Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fox News' Mike Tobin hit twice by WI union demonstrator - video

I'm so tired of these leftists. They only believe in freedom of speech when people are agreeing with them.

Mike Tobin was doing a live report on the events in the Wisconsin capitol and the protesters were chanting “Fox News lies!” They shoved him, tried to cover his camera lens, and then one of them hit him twice. There’s no video available yet, as it just happened a little while ago, but Tobin confirmed he was hit on Twitter.

Via the Lonely Conservative.


The_Kid said...

liberals are Fascists, as well as children having tantrums.
I hope they lose big and I will do everything in my power (which is not much) to make that happen for as long as I live.

The_Kid said...

I heard about the fox news lies thing on another video. So the person was asked to tell us about One lie. Couldn't do it. Shocker not.
Mob mentality. Dangerous.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

There is another where a liberal threatens to break Mikes neck,,I would pay to see that as Tobin is no small guy and see him mop the floor with a liberal.

The Watcher said...

My state is an embarrassment.

Opus #6 said...

Looks like Fox reporters need a Cairo-like security team in order to stay safe in Union Wisconsin.

Trestin said...

It's going to get worse. I would not be surprised to see it look like Greece this summer.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Mike Tobin is no little sissy boy either. One on one he could clean a few clocks there. These are bussed in Obama cowards!

Jessie said...

Don't you guys even want to see what really happened off-camera?

I've been at the protests almost every day since they began, and I can tell you they have been peaceful. The police have twice issued public statements thanking the protestors for being peaceful. Not only did Tobin inflate a shoulder tap into an assault, but the idea that there is an "utter lack of civility" is just a fabrication. Fox News wants to tell the story that the protestors are violent. Problem is: they're not. So they make it up. Check out the footage O'Reilly used in this one:

I can tell you there are no palm trees in Wisconsin. They're just making up the violence here. Because it doesn't exist.

Wake up. (Of course, you'll probably delete this comment.)