Friday, June 17, 2011

Why use tax dollars for Al Jazeera English on PBS?

via madmikesamerica dot com
It's a question. Why. Shouldn't we taxpayers pay for a Red Chinese segment as well? I mean, why stop there....

You can see a half-hour Al Jazeera segment 4 times per day on KCET Los Angeles, 6:30am, 4pm, 6:30pm and 11pm.

Can you say DEFUND PBS?  I can.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It's to be expected. It happens when ever there's a Muzzlocrat in the White House.

LL said...

I don't see why public money has to go toward anything like PBS. There are media outlets reflecting all segments of society -- I mean, you can subscribe to Al Jazeera on-line broadcasts if you want to.

Whatever liberal hicup generated public funding for pbs needs to be changed. I have no problem with PBS dragging the sack with the general public and obtaining donations - but there shouldn't be any tax money spent there.

WoFat said...

It's ever so easy to do stupid things when you're using someone else's money.

The Conservative Lady said...

Another rat hole that the government throws our money into. If Hillary thinks Al Jazeera is the best news organization, I guess we should be thankful that we get the opportunity to pay for it. I agree, DEFUND PBS.
There's also going to be Al Jazeera cartoons in America soon.

Z said...

I once argued with a conservative friend's VERY lib daughter. "Hannity is a pig!" she'd say.......then told me she'd encouraged her mother to turn to PBS's more liberal programming.
I reminded her that she might think Hannity is a pig but SHE doesn't have to PAY his salary like I had to for Bill Moyers and others at PBS.


I stumbled upon English Al Jazeerah the other night on some very high cable channel on DirecTV.......I thought "What the HECK is THIS?" To see Americans giving news as if America was the problem was shocking.
Oh, wait...maybe that was CNN or ABC? (Smile!)

madmath1 said...

If the Filipinos were asked to sponsor an Abu-Sayyraf network, they would riot, but here, it's free speech and demanded of us taxpayers. This country is stupid. The network should never be allowed to broadcast since they're a pro-terrorist organization. Heck, why stop with the Red Chinese, let's have Castro's network and Chavez while were at it? Let's dig up Pol Pot and Moa Tsu-Tung while we're at it. Matter of fact, when is the 700 club going to be broadcast on PBS? I still holding my breath on that one (NOT!).

Kid said...

Defund PBS and all like enterprises. Include the Arts too. Off the top of my head.

Hey as long as we're talking about tax dollars, why do people vote to give their tax dollars to the owners of the NFL, MLB, etc to build multi-million $ stadiums every few years that Only benefit the owners of the teams. UNreal. I mean, it's embarrassing to live with people this stupid.

Oh and at the end of the season, the NFL gives Unitet(sic) Way 50k or even if it's 200k, it is like they flip a nickel out the window of their limo as they drive through Harlem with drinks in hand and 4 naked women on their lap.


Kid said...

PS - All money going from the government to stupid things is money laundering.

I heard pelosi's net worth increased 60%! last year. Why is she not being investigated.

Teresa said...

Yes. We need to defund PBS. PBS has come to stand for the Politically correct brainwashing of socialism.