Thursday, September 8, 2011

Petting sharks, kids get dose of climate change propaganda at Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific

Little guy loved the shark petting.
My 6-y-o could not get enough of the shark and ray petting area. The 3-y-o decided to play it cautious and observe.
One display area that we skipped was "Arctic and Antarctic, our polar regions in peril". That was seriously the label hung on the wall to describe the display hall. The first chapter of the visitors guide goes on to say that "climate change, which is causing warmer ocean temperatures, melting ice, rising seas, and more, is posing a serious threat to these fragile ecosystems and ultimately people and animals across the globe." They go on to say "the scientific evidence is clear- Earth is warming" blaming the "warming" on burning of coal, oil, natural gas and deforestation. They claim sea levels could rise more than 3 feet by the end of this century.
Later in the booklet, they claim that while the kelp forests recover following the warm temperatires of El Nino conditions, they will not be able to adapt to permanent rises in ocean temps due to climate change.
They also say that sand temps in Florida have increased already, causing 90 percent of Loggerhead turtle hatchlings to become female.
Next, they claim that ocean acidification due to fossil fuel burning and increased CO2 in the water causes decreased availability of carbonate materials for shell creatures.
Only the Lorakeet forest remains unmolested by the ravages of climate change, apparently.

The portion at the end of the book about "what you can do" could have been written by Obama himself. It recommends conserving electricity and water in the home, switching to CFL and LED light bulbs, weatherizing windows, combining car trips, "purchase carbon credits from companies that provide them to offset the emissions that you cannot yourself eliminate", contact your representatives about climate change and talk to family, friends and neighbors about climate change.

Did these people never hear about Climate Gate?  I love the displays and animals at the aquarium, but it is dangerous to the minds of impressionable children.  Best to attend armed with skepticism and the latest research data to counteract the relentless propaganda spewed at the kids by the aquarium administration.
Humans mix it up with ocean creatures, up to 5 divers were in the tank entertaining young and old alike.


J. Shaw said...

what great looking young students.Carbon credits on sale too.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm glad your kids had a good time while the rest of us are thinking of the eminent doom ... oh the humanity!

LL said...

Then again, maybe we should burn more fossil fuels to offset the possibility of another ice age?

I love the ocean, I love to dive, and there are few places on top of the water that are as fascinating as there are below the waves.

Maybe the boys are future divers?

Toyin O. said...

Great pictures.

Amusing Bunni said...

What a bunch of propaganda.
Glad the kids managed to have fun!

Your little guy is braver than me, I'd never pet a shark. What fun. Thanks for the cool pics, Opus.

Just a conservative girl said...

I don't mind the kids being taught about climate change. I think most will agree that our climate is changing. It is when they get into the causes that I get crazy. That is still very shakey ground and it is taught to them as fact. That gets my goat.

Doom said...

That is why I completely avoid "nature" and "science" shows anymore. They are absolute zombies, harping about something that, to my mind, has been disproven in a dozen ways. Yes, they do try to indoctrinate the young, the rest of already know they are liars, cheats, and worse.

Kid said...

Do they de-claw the sharks ?

Opus, you're having some fun. Good thing too.

Kid said...

PS - I really enjoy Sea World the couple times I was there. I love the penguin exhibit. I could watch them all day.

Teresa said...

It looks like your boys were having great fun. I always enjoy going to the aquarium. It really is disgusting how the aquarium is propagandizing young kids claiming a theory is fact.

darlin said...

Your boys sure have grown since I last saw photos of them, they're such handsome young men and they sure look intrigued with what they see.

el chupacabra said...

How cruel! You shark fondlers...