Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sickening. CA passes bill mandating gay history in schools. Veto, please?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California lawmakers on Tuesday sent the governor a bill that would make the state the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum.
The bill, passed on a party-line vote, adds lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as well as people with disabilities to the list of groups that schools must include in the lessons. It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays.
Democratic Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco says SB48 is crucial because of the bullying that happens to gay students. Republicans called it a well-intentioned but ill-conceived bill and raised concerns that it would indoctrinate children to accept homosexuality.

"This bill will require California schools to present a more accurate and nuanced view of American history in our social science curriculum by recognizing the accomplishments of groups that are not often recognized," said Assembly Speaker John Perez, the first openly gay speaker of the California Assembly.
The bill now goes to Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, who has not said whether he would sign it. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a similar bill in 2006.
Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican from Twin Peaks, said he was offended as a Christian that the bill was being used to promote a "homosexual agenda" in public schools.
"I think it's one thing to say that we should be tolerant," Donnelly said. "It is something else altogether to say that my children are going to be taught that this lifestyle is good."
I hate when the gay agenda comes up in my kids' faces. Talking about gays with kids brings up the topic of "what is gay, mommy?" This can force a discussion of Anal Sex with a child who is likely to be too young to learn about sex at all. Will gay history be taught to 5-year-olds in Kindergarten? What is to stop them if this bill is not vetoed by Governor Brown?  Maybe Southern California really DOES need to split off from the Northern part of the state.  Californians already spoke against the Gay Agenda.  52.5% of us are against Same Sex Marriage.  59% of young CA voters age 18 to 34, are also against Same Sex Marriage.  I imagine at least as many are against a homosexual agenda being shoved down our kid's throats in school.  This is beyond ridiculous.  Our children are not guinea pigs for social experimentation.  That is not what they are enrolled in school for.


madmath1 said...

As much as I rarely agree with my liberal ex wife, I do agree that our two children are far better off being home schooled than the public school and it was this stupidy, as well as the bullying, that did it. She used to be bi, but felt such subjects weren't proper in the public school system. That fundementals, reading, writing, math, AMERICAN History (though we had different opinions what that entailed). Now we're getting this crammed down our throats. I have no idea what Brown will do, but consider that he was the one that released them out of the closet during his first term during the 70's, I'll wager he signs it. I fear what's next is that the state will outlaw home schooing unless the parent has a teaching credential (I've tried twice, but couldn't keep the cyanide Kool-aide down). Forget the north half breaking off, this state need the Andreas fault to do the country a favor and sink this cesspool into the pacific ocean. I'm so desparate to get out of this socialist and perverted prison, I'm on the verg of packing whatever I can find and take my chances elsewhere even with my limited skills (too bad math degrees are worthless).

Randy-g said...

So now gays are grouped with people with disabilities? Cali has jumped the rails.

Bungalow Bill said...

Judging the recent video shot on a California beach asking the beautiful people about the founders, to which they knew nothing, I am not sure we have to worry much about California successfully teaching history no matter what the subject. Still, I am outraged.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Hey, I'm in the North and in a very conservative corner. It's another attempt at convincing people that the Homosexual Lifestyle in normal. I wish they'd get back in the closet. I hope all school boards revolt against the state.

My post today ties into this quite well.

KOOK said...

I agree, but I think there is another case against this. Depending on whose survey you trust the gay population is between 1 and 10% of the population. In a nation where our students have trouble finding their state on a map why on earth would we need to add this drivel to our curriculum? What tiny cultural subgroup will get special treatment next. And I dislike the LGBT folks trying to set themselves off as a race or ethnicity. They aren't. No comparison can be made to being black. Or asian. or whatever. I want short people history, and chubby people history, and the contributions of blond people history taught in schools too. How many special interests and groups can we pander to?

WoFat said...

What a lovely couple. I'm sure their parents are proud.

Trestin said...

My kids will not go to public school until they reach high school.

LL said...

The California Legislature does make the case for home schooling very clear, doesn't it? I'm generally opposed to home schooling, but with this sort of nonsense, I'm forced to rethink my position.

Odie lives in an enclave of conservatives. I think that we need to be more inclusive when we leave "Northern California". Really, the Bay Area needs to be its own state. And they can sodomize themselves into the sunset as far as I'm concerned.

Mark Adams said...

As I was preparing my blog post last night, my wife read this story to me. I had to stop and pause for a moment to contemplate whether to run with what she was reading to me, or go with the stupidity of MSNBC's Chris Matthews.
I then thought what would really be the difference between this story and Matthews. I am sure this story send a tingle up his leg, like Obama did awhile back.

This is nuts, but we are talking about Cali, so no surprise there.

"social experimentation" Spot ON!

Debbie said...

Oh my, that is disgusting. What? Will they study the most famous fags in history?

Right Truth

The Conservative Lady said...

Another reason for the catering to minority groups is for their vote. Whether it's for the gay vote, hispanic vote, black vote...whatever.

The Watcher said...

So what the schools, the Legislature, and the activists who are pushing this are really saying is that the only thing that made historically-significant homosexuals significant was their homosexuality; that's the question I'd be demanding an answer for from the above-named gay cheerleaders who are trying to ram this down the throats of the people (no pun intended).

Amusing Bunni said...

Loony CA, unreal. Another reason to home school.

They Say/We Say said...

Children just don't know the difference, about sex and promiscuous activities. This is nothing more than mind control. The Legislators, and the Governor should be charged with wrong doing of Moral turpitude-demand their resignation!

Kid said...

"It also would prohibit material that reflects adversely on gays."

Oh yea, let's just tell half the story. And Bush was supposed to be Hitler? Libs need to study up on Fascism and book burning. Unreal.

I'm about convinced some states are going to hit rock bottom before they pull up. CA is definitely on that list.

They Say (as well as your points Opus) has a good point. Charges of Corruption of a minor seems awfully appropriate here.

This is disgusting. I also think it's going to create a bigger divide between straight and gay. Most people - including very young kids - do not like to have this kind of stuff shoved down their throat.
We knew about gay when we were 8 and 9 from the gay dudes trolling the river in their speed boats. Didn't like them, didn't want them around. Willing to do physical damage if necessary.

Now if they want to teach kids about sexual predators and how to avoid/deal with them, that's another story. But that's no where near the agenda is it?

Kid said...

PS - You want to see disgusting, check out zombietime.com

PPS - I personally have no problem with gay people who want to live their life and not force themselves upon us, which I believe is the vast majority of them, but the activist gays are a different story. They want special status just like the blacks and other minorities and that is BS. Don't like you life? Too bad, nobody owes you crap! Especially me!
I also believe gays are way over-represented in Washington DC. Not good.

fuzzys dad said...

I bet Moon Beam Brown will sign the bill.

Always On Watch said...

I predict that the governor will sign the bill. He's a loon.

Here's something to consider: social and educational plans that originate in California make their way all across the country in 5-10 years. I've observed this phenomenon for the past 30 years.

The solution to the agenda-in-general of public education? Home school! Even the private schools will be infiltrated because the new social studies textbooks will accommodate whatever California is doing.

Z said...

my heart is breaking for the little ones of America; to even see a picture like your image is awful for them.
I didn't know what gay was until I was too old to admit here :-) And I know I was better for it. And probably had a lot less prejudice because the gays I met lived their lives like the straights I knew...no biggie, no gay parade, no demands.
Today? Well, suffice it to say your thoughts are exactly right here; excellent post, Opus.
Of course, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS ON THIS? Anybody fighting back at all?

Ducky's here said...

I didn't know what gay was until I was too old to admit here :-) And I know I was better for it.

How can you possibly know that? Completely illogical.

Teresa said...

Homosexuals - people with disabilities? Huh? This is crazy. This is going to affect our kids badly.

Opus #6 said...

Ducky, skip the ad hominem attacks and try to comment on the subject. This is your first warning.