Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Replacing Beck with Beckel, et tu, Fox?

It is a mean joke, replacing Glenn Beck with Bob Beckel and other unnotables in the new show TheFive on Fox News. It is not that I watched Beck that often, but I know his heart was in the right place. And why am I left wondering why Fox and Beck parted ways so quickly after Beck became an outspoken proponent of Israel, and so soon after Fox was bought by the Saudis. Hmmm.

In the meantime, Beckel rubs salt in the wounds. Yesterday he called us, the Tea Party, anarchists. He said, "they like to call themselves patriots, but they are anarchists."

Hey, Bob. Look at the header on my blog. That may look like anarchy to you because your kind are always projecting your hatred and tendency to violence onto others. It was in reality a large, peaceful gathering of dedicated Americans who are genuinely worried about the direction our once-great nation is headed. These people had the temerity to bring trash bags to the National Mall and clean up after themselves. But you don't recognize that.

You want to know what we Tea Party Patriots really call ourselves? Constitutional Conservatives. I'm sorry if the idea of adhering to the American Constitution offends you. Wait. Scratch that. I'm not sorry at all. Anyone who is offended by our Constitution needs to take a long boat to somewhere and never come back. No need for you to distress yourselves by observing Americans living in liberty, right?

Michele Bachmann is a Constitutional Conservative. I bet you didn't read her piece in the Daily Caller yesterday. You probably won't read the following quote either. But you should.
I believe our founders knew what they were doing when they designed a limited government with specific, enumerated powers. I’m also convinced that many of our problems result from the federal government’s insatiable — and unconstitutional — grab for power and money. On issues ranging from light bulbs to bailouts, to the Dodd-Frank banking legislation, Washington has been on a destructive spree of bureaucratic empire-building. It’s time for that to stop.
It's not anarchy, hon. It's the opposite. It is the rule of law, not the rule of often flighty, selfish politicians.


LL said...

My sense is that Fox has been drifting left in an attempt to be more "center". Perhaps it's simply a matter of perspective.

With Beck -- the red phone never rang. The White House never once disputed anything that he broadcast. That is also true of the book that Larry Sinclair wrote about President Obama - "Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies and Murder".

I don't watch Beck's replacement.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I tuned into 5 seconds of the new show and ran away fast. Seeing Beckel on the tube was enough to know I'll never watch that garbage.

The Grey Geezer said...

Beckel traded for Beck is like trading Harry Reid for Abraham Lincoln.

And I hope you're kidding. Fox sold to the Saudi's?

Jeez have I been asleep. Bump

The Grey Geezer said...

Beckel is a poor replacement for Beck. He's definitely not on the same page as Glen nor is he on the FOX I thought I knew.

Doom said...

I'm starting to really not trust FOX. I don't know the why but I see the drift to the left LL sees, too. I remember what "news" was like before FOX (which I have never fully trusted either, just... more so). After my mom's upcoming visit, I am canceling cable. Absolutely no use for it anymore.

Perhaps so many conservatives have done just that, turned away from various forms of television, that all that is left are those too poor to afford a computer and those too well to do, and unattached to work and such, to have ever bothered to learn how to type? Even most educated (indoctrinated) leftists have tuned out. Dunno. But it's all bad, television. I am grateful for what FOX was, in any case, if it is surrendering.

Kid said...

Wonderful post Opus. And right on the bulls eye. People like alan colmes and juan willams are simply morons and democrat stooges, but beckel lies through his teeth knowingly with a smile on his face constantly. For this reason, beckel can go to hell as far as I'm concerned for bearing false witness on a level which is ludicrous.

And 'Democrats'. Everything they've put in pace has been an abject failure. Dept of Ed. Dept of Energy, and Hundreds of other departments that fly under the radar and do nothing but suck money and deliver negative ROI.
I wouldn't watch beckel if you paid me. You'd have to strap me up like the dude in A Clockwork Orange.

The Watcher said...

Call me Mr. Cynical, but I'm hearing a loud flushing noise and it seems to be coming from TheFive on Fox News.

Teresa said...

I wonder how long the show with Beckel is going to last on Fox? I watched the show for a little bit and it is soooo boring. WTH was Fox thinking?

Maggie Thornton said...

Disgraceful. And Juan Williams as well! This show won't last long.