Monday, June 27, 2011

Bachmann announces candidacy, fighting off Chris Wallace

I saw Chris Wallace's interview of Michelle Bachmann yesterday on Fox News Sunday and I was livid. He ripped her on every issue he could sink his teeth into. Culminating in an attack where he quoted her worst enemies in Washington, claiming that some call her a "flake". She handled his blistering interview with aplomb, and he later apologized for the Flake question.

But I saw the whole hour. I saw him interview the next politician with a much softer tone. And a comment he made toward the end of the program put it all into perspective for me. Wallace spoke about the Jon Stewart interview the prior week. He defended himself against Stewart's accusations of Fox's being one-sided coverage, and Wallace told Stewart at one point that he is proud that Fox tells the "other side of the story". Wallace admits he wished he said that Fox tells both sides of the story. Then he went on to comment that as you can see "today", he is hard on both Republicans and Democrats.

Huh. So that's it. He savaged Michelle Bachmann in order to restore his own tarnished image? Didn't help with me. I normally enjoy watching Chris Wallace, but his interview of Bachmann yesterday was more of a public beating.

Bachmann, to her credit, is a scrapper and her eyes were still twinkling at the end of the interview. Whatta lady!


LL said...

I thought that the "flake" question was uncalled for. However if that is the current view of her in the media circles, maybe it's a question better asked than left alone.

Bachmann seems to have the right stuff, but I worry about her track record. There have been a lot of fights both in Minnesota and in Congress which kept her out of (or led to getting her kicked out of) leadership roles. We want a president who will stand on principles, but we need to have somebody who will also be able to bring people together to form a consensus. I haven't seen that side of her yet. To date she's more of a Ron Paul style candidate (thus the view that maybe she's flakey).

At the moment with a weak Republican field, she's a front runner but until she shows us more, I don't know whether or not she can beat Obama.

The Conservative Lady said...

I saw that interview live and thought that the way Chris Wallace asked that "flake" question was uncalled for. If he wanted her response to how she is "perceived" by some critics, he could have asked the question in a more delicate way. Although Mr. Wallace has apologized, that "flake" clip will follow her throughout the campaign...making it even worse because it was asked by a FNC host. I do think that Rep. Bachmann answered it in a wonderful manner. She will have to be prepared for the onslaught to come now that she has formally announced her candidacy.

Just a conservative girl said...

I think he did her a favor with the flake question. It gave her a chance to answer it under her own terms. It is a label that the left has been trying to pin on her for years now. She will have to answer it and prove it wrong to win a national election.

I want to see conservatives get tough questioning by Fox. If she is to be a serious candidate she will go through much worse than this.

She may as well start it here and now.

I like tough questions and difficult interviews, it shows us what they are made of. If she can't handle Chris Wallace, she can't handle the White House. Better we find that out now.

The War Planner said...


"Whatta lady!"

Roger, that! I am with LL, though, in that this woman will bring out the usual lib MSM suspects and their long knives. But I do love her so.

The great thing about her and Cain's showing in this Iowa poll is that it will serve to have Romney keep it real. Truth be told, as LL inferred, Romney -- although not desirable as a conservative -- is probably more palatable to those independents and (even) disaffected Democrats who pulled the lever for Obama last time. I can see Romney as the nominee (I am an Anyone-but-Obama person) but I can also see Michelle as his VP running mate. That's a ticket I could live with.

Later in the interview with Wallace:

"..of course a person must be responsible for their statements.."

I wish someone would apply the same standard to The Pantload. When will this country shake off the lethargy and tell the feel-good pollsters how they really feel about that clown?

Slamdunk said...

I missed this one and will have to go back and watch it.

Sometimes those unfair interviews can actually have a positive effect for the candidate that handles it with grace.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chris Wallace has a rep from the other commutators as being soft on conservatives because he's on the evil FOX News. I believe this is one of those times he over compensated to show them all he could play with the "Big Boys".

They Say/We Say said...

I just now saw the clip for myself, and have to say that it was a good interview. Wallace declared that the flake title was from those inside the beltway. That in itself is reason enough for the Wallace to hammer it out in the Public Arena.
She gave a lame response to the accredited "children" woes she came to the rescue; she should have said that She Did Say That Her Fellow Members in the Congress WERE Questionable in their Motives with the Votes to Back up what she Touted as a First Hand Witness.
Just an ordinary observer's 2 cents worth.

madmath1 said...

I have some issues with Bachmann, but should she continue to slaughter these media pigs with a sharp retort like that, she'll make the teleprompter look like the fool that he is. She's earning my respect that's for sure.

Trestin said...

Chris Wallace has an anti Tea Party bias that is really no different than the liberal media. He is always attacking Ron Paul.

LL said...

I still hear rumors that Palin will run for President. I don't think that they're true -- but IF they are, what does it mean for a Bachmann candidacy?

Teresa said...

I think Chris Wallace helped lay to rest the "flake" accusation by the Left. He probably could have phrased the question differently but I would rather him ask that type of question than one of news hosts in the MSM.

WoFat said...

There could be worse presidents that Bachmann. obama would be one such.

Kid said...

There is an argument that says it is good to get things out so as to diffuse them. This was uncalled for though. He tried to drive the point home that "she said flaky things" and now "must do better".

Specifically, she is being held to a standard that no one was before her on either side except for Palin of course. They will now try to establish an absurd standard for conservatives while maintaining their 'Pfffft she was tired', he made a slip a the tongue' attitude with the Dems.

Conservatives had better learn how to play this game and turn it around because -repeating myself- no one is perfect and they will use that on vulnerability on the Conservatives.

Makes me just want to vote for her that much more.

She did a good job. Best you can do with a question that is on a par with "So, have you stopped beating your wife." Maybe she should have used that example to ram it back down his throat.

Kid said...

PS - As most of you know, I think Michele would make a great president. She is the only one who has even mentioned rolling back these liberal programs and departments that have been choking the life out of America to the point that:
- we now get everything from China, -have the worst educated kids generally speaking
- have an absurd energy policy that will draw our standard of living down even further
- will have destroyed the health care system for our kids if this evil HC bill isn't repealed
- we live under the rule of the EPA and not the government and Supreme Court in areas remotely associated to 'the environment'.

I kindly ask that you think about those things.

The Watcher said...

She should have Maced him. And I don't mean with the spray.

Z said...

I'm with LL on this one...I thought Chris only meant to quote others, he didn't call her a flake, and it did give her a chance to show exactly what you say "aplomb".

Perhaps FOX interviewers are harder on the Republicans because they're cowed by the ridiculous BIAS charges from the Left, as if Crowley and Blitzer and EVERYBONE ELSE isn't even more biased at CNN? :-)

God, I hope Palin doesn't run.

Trestin said...

I've noticed he tends to go after Tea Party people. Look at how he goes after Ron Paul in the Fox hosted debates.