Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We The People...say what?

I saw a tweet just now that all public schools should be required to post a copy of the US Constitution in easy view of all students.

Kind of like posting worker's rights posters in the break room at work. Are not young citizens in sore need to know the rights guaranteed to them by our brave and loving forefathers?

Hat tip @CJFontenot1


WoFat said...

You must not understand. The militant Free Speech types only want things they agree with posted. They will never allow something like the Constitution put up.

Neither the commies nor congress agrees with that document.

LL said...

The Constitution should be freely available, and they should be required to memorize the Gettysburg address and the Declaration of Independence.

But just seeing words on a page doesn't really do it. History needs to be taught to provide a reliable context for students. Sadly, the left wing progressives write the history books that the students learn from, and things are badly skewed in favor of a false impression of events and motivations.

Doom said...

I hate to spoil the notion but... Just how many "students" could even read the thing. Oh, sure, put it up. I guess I am not sure it would be all that meaningful with so many of them ripped off of having been taught to read in the first place.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

But public schools don't believe in the Constitution.

Trestin said...

Indeed. I would be thrilled if they even taught the Constitution.

Howard Lee Wright said...

Sounds good, but there is one big problem: most of them wouldn't understand it. Most students can't read, much less critically think, to understand or appreciate the document.

Kid said...

Jobs like this fall to the parents now and have for quite a while I'd say. I never got any of this in school in the 60's and 70's.

I do support the idea. It is Their Country. They should know what the blueprint is.

Compare knowing what your rights are under the Constitution, Bill or Rights and other documents against much of what is being presented in school, and there can't be any argument.

We've got people in 'law enforcement' who don't even know the constitution.

Without a common understanding of what 'your' rights are under a framework that the Supreme Court is Mandated to abide by, it becomes anarchy in a holy hurry, where dictators like obama slide in and implement wholly illegal controls on society.

Unfortunately, the majority of people either don't know or don't care what is happening to them.

La la de da dee da.

Teresa said...

This is a great idea! We need kids to learn about the Constitution and America's Founding so they can grow up having some knowledge of American history.

But, no that would ruin the public schools plan to keep students stupid.

Positude said...

I have great admiration for the teacher in my senior year who taught US History. He taught me of the debates that preceeded the Americsan revolution, and what the world was like before freedom was born. It was inspiring and moving! It is probably one of the big reasons I became a teacher. In this course I was introduced to all of the individuals who wrote and were involved in the then illegal act of treason commited by our founding fathers. It was very inspirational and moving. (Also, our debates in class of the different philosophies of the revolution were energetic and spirited!) I feel sorry for any student who leaves high school without this experience.