to make this happen. This man who's identity is obscured has received calls from contacts in Iran's revolutionary guard who told him that this was indeed in the works.

The entire episode has been posted on You Tube, if you don't DVR.