Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Businessman nails OWS protestors

Teresamerica put up a nice series of videos of Pete Schiff's visit to Occupy Wall Street. He makes a good argument against confiscating wealth from the richest 1% more than we already do. Not sure if he made any progress with the inane drones, though.


Amusing Bunni said...

Schiff is great, he's wasting his time trying to talk some sense into that whiney hag, though. THey are brain dead morons, and it's hopeless to try and change their pea brained minds!

I hope your Halloween was fun, Opie.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the link Opie.

Kid said...

It's just depressing that this stuff is so easy to understand and so many people don't get it.

In particular, Corporations don't pay taxes. Taxes are simply a cost of doing business. A raw material cost, just like gasoline or cotton or chemicals. If coffee costs more to obtain, we as consumers, pay more. It doesn't matter whether Juan Valdez is charging more because his rent went up, or there was a frost in Peru. We pay more for coffee. Exactly the same thing with 'corporations' and taxes. To not even mention that if corporate profits go down, so do stock prices, and so do our 401k's.

I did see another Peter video and it seemed some of those people got it. Maybe some of the people in this video got it too. I didn't watch, no offense Opus. I can only take so much childish 'reasoning' and maintain an attitude I'm comfortable with. OR, how many times does one need to see monkey's throwing feces from their cages.

How about, people don't innovate unless rewards are there. Look to Russia to see what government push does for product quality. Any innovative products coming from Russia? Anyone? France? Anyone?

Ok, how about people trying to get in or out of a country? How many people are trying to get IN to America versus Out? What does that tell you? Anyone?


Opus #6 said...

Never any offense, Kid. Sometimes I have the time and energy to view vids online, and sometimes I don't have it either.

I like to show things like this, though, because the majority will be swayed by the whims of the independents. They must be wooed each voting season and I am doing my best wooing right now.

Attention indie voters: OWS people are immature whiners. Useful idiots for communists. They have no concept of how real business works. A lot like Obama himself.

Kid said...

Thanks Opus. I have the time, just I've seen a bunch of it, and I have 100% respect for you continually getting the message out. Like you don't have anything else to do :) Someone - somewhere will open their mind :) It's my motivation sometimes too.

I got an email late last week from someone I consider an intelligent 'independent'. Scary. He was talking about repubs standing in the way of obama trying to accomplish something... I didn't bother with 'what is obvious to us'. I just replied, Yea, the repubs are worthless too, how about voting for Ron Paul?

Here's a longer version of a Peter Schiff engagement with OWS that I watched

By the way the blog where I'm sending you is authored by a former Fighter Pilot/TOPGUN Instructor and Poet. You might enjoy some of the other stuff too as I do. I added him to my right side bar a little while ago. He's in Sandy Eggo.

Mark Adams said...

She said @ 2:20 mark "You should want to share your success." HELLLLLO isn't giving people a job, SHARING your success? Clueless.

As far as the taxes are concerned. They only know what they have been told by their leftist elite's.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Never forget! These OWSers were taught in our schools!

They Say/We Say said...

"I'm employing 150 people right now. How many people are you employing-crickets--why aren't you paying your fair share, I am".

LL said...

We need to divide the country and give the OWS crowd a couple of 'liberal states'. The working members of the land can take the rest and we'll see who does better.

The whiners and lay-abouts exist to eat other men's bread, not to build or accomplish anything...sort of the way community organizers make a living.

Fredd said...

There's no arguing with the morons in OWS mobs. They don't want to have a reasoned argument: they just want to take your stuff, period. End of argument.