Monday, August 1, 2011

Sen John McCain gives Tea Party credit for debt deal

via newser
Sen. John McCain decided to give credit to the Tea Party for derailing Obama's drive for tax increases in the debt ceiling debate.

Of course, McCain has been none too popular with conservatives after he basically called in his candidacy against Obama in 2008, losing miserably. He gave little more effort than Giuliani and reaped proportionate benefit.

After years of lukewarm support of conservative causes, McCain had the gall to read from a Washington Times Op Ed last Wednesday on the Senate floor, calling the Tea Party participants "hobbits".

I thought dehumanization was supposed to be reserved for one's enemies. Is that what we are to you, Mr. McCain? Do you see us as your enemies? 20 percent of the American people? Because last I saw, you have an R after your name. Do you think that offending the Tea Party, most of whom vote Republican in elections, is a good way to promote yourself or your causes?

I hope you switch parties, Mr. McCain. You have been shilling for Democrats these many years. At least be honest about it.


LL said...

Washington insiders (including McCain) all despise the Tea Party because they - the American people - are outside the beltway and don't answer to the power structure.

The power elite, like slavers on a clipper between Africa and the New World, fear the sound of the native footfall on the wooden decks over their heads at night.

So we, the Great Unwashed in fly-over country are not 'Hobbits'. That's par for the course.

Doom said...

I just assume he was messed up as a POW. It does it to some men, breaks them so bad they become the enemy, whatever it is that means to them. While I am grateful for his service, I think it should have ended there. He is a Manchurian Candidate.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's called "Saving One's Butt!"

WoFat said...

I have great respect for what Mr. McCain endured in Vietnam. That did not however teach him anything about helping run the country. What chance did our country have in the last election. A Dolt vs a Nazi.

Kid said...

I'd rather he put himself out to pasture.

Yes, the tea party threaten their comfort zone and they react as rabidly as any coke addict I've ever met.

Teresa said...

The old geezer just needs to retire. He's clueless. He's a RINO who is an adherent of the status quo and that is why he is not a fan of the tea party. He doesn't want the tea party to break up the good ole boys network.

Z said...

Seems like he's already switched parties; him and that daughter of his!
Gad, I can't say that I'd rather Obama won than him, but, compared to just about anybody BUT Obama, I'd say "I'm so glad McCain lost the election"