Friday, April 22, 2011

National Debt and Jobs, which is the worse problem?

Which issue is more important? I think anyone who says we need to choose between the two of them is setting up a false choice. Both must be solved of they will destroy our way of life.

14+ trillion and counting. Raising the debt ceiling without government cutbacks/austerity measures will be a crime against our children. It is financial abuse, plain and simple.

Dems need to wake up and realize that government jobs are not "real jobs" in terms of the economy. Real jobs take place in the private sector, they generally produce something, and the workers pay taxes that support the government. Many, many of these jobs are required to support just ONE government job. So if Obama hires government workers and claims he is "creating jobs" the only thing he is creating is a CON JOB. How is he paying those workers when a large percent of our national budget is not covered by taxes. Borrowed money? Borrowed from whom? Paid back by whom (our children). Printed money? Remember, printing more devalues everybody's money, so printing is actually STEALING from all of us. Especially those who have saved money. Again, Obama's policies are punishing the responsible people in society.

1. Severe cutbacks not only to the point of a balanced budget but further, to pay off the debt we have already accumulated. How about confiscating the $timulus money that has not already been spent, for starters.

2. Get off the backs of private industry and allow them to create jobs. Repeal Obamacare. This is the biggest albatross creating uncertainty in today's business climate. Make the Bush Tax Cuts permanent. Decrease taxes and regulations that drive American business overseas.

I don't know about you but I believe we are in a depression. McDonald's job riots? You've got to be kidding me. 51% California home sales are short sales or REOs (distressed properties)? When people have JOBS they can pay for a HOUSE!  The housing market collapse will not be fixed until the private job market recovers.  We are in a world of hurt and we need to get this fixed starting YESTERDAY!

Warning: graphic violence from McDonald's parking lot.


Doom said...

If I had to choose, only being allowed to pick one to solve, it would be debt. I actually think the required roll back of government to put our federal (and state, municipality) debt in order would necessitate a rollback of government intrusion, regulation, and could very well end up reducing taxes. Simply put, there wouldn't be enough government workers to regulate or inspect.

That actually would allow for a climate in which jobs might be created. Then again, I think many shops have decided the dodus americanus, commonly called the American politician, can't be trusted beyond a few years. They have built their plants overseas because they do not believe in America. Actually, neither politicians nor voters can be trusted to not simply take what it wants, when it wants.

The blathering masses demand jobs now, but are quite happy to live on years of unemployment too. There is no faith in the American people. I can't say I blame companies. This nation was falling under the Bushes too, into a socialism. Now that they face economic ruin they want business? Really?

WoFat said...

National Debt and Jobs, which is the worse problem? Yes.

Kid said...

Black people. Why is someone not dragging the driver out of the car and holding 'it' for the police.
Call me racist and you'd be wrong, just observant.
I read a story about a Kmart where the system messed up and they were giving out free credit cards with 4k limit. They ran out of apps. people went to other Kmarts to get apps and bring them back. People were messing each other up to get the apps for the FREE 4k. They have/had no intention to pay back a dime when they fill it out. Black people. Cops reporting finding body parts including ears with earrings still in them in the parking lot.

Anyway, jobs is 1st order of business.

Personally, I don't think there is a chance in hell of reducing the natl debt. We will barely be able to pay the interest on it.

Kid said...

PS - the comment on not being able to pay debt is not from me, it comes from many professionals that I read that have a good track records for reality.

Teresa said...

The problems with both our national debt and jobs need to be priorities to fix. Obamacare needs to be repealed. But, this administration probably wants to create a dependency on the government so tackling these tough issues really isn't a priority for them.

LL said...

Who is John Galt?

The Conservative Lady said...

The biggest problem is Obama. He is not serious about the resolving the debt problem or creating jobs. The Obama in 2012 and replace him with a fiscal conservative.

The Watcher said...

@ Conservative Lady: you beat me to saying it...but at this point, I think a banana daquiri would probably be a better choice for President than what we've got.

Amusing Bunni said...

The natives are revolting, and so are all policies lately.