Thursday, August 11, 2011

Did Obama exploit SEAL team 6?

Maybe. He certainly made sure to bask in their glow after the Bin Laden raid and after the Somali pirate victory.

Does Obama plan to exploit SEAL team 6? Apparently. There are reports that his administration has given information to filmmakers who have agreed to release a movie about the Bin Laden raid a month prior to the next presidential election.

Did the Obama administration have a motive for betrayal of SEAL team 6? Not clear.  The death of so many of our finest is a huge blow to America.

The movie deal and the timing warrant official investigation, in my opinion. And the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee agrees with me on this. Has anybody spotted Darrell Issa lately?


Z said...

Nobody spots Darrell Issa...he's busy with so many things the media's not picking up; they can't allow the leftwing heroes to have Issa's light shone on them.

As for the SEALS, they were all our brothers, our sons, our even consider this film and how Obama's punks might have helped disgusts me.

Did you hear Jay Carney say "...we have more important things to discuss...this is A MOVIE"
They simply don't get it, Opus, they simply don't understand the threat. @#$(*&@#$(*&

Z said...

by the way, Peter King's supposedly investigating this....but, as most everything else he does, Americans won't hear about the hearings or the outcome.
But let a Republican err or even hint of erring, and they hearings are all over television.

Amusing Bunni said...

"Did o exploit SEAL team 6?

Does the sun rise in the east & set in the west, Opus?

It's getting more shameless everyday. How could o pass up these photo and movie ops? Peter King has asked for an investigation, I'd imagine this is on Issa's radar, but he has so many other crimes of o to check into, he'll just add this to the ever growing list.

WoFat said...

The last thing a SEAL Team needs is publicity. They thrive best in the dark, where they can do their splendid job and then vanish. Photos in the paper and on TV are contraindicated.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...


Kid said...

Opus 6. Good points. Man, is this sickening.

But hey, we got a hip, probably drug using, potentially bisexual, certainly metro-sexual surely basketball playing, youngish kind of black president. Surely, that's worth something Right?

Democrats have, are and always Use the military. God, it's disgusting.

No one is fighting for America here. F the republicans; useless political whores, allowing America to be raped by this ignorant bastard who fingers America on Natl TV, and laughs about how his pinnacle Jobs Program that he spent 800 Billion on - shovel ready jobs - was just all bullshit, because they might lose an election by NOT catering to people who wouldn't vote for them if their Freakin LIFE depended on it anyway.


This is all a serious problem and it will manifest itself sooner than later.

RG said...

A narcistic person will use any event and anyone for what he thinks is for his own personal gain. He blacked out the home coming of the remains of our Seal Team 6 heroes, except of course, a picture of himself taken by a Whitehouse photographer that the Pentagon did not know was there.