Monday, August 22, 2011

Libyan prisoner beheading to "Allahu Akbar"

And John McCain calls them heroes?

I don't know what's going on in Libya. Certainly Qaddafi is a bad guy. But these rebels are suspect. I worry that they are not freedom fighters, but totalitarian fighters for the dominance of islam over the world.

I include a link to the beheading video for those who must see it for themselves. The story is that this prisoner surrendered and was in custody. I have not and will not personally watch the torture-murder of a human being.

Graphic beheading video.


The War Planner said...


As you infer, many have questioned the wisdom of upsetting the apple cart of one of the more repentant MOOZ-lem dictators in the Middle East. True Qadaffi-Duck was/is an evil person, responsible for sponsoring the Flight 103 bombing and -- of late -- granting asylum to the "terminally ill" released bomber, but there were better, more cost-effective ways to deal with the turmoil.

It seemed as though he really was running bat-sh*t scared when "W" started handing out grief over in Iraq and The 'Stan.

Of course, The Light Bringer chose to take us to war trying to remove Q and -- most recently -- calls for Syria's Assad to step down..

..not personally, of course, but through his SoS proxy because he's too busy packing for his Martha's Vineyard sabbatical.

Kinda like when he turned the WH podium over to Bubba because Michelle wanted him to go scoop some poop or something.

el chupacabra said...

Lady O- I won't watch it either, but appreciate and respect your putting it up.

This is not the only example of vengeful violence the rebels in Libya have engaged in against government troops and outside mercenaries. They've hung and beaten others to death publicly and only God knows the actual toll.

A funny thing about that though: a near no fault amnesty and visible signs of treating prisoners well would have gone a long way toward an early peace, less violence overall and less likelihood of an insurgency.

Are they just too novice or inherently evil intent on no good?

WoFat said...

Neither side is necessarily composed of nice people.

Doom said...

Who would have guessed? Well, beside everyone in and out of 'the know'.

I don't mind watching it's just that it isn't all that interesting. I'm not a sadist, a masochist, or a scientist. From what I can tell, they all probably deserve it since they believe in an eye for an eye as a legal format. God will... handle that I guess. Boy are they going to get a surprise when they find out who allah really is though. No, from their actions, they have to know.

WoFat said...

That part of the world - all Arab lands - is a rat hole.

Kid said...

I can't see anything good coming out of any islamic country. The rebels are the muslim brotherhood who are as radical as any of the rest.

Still, it seems there is some measure of comfort in forcing a Lockerbie scheming rat like kadaffi out of his plush hole.

To me, it's like watching warring ant colonies.
I grieve for the children and animals.

madmath1 said...

There's two things I've learned about practicing Muslims: 1, assume they're always lying to you and you won't be disappointed (including the current resident of the WH), and 2, they never fight for liberty, freedom, nor even justice, but for only which thug gets to rule. That's all that fight in Libya is all about, which thug gets to rule and right now that thug is the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama, who's pro jihadi foreign policies have fed and grow these radical movements, has been the greatest gift Allah ever gave this evil group of human feces.

LL said...

It's typical behavior for people who live in that part of the world. Which is why we need to keep them there and not allow them over here -- even as guests, tourists or visitors.

However there is the issue of oil, isn't there? America needs to find a way to end its dependence on Middle Eastern oil. I think it should be our foremost national industrial priority.

Doom said...


The problem with ending our need doesn't change the rest of the world's need for oil. While I don't agree with not tapping some of our sources, and then pumping only small amounts to keep it on tap, I still think we should gangbusters buy their oil so they run out more quickly. Just... a thought.

While it is more a 'chess' move and for the long haul, I think it trumps short-term knee-jerk reactions. Besides, with the international monetary war that we are engaged in, not only are US middle class being stiffed, but so are all the economies which are our enemies. As the other currencies either become worth too much too use (the Euro, the Swiss franc), or too low (the Chinese yuan, though that isn't actually a functional currency outside China, is artificially low due to still being pegged to the dollar (which is killing them, they keep thinking we will bring the greenback up for air... not)), or too unstable (all the above, for many and varied reasons), the producers are stuck with the dollar. Don't dare trade in gold or oil itself, either.

I really think, despite our current president's numnuttedness, someone knows precisely what they are doing with some things. But definitely above Obama's or Bernanke's paygrade. Trust me on this. Then again, I am slightly... non-mainstream. :p ymmv

Guy Average said...

No question that these are Islamists, as are all of the "Arab Spring" revolutionaries. Look at these countries in 12 months and you will see sharia law in place in all of them.