Saturday, September 17, 2011

I will never forget Robert David Peraza

And neither will his father, Robert Peraza, shown here at the September 11 memorial. Why belabor the point on September 17, 2011? Because some pictures are worth a second look.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Amen Opie!

WoFat said...

The [photos are appropriate at any time. Those men and women are still dead.

Kid said...

I will never forget Bill Meehan. He worked on the 100 and something floor of the North Tower. I want to say 101 which was right where the fist plane hit. He worked for Cantor-Fitzgerald as a bond trader mainly. He was a good father, husband, man, and American. The filth of Wall Street are not the majority and he wasn't in the majority.

I got to work a little late, brought up my page and immediately noticed a comment in the trader conversation output "Bomb at WTC", which I read aloud to the other 4 people in my IT department office. They all said, No, a plane hit the WTC. We started discussing how a plane would hit the WTC on this clear day and the 2nd plane hit. We all said Oh Shit in unison, knowing this was no accident now.
One of the other Realmoney people posted a comment that read that he always IM'd Bill Meehan with a Hi Bud when he got to his desk and there was no reply and he hoped his friend was Ok. He wasn't of course.
I'll remember Bill Meehan not only because his was the first name I heard of someone murdered by these vermin but through reading his columns on RM, it was obvious what a good person and American he was.

Some say America was Scared by 911. I don't know anyone who was scared. I only know people who were angry and who were and are ready for confrontation with these vermin.

Bring it on. They aren't going away. They've been at this for 1400 years? and actively as terrorists since 1970.

I'll add I believe the 'moderate' muslims are the threat. Like what's happening in England, they will infiltrate government, enact laws favorable to their cause and eventually invoke sharia. I don't think it will happen in my lifetime in the US, but if the idiots don't find a way to recognize PC and multi-culturalism as Cancers, it will happen.

LL said...

Freedom isn't free.

Amusing Bunni said...

What a sad and beautiful Photo, Opus.
We will never forget this.

Z said...

that picture is really hard to look at.

Kid's story touched me so much, too. Now I'll never forget Bill Meehan OR Robert David Peraza.
God bless Peraza's father and help him with his pain.

The Conservative Lady said...

We mustn't forget and posting a photo like this during any time of the year is the way to remember.