Friday, January 28, 2011

Update: Egyptians hosed down during prayers, Mohamed El Baradei on house arrest

Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed El Baradei is on house arrest, according to Egyptian security officials. Mubarak is certainly acting like a tyrant here. Since when do people get arrested simply because they disagree with the current government?

K.T. McFarland commented on Fox that the dominoes are starting to fall. They fell already in Tunisia, and there is now trouble in Egypt, Yemen and Iran. What is important is that the dominoes fall in our direction and not in a direction that leads to a breeding ground for islamic jihadists. She says that all of these movements have a second act. In the Iranian revolution the pro-democracy movement was shoved aside quickly by the ayatollahs. Usually whoever prevails in the end is the most ruthless group.

Excellent coverage over at Maggie's Notebook.

Update via a Michelle Malkin tweet. Twitpic from @ollywainright shows Egyptians being hosed down during prayers.


LL said...

Biden gets it wrong. What else is new?

I am giving up my age, but reminds me of the fall of the Shah in 79. The likely winner will be the Muslim Brotherhood (al Qaeda). The USA has failed to understand and deal with the reality that a very solid majority of muslims in these nations WANT Islamist-Sharia compliant governments. They want their own Ayatollahs. They want a return to the Bronze Age (while keeping rap music and whatever decadent guilty pleasures they can sneak from the West).

The hags are not keening in the streets for establishment of a secular republic -- quite the contrary.

AND where is the US in all this?

Teresa said...

I've got to admit I don't know much about Mubarak but since he put one of his dissenters under house arrest it does seem like he is a tyrant.

The Obama administration is trying to have their cake and eat it too, by supporting both the protesters and Mubarak and I think that this strategy is going to backfire on the admin.

It looks like the Muslim Brotherhood is one group trying to topple the Mubarak government. This would be extremely bad if that happens. Linked

Mustang said...

Mohamed El Baradei is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; he shoujld be silenced permanently ... preferably with a high caliber explode on impact bullet.

Democracy doesn't work in the Middle East. They do not share our values. They do not value the rule of law unless the law is from the Koran.

When Bush the mental midget insisted Palestine adopt democratic processes to determine the post-Arafat government, the people democratically elected a terrorist regime.

Who are these demonstrators, by the way? They are the Muslim Brotherhood.