Monday, January 31, 2011

Can somebody explain the middle east to me?

Things have gotten confusing for me as of late.

Let's start with Egypt. Fox News calls El Baradei a "moderate leader comfortable on the world stage". Is the Muslim Brotherhood behind the protests? Is Al Baradei in the Muslim Brotherhood? Or is it a reaction of people who can no longer afford food? I saw a video with one guy saying he will die today anyway without food. Is the Muslim Brotherhood Al Quaeda? Is there a possibility that getting rid of Mubarak could NOT cause huge problems for Israel and the U.S.?

They say that Yemen is also at risk. At risk for what. Last I heard, Yemen was one of the hardest of the hard-line muslim countries. So hard line the population is virtually 100% muslim. How much worse can Yemen get?

Lebanon will fall to Iran? Will the Saudis stand for that? I don't see them giving up Lebanon without a fight. But here is where it gets tricky for me. If Iran is the worst, and the Saudis are the second worst, how come 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11/01 were Saudis. How again are they better than the Iranians as an ally? Because they let us have air bases? Doesn't this make them a two-faced enemy?

Pamela Geller raised an interesting question. If Egypt goes back on its peace agreement with Israel, does Israel get her lands back?


Mustang said...

El Baradei is a member of the Moslem Brotherhood; he is aligned with them politically and ideologically. The Moslem Brotherhood was the genesis for both Hamas and Al Qaeda. The Moslem Brotherhood currently infects American prisons, which have become a principle recruitment center. The Moslem Brotherhood provides a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the Egypt and any country in which they are present. But while I do not think the Moslem Brotherhood started these demonstrations, they are certainly taking advantage of them. By hiding behind women, children, and male protesters —something Moslems do very well, they avoid increased suppression by the Egyptian government. Now we are hearing that “moderate” El Baradei wishes to mediate the conflict between Mubarak and radical Islam. Seriously —nothing could give me less confidence than this revelation.

Yemen is a hotbed of Islamic extremism. We should cause Yemen and a range of other cat boxes to cease to exist. We can’t do that, however, when there is a Moslem in the White House who, so far, has made matters worse in Egypt and other Middle Eastern cesspools. Moslems may have once thought that Brother Obama gave Islam an advantage, but I’m not sure many believe this any longer. Consequently, Obama is not going to get so much illegal campaign money from the Middle East in 2012.

The Saudis are filth. I will never forgive Bush for holding hands with King Saud as if he were a lost little boy, and I will not look kindly upon any American president who continues to kiss Saudi butt in exchange for oil. In this, Palin was spot on correct: we need to drill baby drill.

Debbie said...

Great post and I'm sure you are not alone in all your questions. When Yemen was mentioned, my first thought was 'WHAT? YEMEN?' Would anyone who is 'moderate or in favor of freedom and democracy even dare to riot in the streets of Yemen?' That hell hole for Islamic terrorists of all sorts, seat of the cleric al-alwaki(?), the place where terrorists are routinely let OUT of prison to return to terrorism?

Right Truth

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Think children on a playground ...

WoFat said...

children with guns.

LL said...

It's complicated.

One very fat and lazy child has oil and sells it for a lot of money. (won't SOMEBODY call Michelle Obama and get her on this thing?)

That fat and lazy child courted the favor of the biggest and strongest child on the block, who, surprisingly has a white beard and wears a red, white and blue hat. The big, strong kid buys the oil.

Then there's the Jewish kid and he brings his Uzi to school with him because if he doesn't, his neighbors will rat-pack him. They're trying to convince him to hand over his Uzi -- but that would be bad for him.

And there's the kid that walks like an Egyptian (que music), who is 5,000 years old and recalls the time, back 5,000 years ago when he did something....

Like I said, it's complicated.

Euripides said...

And to make things more complicated, Sayyid Qutb, (d. 1966) who basically started the concept of Islamism in the Mideast (for example, al Qaeda as well as the Ayatollah Khomeini's overthrow of Iran), was also a leading thinker among the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. The unrest in Egypt stems from 50 years of roiling Islamist thought which has finally come around to Egypt again.

Just a conservative girl said...

There are no simple or easy answers. The Muslim Brotherhood was one of the original inspirations behind al Qaeda. They have since severed ties and the brotherhood came out publically against 9/11, and bin Laden wants no part of them either. They are somewhat communist in nature. They are big believers in social justice, by living your life according to Sharia things are more fair to all according to them.

As for the Saudi's they have many bad points but they have some good points as well. The Saudi's are very aware of the dangers of radical islam and what it will do the power of the royal family. They made a deal long ago with the Imans in order to build up the power of the royal family and allow them to get filthy rich with oil contracts. But, many in the country are still very poor, which breeds resentment, especially when you factor in that many that get the good paying jobs over there are westerners, much of which are American. If it were completely up to the royal family, they may very well give more freedoms to the people, but the Imans won't allow it. So, you put in the mix of poverty, resentment, strict rules that allow no personal thoughts or beliefs you have the perfect storm that helps create the 19 hijackers.

But as long as the US continues to back regimes that are very oppressive we are continuing to feed the fire of what helps fuel radicalism.

There are people living in the middle east who want more freedom, the problem is that because the societies are so oppressed it is very hard for them to organize and people are afraid to get involved because if you are jailed you could be killed and at very least will be tortured. So, they get into bed with other small forces. That is what happened in Iran. The overthrow of the Shah didn't start out as strict Sharia dictate. It just ended up that way.

The real war with Islam is with itself. We can't help with that. They need to work through these things on their own, the problem is that we have become a target in the meantime.

Do you understand now? If so, you deserve a prize.

Bastiatarian said...

Explanation of the Middle East:

Lots of sandy ground inhabited by lots of primitive tribes that have been enslaving and slaughtering each other for centuries, and that don't really know how to do anything else, with a small number of less primitive humanoids living in luxury on concrete ground and exploiting the inherent violence and lack of civilization of the other tribes to control them and stay in power.

The_Kid said...

Opus, I think you know the answers :)

But I just want to toss in print that El Baradei is the former nuclear watchkitty of the UN that did his best to make sure every muslim nation got nukes.

Honestly, liberals are so stupid it makes your eyes water and not from tears. Maybe they'll see a little reality here. Some of them..

Teresa said...

The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorists organization and is very, very bad news. Elbaradei is one bad dude. This whole Egyptian chaos is extremely complicated. I just hope the chips don't fall in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. We should have severed ties with the Saudis along time ago. They are in fact a "two-faced enemy".

They Say/We Say said...

The Radio was a source this weekend. I heard two ladies of Egyptian descent, discuss some of what is going on.
The Current Head of State goofed. He instilled Sharia Law.
Under Sharia Law, it is permissible to oust the Head of State-like Anwar Sadat. Now a days the brotherhood doesn't want to take the heat for that strong a take over. (The liberal propaganda play book is being used to topple The Current Head of State.)
Knowing this-to stay in Power, The Head of State has to become a Tyrant.
If the brotherhood is the new Head of State, Sharia Law also Dictates the Head of State Jhad against non Muslim States/Nations. Statements made today-if this is to be the case; the brotherhood called for shutting off the natural gas pipeline to Israel; and to prepare to war with Israel.
The Suez Canal is the reason for the Yemen Control. As well as to build an army to war with Israel.
The protesters in Egypt are mostly males. Probably a rent a mob as a cover for the brotherhood.
Real Egyptians are hold up in their houses.
A Lot Of RAPE is happening to the women.
Has Mubarak been playing the US and other Western Countries? Most likely. But he did hold up his end.
The brotherhood is set to make the USA loose face by abandoning yet another Leader of a nation. Making a lot of would be helpers to the USA think twice before giving us a hand in that part of the World.
The Egyptians will have to asks themselves-which way will be more forgiving to the best way to live their lives.
But lets be real-Elections are not on the People's side; the Elections will tilt to the brotherhood; just like Iran.

The_Kid said...

Well, this is already done. If murabak comes back they'll kill him. If they hold elections the radicals win. Regardless what happens the radicals win.
Confrontation is coming. The jackals are fired up and words are not going to win the day or delay the inebbitable.

The one option we have is to get them to accept Mitt Romney as their president.

Opus #6 said...

Kid, Romney? LOL! Perfect!

The_Kid said...


Fuzzy Slippers said...

@LL, heh

robot said...

Don't have time to read all the comments here. All look at first glance to be spot on. I just wanted to pass this on...

Mark Levin had a pretty good layout of it last night.

My take - If the M.B. get Egypt, it's a scary scenario, what with all the weapons we furnished Egypt.

Said said...

lmao at all the comments above. Leave it to the Americans who have never been to Middle East to explain everything about the Middle East conundrum to you...

Love it.

Opus #6 said...

Said, thanks for dropping by. You assume facts not in evidence. Some of the Americans posting on this blog have indeed been to the middle east. You are not the only one who knows how to use an airplane.

Euripides said...

Said: If you aren't a complete troll, maybe you could take a bit of time out of your busy schedule and explain where some of our analysis has gone astray. After spending most of my adult life living in and studying the Mideast, Egypt in particular, I'd like your take on the situation.

I'm never too old to learn something new.