Monday, January 31, 2011

Where's Nancy Pelosi and her smug gavel march today!

It has been a long wait to wipe that smug grin off her face. Thank you, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum for your patriotic service. Thank you Judge Vinson for upholding our great Constitution. I pray that the Supreme Court agrees with you.

Wouldn't it be great if the Democrat party beat itself to smithereens passing horrible legislation that damages America, then the legislation gets thrown out?

They better not issue a "stay" on this ruling. There is no "stay" on our Constitutional rights. If anything a "stay" should be issued against Obamacare and backdated to when it was passed.

Can somebody explain the middle east to me?

Things have gotten confusing for me as of late.

Let's start with Egypt. Fox News calls El Baradei a "moderate leader comfortable on the world stage". Is the Muslim Brotherhood behind the protests? Is Al Baradei in the Muslim Brotherhood? Or is it a reaction of people who can no longer afford food? I saw a video with one guy saying he will die today anyway without food. Is the Muslim Brotherhood Al Quaeda? Is there a possibility that getting rid of Mubarak could NOT cause huge problems for Israel and the U.S.?

They say that Yemen is also at risk. At risk for what. Last I heard, Yemen was one of the hardest of the hard-line muslim countries. So hard line the population is virtually 100% muslim. How much worse can Yemen get?

Lebanon will fall to Iran? Will the Saudis stand for that? I don't see them giving up Lebanon without a fight. But here is where it gets tricky for me. If Iran is the worst, and the Saudis are the second worst, how come 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11/01 were Saudis. How again are they better than the Iranians as an ally? Because they let us have air bases? Doesn't this make them a two-faced enemy?

Pamela Geller raised an interesting question. If Egypt goes back on its peace agreement with Israel, does Israel get her lands back?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day, ending scene

This movie stands the test of time. A modern version of A Christmas Carol, with a romantic twist. If you have never seen it, don't click on the video, rent the movie. If you have, enjoy.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The women of Charlie Sheen Rule 5

Here is porn star Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, working hard to keep a balanced diet.  Would the Obamas approve of her food choice?
via wizbangpop dot com

And let's not forget Sheen's long-suffering first wife, Denise Richards.  Her show was called "It's Complicated"?  You better believe it.  Now we know what she was talking about.  It's complicated trying to raise two lovely little girls when their daddy is a whoring druggie.
via laineygossip
And here is the lovely Brooke Mueller.  She was later to regret this marital hookup.
via zimbio
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I'm in love with this doggie

It's not just what he does, it's his sweet attitude. What a fun little guy!

Post dedicated to Amusing Bunni.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wish us luck in the Pinewood Derby!

I guarantee that this car is rough-hewn and boy-made.

This 4.9-ounce beauty is ready to go!

Update: Egyptians hosed down during prayers, Mohamed El Baradei on house arrest

Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed El Baradei is on house arrest, according to Egyptian security officials. Mubarak is certainly acting like a tyrant here. Since when do people get arrested simply because they disagree with the current government?

K.T. McFarland commented on Fox that the dominoes are starting to fall. They fell already in Tunisia, and there is now trouble in Egypt, Yemen and Iran. What is important is that the dominoes fall in our direction and not in a direction that leads to a breeding ground for islamic jihadists. She says that all of these movements have a second act. In the Iranian revolution the pro-democracy movement was shoved aside quickly by the ayatollahs. Usually whoever prevails in the end is the most ruthless group.

Excellent coverage over at Maggie's Notebook.

Update via a Michelle Malkin tweet. Twitpic from @ollywainright shows Egyptians being hosed down during prayers.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man shot in street in Egypt (graphic video), internet shut down

People on Twitter are saying that ten minutes after this AP video came out of this man being shot, all internet was shut down in Egypt.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video of Egypt protests, many people in the streets

It is being reported that both Twitter and Facebook are blocked in Egypt right now.

On You Tube commenter zoomzoom686 noted "to all human rights organization please report what is happening in suez . they are committing a mass murder . what is happening is unacceptable . people were protesting peacefully until the police forces provoked them and they started shooting at them for no reason . if any one has a video about the update on the ground please post on youtube , & try to comment on it with both arabic & english so the world can see what kind of tyrant mubarak really is . thank you all......."

tekaklas comments: "What's happening in Suez is a situation that is beyond reason or comprehension. What's happening in Suez now consists of a war in the streets with all the meanings of the term. There are tens of protests throughout Suez. 10s of people have been killed. Headquarters of the ruling party in the Arabaeen neighborhood has been burned as well as the police station. We have on the ground an unprecedented show of violence. We have police firing with live ammunition and water canons."

Reports are that all landlines, mobile phone networks and internet has been cut off to Suez.

Also, there are tweets saying that Friday prayers have been canceled in Egypt. Not surprising since there are a number if tweets calling for large protests following Friday prayers. Ooops, no funerals allowed either.

Reuters confirms that a Suez government building has been set on fire, over 500 protesters arrested.

In other news, the American economy may get a boost from tear gas sales used to battle against Egyptian protesters. (anyone see the irony here?)

Also, Vodafone, company behind Egyptian government network, denies involvement in Twitter blackout.

Dems need to work on their message

Did Obama say that he needs more money to "rebuild crumbling infrastructure" in his State of the Union speech last night? Did he really say that? Does he think we are idiots? Never mind. I think I know the answer to that question. It is almost like groundhog day two years ago. Does Obama think we don't remember how he promised shovel-ready jobs two years ago? How can he think he will get away with promising infrastructure jobs again? And how stupid would we be to believe him?

I saw Nancy Pelosi's interview with Greta last night myself, and I swear it was frustrating. I thought we got rid of that woman. Is there a reason we couldn't have a Republican interviewed on that program? In the meantime, Pelosi says that the way to create jobs is to fix the educational system. This is political speak for a government takeover. I for one think it would be awesome if Pelosi and her cronies could sink their hooks into my kids and indoctrinate them for 12 years straight. A fantastic idea {sarcasm}.

What do I think of the Dems' message? It is awful. Why is that? Because their spend, spend, tax and takeover policies are killing this nation. They are killing the economy. They are spending borrowed/printed money we don't even have. Are there any right-thinking people who love this country who think we should spend money we don't have? Even if you don't have kids that will shoulder this debt, do you understand that the bad economy it creates kills your job prospects right here and right now?

We must support the Republicans and encourage them to make deep spending cuts. The Dem's profligate spending of the past few years makes this a necessity, instead of just a good idea.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dying for big breasts, porn actress dies during 6th breast enhancement surgery

The 23-year-old Carolin "Sexy Cora" Berger died last Thursday at a clinic in Hamburg, Germany, when trying to have her breasts made over from a 34F to a 34G. She suffered brain damage during the procedure, possibly from a problem with the anesthesia, though doctors claim they did nothing wrong.

We really are good enough as we are. I wish all young ladies would realize that.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Raw Video of Moscow Homicide Bombing Aftermath-Warning Graphic!

Prayers for those lost and their loved ones.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is why I was not online today (Video)

The two little ones finally got up on the hill with momma. It was their third day on skis ever. The older one has much more experience but he is a good big brother and wanted to ski with the family. Not bad video quality considering I was holding the Blackberry in one hand, my poles in the other, and looking out for obstacles while trying to keep the boys in the viewfinder.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Laughing at the left, conservative cartoons

Rawsthorne is talking with a media group about syndicating the series to newspapers in 2011.  In the meantime, Diversity Lane was mostly seen on the internet...until now.

This month, Rawsthorne will launch a new "best of" book of Diversity Lane cartoons.  The glossy, 241-page coffee table book is sure to anger liberals and delight conservatives of all ages.  The book is also called Diversity Lane: A Liberal Family Saga and can be ordered at Amazon or through website.
via American Thinker.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Keith Olbermann's Countdown ends, tonight is last night of show

What a shock. And great news. Somehow MSNBC decided that Olbermann no longer fit into their nightly lineup and they have "ended their contract". Can I say Yay?

And to Olbee: If you ever have a chance to read this, "Bye byeee!"

Edited to add this happens 2 days after Comcast takes over NBC.

Also, I just left a comment at Huffpo that got deleted within minutes. I said, "Oh what a relief it is." Was that SO offensive? Methinks Ariana is feeling a bit sensitive tonight. After all, she was a guest on his show.

Update: This is turning into a boycott of NBC and Comcast. The Huffpo lefties are buzzing around like hornets without a nest.

Update 2: A bunch of them want him to go back to baseball commentary. Eeeew! That would be a HUGE reason not to tune into baseball on TV.

Immelt appointment = cronyism

And why would we expect anything different from Obama? A good portion of the "stimulus" funds demanded by Obama went to pay for political favors. The money certainly didn't go to "shovel ready jobs" as Obama himself was eventually forced to admit.

So now Obama appoints crony Jeff Immelt to head the President's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. How rich. This is the man who said that there was a lot of money to be made by General Electric in advancing the democrat agenda. He continues to work as G.E.'s CEO. And he is supposed to impartially represent American business and the jobless? I doubt that the other companies will trust him one iota. I certainly don't.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

China to raise prices on U.S. consumers by 30%

China devalues U.S. buying power by 30%, but preserves the present value of Chinese-held Treasury Bonds.

This means that by summertime, and certainly by next holiday season, Chinese goods will be 30% more expensive, for the same low-quality merchandise. This may cause some buyers, like Walmart, to look at manufacturing in other countries. And may cause American merchandise to sell better in comparison, thereby decreasing the trade deficit.

The reason for this is an increase in the commodities market, which caused an increase in food prices in China. The government had to cap increases in food prices for the people, and decided instead to pass along the price increases foreign buyers.

Keep in mind that the picture above is deceiving.  While China's economy grew many times faster than the U.S. economy did recently, the Chinese GDP is still 1/3 the U.S. GDP. Many many Chinese continue to live in poverty even though they work.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can there be too much togetherness?

As a mommy of a recently potty-trained three-year-old, this picture from a Kentucky bathroom via twitpic (thank you @imacifi) makes me laugh. I guess it's a good idea. I'm remembering when he and I were bundled up at the ski resort recently and he needed to use the potty. What is a momma to do? I think I might like to see a little privacy divider, though, if I were designing this bathroom. I particularly like the mini flush potties. They have a couple of these at the childcare area of the synagogue and the boys always felt so big being able to use a "real" potty without help.

What do you think?

Please explain why George Washington statue was hidden during MLK rally in S.C.?

What the huh? This was done by the NAACP so that attendees would not be "offended"? Maybe they need to hold their rallies on non-American territory then. Like Cuba. I am really offended by this!
Hat tip Atlas Shrugs via Hillbuzz.
Good coverage at Maggie's Notebook on this topic.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Donald says we should tax China's products

Monday, January 17, 2011

Redwood, hang in there. We can still save American freedom.

This is my response to a commenter on Z's wonderful blog.
Redwood, since December 23, 1913 the socialists have won many battles against freedom in America. Many seemingly permanent social programs have been put into place.

It is good news that the Tea Party are looking further back than the 1900s for guidance in righting America's course.

It is good news that some of our young people, my own children included, read our blogs, think about issues in a way that is not pre-digested by MSNBC, and begin to question the liberal pundits that 4 years ago got a free pass.

It is good news that many patriots are awake to the dangers that face us and we realize there is no place left for us to hide. We must fight for a free America. We have no choice.

It is good news that majorities in many, many states voted in a conservative manner in 2010 so as to conserve what is left of this great country.

It is good news that our eyes are opening to foreign threats to our nation.

It is good that many Americans see Israel as a place to be cherished and protected.

It is good that women in America have much real freedom. Women can choose to stay single and make good money in most any job in the workforce if we desire. Women can choose to marry and stay home and raise kids if we desire and if we can arrange it. Women can breastfeed or bottle feed, cloth diaper or paper, eat fast food or organic.

I love America. I fear for America. I mourn for America.

I enroll my boys in scouting programs so they can be with families that love and revere America.

My son was reading the scouting creed and said, "reverent? Don't they mean irreverent?" "No, they mean reverent." And I had to explain to him what that word meant. There are still ways to combat the forces of liberal socialism in our families.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chris Christie schools Chris Wallace and teachers' unions

Chris Wallace confronted Chris Christie with 1 billion worth of cuts that hit New Jersey education as a result of Governor Christie's unwillingness to raise taxes. He had a screen of bullet points. He said the cuts caused:
*10 thousand layoffs/retirements
*larger class size
*local schools had to impose sports and bussing fees

Question: "is that the way to improve education in New Jersey?"

"Do you know why those things happened?" answered Christie. "Those things happened because the teacher's union REFUSED to take a one-year pay freeze and to contribute ANYTHING towards their health benefits. If they would have contributed one and a half percent of their salary to health benefits and frozen their pay for one year none of those layoffs would have had to occur."

Wallace seems kind of liberal here. Am I seeing things?

Momma cat rescues kitten

If you have not had your dose of cute today, this is the video for you. One minute and eight seconds of fluffiness.

A Cappella group Shir Appeal from Tufts sings in So Cal


You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
I have to go, I have to go
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
He ate a slice of wonder bread and went right back to bed
And history books forgot about us and the bible didn't mention us
And the bible didn't mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the stars came fallin' on our heads
But they're just old light, they're just old light
Your hair was long when we first met

Samson came to my bed
Told me that my hair was red
Told me I was beautiful and came into my bed
Oh I cut his hair myself one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And he told me that I'd done alright
And kissed me 'til the mornin' light, the mornin' light
And he kissed me 'til the mornin' light

Samson went back to bed
Not much hair left on his head
Ate a slice of wonderbread and went right back to bed
Oh, we couldn't bring the columns down
Yeah we couldn't destroy a single one
And history books forgot about us
And the bible didn't mention us, not even once

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first

It turns out that yesterday was "shabbat shira", the sabbath of song. It was the day of the reading of the torah passage about the splitting of the red sea and the musical celebration that followed. In honor of that, a Jewish a cappella choral group named Shir Appeal stopped at our synagogue on their January tour of Southern California. They were so good for a moment I wanted to try to convince these talented college students to give up living in Massachusetts and stay here to serenade me. But it was not to be. I will have to content myself by looking up their you tube videos, and there are a number of good ones. This one I posted is one of the few that were sung in English. I really love listening to a good chorus, especially these talented young people.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Is Kim Kardashian too sexy for Twitter?

This is a question Kim herself asks as she tweets this picture. What do you think?

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Alicia Silverstone is pregnant.

via filmsandtv dot com
Alicia Silverstone, 34, and her husband Christopher Jarecki are expecting their first child.  They were married at Lake Tahoe in 2005 after dating for 8 years, according to celebrities reviews.  Jarecki is a rock musician and Silverstone is an actress that I will always remember as the lead beauty in Clueless.
via zimbio

Our Blogger Friend, Bungalow Bill, gets a visit from the FBI

Local blogger claiming FBI intimidation

Local blogger Clay Bowler said newly-elected 7th District Rep. Billy Long has tried to silence him before. And, after the FBI paid him a visit at his Ozark home Jan. 12, he thinks he’s trying to do it again.

“It’s political payback,” Bowler said after visiting Christian County Sheriff Joey Kyle Jan. 13 apprising him of the FBI investigation.

Bowler writes the Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom blog and said he’s been critical of Long since his candidacy for Congress. Bowler is also the author of the Long is Wrong blog that’s been gone since Long won the general election in November.

“I’ve poked fun at Billy,” Bowler said. “Part of it was satire—exposing Billy as not being a real Tea Party candidate.”
Bowler said Long even offered him a job on his campaign if he would give up his critical blogging.

Bowler was accompanied to the Sheriff’s Department by Michael Wardell, Nixa, who was also on the Republican primary ticket. Wardell said he just wanted to support his friend in what he believes to be intimidation.

From Christian County Headliner via Goomba News Network.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My insensitivity has me in Dire Straits

When I first heard that Canada had banned this song, I assumed that the "money for nothing" part had offended their socialist sensitivities. Maybe the radio stations edited the song I listened to years ago. I never knew that the word f****t was in this song 3 times in a row until today. I guess I lead a sheltered life.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would state bankruptcies neuter union power over Democrats?

via slapupsidethehead dot com
The idea is intriguing. Dick Morris states today that the congress should refuse to aid socialist states in financial trouble and that the reorganization that would come with bankruptcy would be healthy for all government. Also, it is important that we not pass along our debt to our children. The buck needs to stop here at the very least. I agree with Morris that the states should not be bailed out, but I also like the idea of the unions losing power. It was so frustrating to me to see the CA teacher's union donate $1,000,000 to the cause of gay marriage during the Prop. 8 election. Why does a teacher's union feel it must try to influence state social legislation? And why did the SEIU become so entrenched as to battle against the American People in pushing Obamacare and campaigning against Scott Brown? How are these legitimate union activities?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hate Speech=Everything the Left disagrees with, including "Job-Killing" bill

The leftist politically correct police would like conservatives to remain silent no matter what is being said about them.

And now Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) wants Republicans to remove the "Job-Killing" reference in the Obamacare repeal bill. It is more than a bit of a stretch to believe that somehow Republican leaders caused Loughner to go on a killing spree. Yet this is what Pingree says. That if we watch our idioms and figures of speech, paranoid lunatics like Loughner will never pick up a gun and go on any killing sprees. That all this is our fault, despite the fact that Loughner had been viewed as a threat by fellow students and teachers at school, despite the fact that he was rejected from military service for drug use, and despite the fact that he had a skull-altar in his parents' back yard.

And worse yet, Rep. Pingree is only echoing what Patricia Maisch, the hero lady who grabbed the second magazine before the gunman could reload, said to Shep Smith on Fox News on Sunday. "Is there anything you can leave us with," he asked her.  She quoted Sheriff Dupnik that the "extreme right reporters added to this problem, and if the Republicans will stop naming bills in very hateful things, like the 'job killing'...I think the extreme right have gone too far."

Even Brit Hume is getting fed up with the left equating disagreement with "hate speech".

Earth to P.C. fanatics: Stop blaming the victims. We Americans are the victims here. The guy was a lunatic. He may have been ticked off by some perceived slight by Giffords. Taking away the free speech of an entire nation of people will NOT prevent a 22-year-old mentally ill person from hurting others.

And to anyone who thinks that gun control is the answer, I say that if more bystanders had been armed, the gunman might not have had the freedom to walk calmly from one victim to the other shooting them in their chairs or as they lay on the ground. From what I understand, he walked down the line of people who fell to the ground shooting one after the other until he needed to reload. Outlawing guns only means that the good guys are unarmed. As they were in this Democrat-filled crowd.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy January

I hope you are able to have a good weekend.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Post About Gabrielle Giffords Daily Kos Doesn't Want You to See!-And-is-now-DEAD-to-me!+!-And-is-now-DEAD-to-me!&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

I'm not saying Boy Blue did it, but he sure had motivation and opportunity. This is a post that Daily Kos deleted today.

Friday, January 7, 2011

How the Fed Controls the American Dream

Who does the Fed answer to? Who controls them? Who is their oversight? How did they seize the unconstitutional power to print money? This long video is animated, clear and worth the time. John F. Kennedy was the last president with the guts to confront the Federal Reserve. In June 1963 he signed an executive order taking the printing of money back to the American government. He died 6 months later. Sent to me by an Oathkeeper.
Edited to add: Watch it quick, it keeps getting deleted.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Girl From Ipanema, Best Karaoke Version Update: Tom Jobim added

I would try to do better myself, but who can top this young lady!

Added video with Tom Jobim's Portuguese translated into English. The meaning is so much different than the English version. Fascinating.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Miracle of Life: Teresamerica

Ooo, my eyes are all steamy after seeing the adorable babies. Please click and watch Teresa's video.

Penn and Teller Explain Obanomics

Political humor video under 2 minutes is always welcome.
Via PoliticalChristian.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks, Dems. Debt used to be 8.7 trill, now is 13.9 trill

My word. This tweet brings tears of sadness to my eyes. How low the socialists have brought us. :-(

C. Steven Tucker

On Tuesday 4th January 2011,  said:
FACTS the PHONY MARXIST DEMOCRATS don't want you to know: When Pelosi & the Democrats took control of Congress on January 4, 2007, the national debt stood at $8,670,596,242,973.04 — that’s $8.67 Trillion. On the last day of the 111th Congress, our debt stood at $13,871,130,353,817.40 — that’s $13.87 Trillion. That means the PHONY MARXIST DEMOCRATS ADDED $5.2 Trillion to our DEBT in just FOUR years. $3.5 TRILLION of which was added under Barry the Marxist Malcontent Manchild.
AND THEY WOULD STILL BE ADDING TO IT HAD WE THE PEOPLE NOT STOPPED THEM! God Bless the Tea Party, 912 Groups and God Bless what's LEFT of our Great Republic!

Waiting Outside the Lines - Greyson Chance


Sunday, January 2, 2011

White House Plans to Hire Lawyers to Deal With Darrell Issa

Aren't both of the Obamas lawyers?

Rep. Fred Upton says it should be more about accounting and numbers than lawyers. Maybe Obama and his crew have a guilty conscience? And if our politicians turn out to be criminals, can we get our tax money back? Will the White House lawyers be paid for by our tax money? If that is so, shouldn't they get public defenders?

Holder didn't do anything about ACORN corruption, about the New Black Panthers voter intimidation, or about Wikileaks spying. Darrell Issa says that a good part of his oversight will be to pursue Eric Holder's failures.

Another main focus of the new congress will be cutting spending.

I am so happy that Issa plans real oversight starting immediately. God willing, the days of unfettered Washington graft and corruption are coming to an end. Hallelujah!

Also at American Power, Rep Darrell Issa slams Obama administration as "one of the most corrupt ever"-plans aggressive hearings in new congress.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, to pretzel lovers everywhere!