Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Donald says we should tax China's products


The_Kid said...

I agree with the Donald.

You know, and some of this comes from Michael Savage, but China has NONE of the burdens that the USA has. No unions. No EPA, No ECO, No trail lawyers beating away on unfounded product liability, None of that crap ! Imagine the extra burden we have trying to please the unpleasable in the process of manufacturing and distributing a world level product. I find it amazing we haven't collapsed into a fetal position already !

We need to charge Tariffs on Chinese (and other) imports. Not too much.

Opec- We should have charged Kuwait a hundred billion or more when we went in to kick Saddammo out in 1990. We did it for free.
We should be charging Iraq. We should be charging Afghanistan. They have uncounted mineral wealth and No Central government, nor will they. We should think about importing people to take over Afghanistan and use its mineral wealth as the basis to take the place over. Afghan is a disconnected mishmash of warlords and fractional authority.

And yes, S Korea and anyone else we protect as well. They choose to not spend money to protect themselves, and that we spend our sons and daughters lives, let alone the money protecting them is Insane!

I don't know about your area, but in mine, the supermarket is stocked with 95% Plus with made in China products.

And yes, we've been a laughing stock since Nov 08. Absolutely.

Teresa said...

The Donald is spot on! We should be taxing Chinese imports.

Echoes said...

The "Don" has some good ideas. We do need a good business person to run this country

tammy said...

I loved this!