Friday, April 1, 2011

Allen West really understands the Tea Party

One of the better speeches of our time.

Via therightscoop.


LL said...

If we could clone Allen West 500 times, we might have a Congress intent on saving the nation. He's a great man and the right sort of person to be holding public office - which is something that I can't say for most of them.

Trestin said...

I think he would make a great VP.

Kid said...

We need more real Tea Party members in Congress. I hope people don't get the idea nothing changes by electing them, we simply don't have enough.

And why would you compromise with Socialist. We have two ways to go, clearly stated by the respective parties. The Dems want full blown socialism and soft communism. (Yes, when they talk of censorship, they talk about communism.)
The Tea Party wants free capitalism, individual rights, respect of personal property, life and liberty - Get the federal government out of our lives.

Pick a side and Get On It !

Remove the word Bipartisan from the dictionary for it is the battle cry of mindless drones and idiots!

Teresa said...

He gets *it*. Allen West knows that he is working and representing the people and he is not a selfish, irresponsible politician with a huge ego, like much of the rest of the congressman are. Those who are not principled like Allen West is need to be voted out of office in 2012. We need more individuals like Rep. Allen West in Congress.