Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm liking this turn of events in Wisconsin

Fun stuff. I was surprised this morning when I read the headline on Fox News that Governor Walker was the "first to blink" and that he offered to meet the unions half-way on the collective bargaining issues. What a downer.

And now this? The senate splits the bill into smaller parts and passes the part that does not require a larger quorum? And this happens to be the part that involved collective bargaining? HA!

How does it feel to be impotent, union thugs?

Your days of impoverishing America are waning. You will cry, whine and holler, but it will happen. Is happening.

Thugs try to intimidate reporter, but it won't change the outcome of today's vote.


Trestin said...

All the important changes are happening on a state level.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Look at the little kids crying. HEY little ones the tax payers run the state, not you thugs.

LL said...

As a follow-on to Trestin's comment, the States are asserting themselves with the failure of the Federal Government to tackle the tough questions. While Obama dithers and sputters, the states are working to heal themselves.

fuzzys dad said...

It is time the states stand up to the union thugs

LL said...

It doesn't seem to me that the State of Wisconsin is quaking in fear of the Obama Thugocracy.

The_Kid said...

Opus, It's Fantastic. Not only this, but did you see this happening in Ohio? Not just teachers - All public sector unions have been neutered. This will spread.

I can't help but think that schools and teachers had it going on for about a decade now. Meaning they had the sympathetic ear of America.

Now after shining a spotlight on themselves, it will be a cold day in hell that non school, private sector people will ever vote for another school levy. That's my current fantasy anyway :)

They had it all, and now after exposing themselves, are going to have a tough road. I hope they all quit. I'm quite sure there are people out there willing to step in and fill the void, and I'll bet there are a lower percentage of people who will pass out papers in class showing liberals as angels and conservatives as the devil.
(I've actually never voted for a school levy or a tax. Ever.)

Teresa said...

The States are dealing with the fiscal budget woes left to them by Democrats while Obama acts like a whiny baby complaining about unions' so-called rights. It is not a right to collectively bargain.