Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ulsterman says president Jarrett is doing the best she can.

Obama is clueless. Totally clueless. I am not talking a little out of step here. I am talking the man has no idea what is going on around him. This is not coming from me. I am relaying it from some still around him on a regular basis. These people are getting increasingly concerned over just how “out of it”, that is the phrase repeated to me, Obama has become. His primary focus is now getting elected in ‘12. Everything else has been given over to Jarrett and her group. Everything. The president has no interest in policy. None. No interest in working legislation. None. No interest in forging a specific agenda. None. He is being told what he needs to say and that is it. That is the extent of his interest. “Just make it look good.” Exact words right there. President Obama is obsessed 24/7 with just “looking good”. If something goes well, he gets happy and outgoing. If something makes him look badly, he lashes out and pouts. The man is bouncing off both of those extremes even more now than he used to and it appears to be getting worse and worse. The word “manic” is being used more and more regarding his moods these days.

FYI there was a closed door meeting recently under the guise of discussions on Egypt. That meeting did not involve Egypt much if at all. This information is relayed second hand but I believe it to be completely reliable. Source told that meeting was run by Jarrett from start to end. Obama said very little. Asked no questions. The primary focus was how to protect Obamacare so it was not a “liability” in 2012 campaign. White House already spending significant time/resources preparing legal argument for the Supreme Court case that is coming. Second focus was apparently “birther” related. Jarrett expressed concern over possible newly passed eligibility requirements in states.

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Does this make Valerie Jarrett president 44.5?


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

OK, but who or what is Ulsterman?

Is it someone from Northern Ireland or ?

The_Kid said...

No surprise what-so-ever. The man is an Imbecile. I pegged him as such about 4 years ago.

his(can't capitalize anything about this idiot) staff are leaving because one has to be out of a working relationship with DC in order to work as a lobbyist. They all, such as Gibbs, want to come back and cash in in a couple years - if anyone didn't know.

he's an imbecile, what else does anyone need to know. What else needs to be said. He wouldn't even make a pimple on jimmy carter's a.. jimmy was also a moron but he at least had America's interest at heart. I think.

Opus #6 said...

Carter had some leadership experience in the Navy.

Obama was too anti-American to serve his country. He wants the U.S. to serve HIM.

LL said...

None of that which you reported differs from what I've heard. A close personal friend of mine in the government used to brief him. That person became so disgusted that they requested transfer to another assignment. It's a general thing in Washington when it comes to Obama so I'm not giving anyone up.

Sam Huntington said...

We should worry that Obama is taking advice from someone who cannot tell the difference between a 3-star general and a waiter.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Boy Wonder ?

Larry Sheldon said...

Jarrett? Go fetch me some wine, General Jarrett?

Things are beginning to fall into place.

Larry Sheldon said...

Well, let's see.....

FDR had Eleanor.

Truman had Bess


Obama has Mich....Valerie? Really?

How did that happen?

I mean seriously, how did that happen? Soros?

Amusing Bunni said...

Ulstermann is clued in! That was a very good & eye opening article, I saw it too & put on FB. I'm glad you put on your blog, because more ppl need to wake up and smell the dog doo! It's obvious o's handlers have been running the show from day 1, and before.

WoFat said...

He is a Chicago open mouth, into which others insert words.

Nickie Goomba said...

He's a dangerous idiot.... a Chicago puppet with access to power, money, and sycophants.