Friday, July 29, 2011

New intimidation tactics against gathering signatures for CA ballot propositions

It struck me as odd yesterday. I had just decided to get involved in gathering signatures to help overturn the disgusting new law that forces sexual preference information into CA elementary school curricula. I had Rush Limbaugh on in the car, and here comes this ad where people are saying NOT to sign petitions. And scaring listeners into thinking petition gatherers are identity thieves. Interesting timing....
As backers of several high-profile ballot measures hit the streets looking for signatures, a new radio ad has surfaced warning listeners that signing initiative petitions puts voters "at risk for identity theft."
The 60-second spot, which is airing on at least one Southern California radio station, features a man telling his spouse she should not have signed a petition at the grocery store.
"The Legislature called it an identity theft starter kit. Now we really need to watch our bank statements and credit information," he says.
"That's it, I'm not singing any more petitions," the woman responds. "I guess the lesson here is not to give our name and address to anyone we don't know."
The identity of the group behind the ad remains a mystery, but the timing of the launch suggests its aim is to derail one of several high-profile measures currently trying to qualify for the 2012 ballot.
The spot claims to be paid for by a group called "Californians Against Identity Theft.The coalition has no website and has not filed a campaign committee with the Secretary of State, though the content of the ad likely would not trigger disclosure requirements because it does not mention a specific measure or candidate.
Update 11:36 a.m.: A website for the group has been launched at this link
The group does not appear to have any ties to legitimate organizations dedicated to protecting consumers from identity theft. A spokeswoman for the San Diego-based Identity Theft Resource Center disputed the premise of the ad.
Under state law, it is illegal to use initiative signatures for anything other than the initiative petition. Election code also prohibits felons ineligible to register to vote from serving as signature gatherers, as claimed in the ad.
Derek Cressman of government watchdog group Common Cause said he was "hard pressed" think of a situation where signing an initiative petition led to identity theft. He said the ad sounded like an attempt to "provoke a fear" to discourage people from signing petitions.
"If they really wanted people to take their warning seriously, they'd have more credibility by revealing their own identities," he said.
More here.
Apparently the SEIU wants to be notified when people are gathering signatures against their card check legislation.  So they can call out the goons on you?  Nice.  Things are getting rough out here in CA.


LibertyAtStake said...

"Californians Against Identity Theft"

Today's false front for the usual suspects funded by Soros, Inc.

“Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

madmath1 said...

Makes me wonder how many identity thieves are wolves in sheep clothing from the liberal left in the war against conservatives. I try to avoid conspiracy theories, but this reeks to high heaven. Gosh, and people wonder why I want to leave here! Now the left will use scare tactics to keep people from participating in our democratic republic (what's left of it anyways).

Amusing Bunni said...

Very Fishy coincidence, Opus! I hope you collect lots of signatures anyway. I'll bet it's a soros backed shill corp., designed to push their crap agendas.

Kid said...

Name and Address? They can get that out of your mailbox 6 days a week.
And I'll bet there are a lot of morons who fell for that one that don't even realize their mailbox, sitting on a public street offers it up for free.

Trestin said...

I saw campaign sent out an email warning us about this today. It's amazing how low they will go.

Proof said...

I was wondering who was behind that. I heard the commercials on the radio a couple of times. It sounded like they were trying to supress some initiative, but I didn't know which one.

LL said...

SEIU/Soros/and the rest of the goons really have no shame at all.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is voter intimidation at it's purist form. They are no better than two black hoods, with clubs, standing outside a voter place.

WoFat said...

California, long a have for "Left Wing Freedom," seems to have become a haven for Neo-Nazi activity. "You WILL cast your vote the way we tell you!"

Mustang said...

I suspected there is no low too low for the communist left. This confirms I was correct ...

What scum!

Debbie said...

They will do or say anything, liars! I'm so glad you are actively involved in trying to get this thing stopped.

Right Truth

'aamokat said...

It is a bold face lie and I assure you, as someone who works as a signature gatherer, we take very seriously that the documents we circulate are legal papers that we sign under the penalty of perjury and that vast majority of us never misrepresent our issues and I challenge anyone to come up with even one instance of identity theft coming from signing a petition but even if someone finds one, it is few and far between.

I find it ironic that in all likelihood the very people who are slandering us have used the services of petition gathering companies when it suited them to get something they support on the ballot as the petition companies are non partisan.

Personally, last year I worked on the 'hidden tax' petition, which conservatives liked and I also worked on the 'corporate loopholes' petition which liberals were in favor of.

Hypocrite goons is all I can say about those behind this cheap shot ad!

Luke Morrison said...

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Adam Smith said...

Um, voter rolls are PUBLIC RECORD. Anyone can get that information.