Thursday, August 11, 2011

Condell's exquisite rant about UK riots

Another great rant from Pat Condell, courtesy of my blogging friend, Amusing Bunni. Great find, Bunni. He sure puts the riots in the UK into perspective.


Kid said...


Our enemies are splitting their sides laughing over all of this.

It's coming here. It has to be stopped and the 'authorities' don't even have the means to do so, as Mr Condell tells us about Britain, even if they did have the motivation, which I question.

After all going after this sort of crime doesn't pay them a penny.

LL said...

Condell would make a great British Prime Minister.

Sadly, we see the sun setting not on the British Empire - but on England itself.

Social justice (a welfare state) and the imposition of Sharia Law as an 'alternative' in the UK are signs of the crumbling culture.

When the rule of law, the power of the police and the system collapses, this is what you see. There should be authorization to shoot looters. If that happened, you'd see a lot less of it. In Los Angeles, rioting negroes almost always avoided Korea Town in the past because the Koreans shot them (and in the turmoil, the police didn't have time to 'investigate' the matter and simply called meat wagons to pick up the carcasses).

WoFat said...

+ I agree with what LL said. 100%.

madmath1 said...

Damn, I wish he was moderating the GOP debate or better yet, one of the candidates. So what if he's British subject and not a US citizen, so is Obama. Be afraid American, be very afraid, we're not far behind and the way the same cancer of "social justice" is spreading here in the states, it's only a matter of time before we're going through it, only it won't just be DC, but every major metropolitan city in the country.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Opus, Pat is a genius. He does not mince words. I'm glad you liked him too. Thanks for the H/T. Have a fun weekend.

Teresa said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!

I heard that Britain is looking to Boston and New York City for advice in fighting the rioters. If they don't have either the means or the will to stop the rioters' shenanigans then Britain is screwed.

Trestin said...

I don't care much for Pat, but he makes some excellent points.

Doom said...

He reminds me of the husband of the woman who killed herself after having been raped, in Clockwork Orange. Sort of a lefty who is now angry about, well, leftism. Not sure if my assessment is correct. Just a feeling.

I have always wondered about such types. Are they coming around or are they trying to keep the sheep in the pens. Psyops has been functional for millenia. It has been improved in the last century, so as to be extremely effective on most civilians.