Saturday, October 30, 2010

Islamic terrorism is, like, SO yesterday...

People need to get over this Islamic terrorism thing. A radical Muslim hasn't tried to blow anything up since yesterday. Seen on twitter via @lmao_

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yes, this election will be a referendum on Obamacare.

Some disagree, but of course it is. Obamacare is the crown jewel that Dems stuffed down our throats in their zeal to "fundamentally change America". It is the poison pill that continues to paralyze private industry, ruining the job market. It was the work of ideologues, to do something so destructive during an economic downturn.

We don't want to find ourselves lying helpless in a hospital bed like 37-year-old Jaimie Merrett, while our life support systems are turned off by an indifferent health "care" behemoth.

Why do we have to break the best health care system in the world! People FLY HERE from all over the world for care. We need to throw out all politicians who do not believe in American exceptionalism. Our politicians should be rooting for us, not cutting us off at the knees then laughing about it.

Dem Dirty Tricks In Overdrive

High profile conservatives such as Allen West, Ann Coulter, Joe Arpaio and Michelle Malkin have each had their addresses, home phone numbers and maps to their homes published recently. Allen West's social security number was also mailed to thousands of people in his neighborhood. Dems called it an "oversight". Umm, sure.

This is the same tactic that was used to remove one of our conservative bloggers from the blogosphere this month.

Well, Dems, I warn you. You may find Allen West, 22-year-battle-hardened-vet a hard target. America is coming. We will not stand for this thuggish intimidation, and we will send many of you packing in less than a week. When your cronies no longer hold all the cards in Washington, your illegal and thuggish tactics WILL be investigated. Your dirty work will not save you. It is too late.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keep Marijuana Illegal in California

Don't let our state go to pot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Assignment: Prove Voter Fraud

If you have the technology and the inclination, Hillbuzz has a great idea about video taping your electronic voting on your cellphone, so that any shenanigans can be posted online immediately and brought to the attention of bloggers and news outlets. Particularly after the early voting complaints from Nevada and South Carolina about the machines voting straight-line Democrat.  Remember, it's only Fraud if you can prove it. Otherwise, it's a vote for the opposition.

Pelosi: If I weren't so effective, they wouldn't care about me

Yes, Nancy,  you have been effective.  Very effective.  You destroyed the best medical system in the world.  God willing, we will be able to salvage what is left.

I really want to see this woman out of power.  Does anybody think John Dennis stands a chance in San Francisco?  I know she will no longer be speaker of the house, but, well, anyway... I think you understand.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girl/Sweet Girl/Troubled Girl

I remember seeing the movie Mean Girls in the theater with my daughter years ago. I enjoyed the movie and liked the character that Lohan played. How sad that she succumbed to the Hollywood lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity. And as media reports roll in about her current trouble and progress through rehab, I look at her with a misty eye, straining to remember the fresh-faced young girl who represented Disney well, once upon a time. Today's news is that she will be in rehab until at least 2011, although she complains that she cannot afford it, as she cannot work while in rehab.  Here she is at a recent court appearance.
AKM images/Splash news via dailymail 
A far cry from former days as a major child star:

I hope the Betty Ford clinic can find a way to help her. Reports are that she is still in the "denial" stage.

If you have never seen the Mean Girls movie or trailer, I won't inflict it upon you now. But I did run across a cute remake. This is pretty funny and has 1.7 million hits:

I miss the fresh, freckled face I loved to watch:
 As someone who is old enough to be her mother, I pray for her recovery.

If you don't already know about rule 5, The Other McCain is where it all started.  There was an excellent roundup of participants over there this past weekend, featuring Maggie's Notebook's debut post.  The robot had some mind-numbing fare, American Power featured Faith Hill (who doesn't love her?), and amid Theo Spark's mopsies and totties there was an Australian Miss Pole Dancing Competition (I'm afraid to watch) (Is there a competition for Mrs.'s?). The Eye of Polyphemus always has an eye for the ladies. But the sweetest rule 5 will always be at my friend Teresa's blog.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Does Justice Elena Kagan have the right to bear arms?

Apparently so. Rumor has it she was spotted shooting skeet with Justice Antonin Scalia. This is a hopeful sign, since Kagan is thought to hold negative opinions on the second amendment. My apologies for not including a picture of Kagan with this story.

What a Soldier Left Behind, Remembrance Day Video

Hat tip Theospark.

Friday, October 22, 2010

This video made me cry, God I love Americans!

But what's going on with the League of Women Voters. They don't like the Pledge of Allegiance?

It is time to call Boxer "Ma'am" again

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

Hat tip JACG.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CAIR Bears excluded from Obamacare, pssst, don't offend them!

"Muhammad better not be depicted anywhere in this drawing of us CAIR Bears, or we will cut off your head and murder you in the street. Also, we will murder you if you make us suffer under Obamacare with everyone else. We have many other excuses for wanting to murder you, too. Admiral Akbar!"

Can someone with a solid knowledge of the misunderstood CAIR Bears that are Muslims tell us whether these people purchase renters’, homeowners’, and car insurance in America?
Obama deliberately setup page 107 of Obamacare to specifically exclude Muslims from having to either purchase insurance under Obamacare or suffer the severe financial penalties for noncompliance of the mandate.
His reasoning was that the misunderstood CAIR Bears of the “religion of peace” can’t buy insurance because “that is gambling” and it is item #17,876,543 of “Things That Offend Islam and Require Beheading and Death of Those Who Offend Islam”.
I'm liking the Hillbuzz ideas here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't tell Nancy...

via twitpic

Anne Hathaway, pretty as a picture

Doesn't she look great on the cover of November's Vogue? She has always been lovely, but now that she is maturing, she is approaching what I call Full Flower. I am personally a bit past that stage, with some petals drying around the edges, but I can still recognize it.
via eonline
As I am looking at more pictures of her, I realize that I like the one that looks like a snapshot the best.  She has naturally full lips, healthy shiny hair and beautiful brown eyes.  This gal just doesn't need that much makeup.  Oops, on second look, maybe she should put a bra on. 8-0
via examiner
And her life took a turn for the interesting when she found herself dating a person she now refers to as a "fraud".  Umm, yes, she would call that a "deal-breaker".
via b&b
Special Rule 5 thanks to The Other McCainAmerican Power Blog, and Theospark.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Americans wearing Tea Party gear turned away from polls

It has begun...
Several Dallas Tea Party members report being not allowed to vote today while wearing Gadsden flag t shirts and pins and Dallas Tea Party shirts. Today was the first day of early voting in the State of Texas. The Dallas Tea Party is currently investigating and speaking with lawyers to determine how to respond.
Reportedly, several members at different polling places throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex were told they could not vote while wearing clothing articles depicting the Gadsden flag, pin and/or the Dallas Tea Party. They were told by polling officials wearing these articles represented electioneering at the polling place, which is illegal.
More here at angrywhitedude.
My question is, how is it electioneering if the Tea Party is not a political party? How is the Gadsden Flag electioneering any more than the American Flag would be?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Freedom will live in America, November 2nd

By electing conservatives, we hope to infuse the GOP with new ideas and common sense. That they are not there already is no surprise. Sadly, we citizens bear the weight to “be” the media, and we must “be” the support for good candidates. Ronald Reagan turned things around for Republicans back when. Obama turned things around, badly, for the Dems. A few good folks in politics can have a far reaching effect. We must never again give over our watchdog duties. The professional media is in collusion with corrupt politicians. That leaves us. Let’s not bash the GOP days before an election. Let’s improve it. There is so much to be disappointed in. Let’s move forward with a positive attitude and courage and resolve. We will NOT give up on this country. We can’t, actually. We must stand for freedom here, because if freedom dies in America, we have no place left to go.
This is my response on GP to a commenter who observes that the GOP could do much better in the PR department.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Immigration cannot solve world poverty-video

Hat Tip @superman6869

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it comedy or music, oh, who cares, it's funny!

Hat Tip TVKim via The Conservative Lady.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A View of Panicky Desperation

That's the way I saw Joy and Whoopie's storming off of their own television set because they couldn't handle Bill O'Reilly's truth. Their lack of ability to answer him coherently led them to create a scene in order to distract from the topic they had lost control of.

What I think really happened here is that O'Reilly hit them square in the face with the fact that 70% of Americans agree with him that the 9/11 victory mosque is inappropriate, given that muslims attacked us on 9/11, and that Obama is on the wrong side of that issue. This, right after he bested them by stopping them from blaming Bush for the bad economy, saying the statute of limitations had run out on the Bush argument, and that Americans rightly blame Obama for wasting a trillion of our borrowed dollars on stimulus that did not help and probably harmed the economy.

Time to hit the screech button. Time to storm off the set. Time to swear "bleep"! I read Whoopie's lips while she was swearing. They really should put a black rectangle over her mouth when she talks like that. Those kinds of remarks certainly don't deserve any air time.

But hey, let them storm and stomp. The leftists will follow their lead on November 3rd and 4th and thereafter. Shout and rail all you like, lefties. Americans are about to take back control of this great nation and you had better get ready.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What A Relief

I have been enjoying the respite from the Obama Daily Outrages that had been jammed down our throats for the first 18 months of Obama's presidency. We now possess a legislature that would rather vacate than legislate. Would that they could have vacated their offices just before destroying the greatest health care system in the world. Obama has attempted a fundamental transformation of the United States, and with luck, we shall have it. Only not in the way Obama imagines. My hope is that the conservative resurgence will do Reagan one better. Maybe we can make progress back to the original intent of the constitution. Wouldn't it be great if we could end all declared states of emergency so that the president would stop legislating via executive orders? I hope we can defund and defang Obamacare before more hospitals go under.

I hope the dems don't damage their party any further by lame duck shenanigans. Jamming more hateful legislation down our throats will not win them elections. Not now, and not anytime soon. Maybe not until a new generation of youngsters is re-educated.

Aaarrr, Matey!


Monday, October 11, 2010

I am a Bissell Carpet-Cleaner

I don't expect you to watch this 16-minute clip from Home Shopping Network, but it reflects what I am doing today and yesterday for that matter. I even managed to use the hand attachment and cleaned the stairs. And it worked. I think the carpet must have some type of embedded coating that repels stains. Except for the berber. That clutches stains with a death grip. It teases you by looking stain-free when wet, then laughingly shows off the same faded spots once dry. But it looks better, don't worry. Those of you who have no wall-to-wall carpeting? I envy you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's Twilight for Barbara Boxer

Let's make these the waning days of Barbara Boxer's long term in the U.S. Senate. Ms. Call-Me-Senator has worn out her welcome.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am phone banking for Van Tran for Congress today

Nice people here, cool phone system. And a donut to keep up the blood sugar.

Time For Tea

It is my pleasure to join the Orange County Tea Party Patriots in Garden Grove today to support Van Tran for congress in his race against Loretta Sanchez.

Brave Citizens Tackle Gunman Shooting Schoolgirls in Carlsbad, CA

AP-An injured student is wheeled to a helicopter
Carlsbad, CA-Gunman, Brendan L. O'Rourke (41) jumped the fence Friday at Kelly Elementary School and shot a 357 magnum at a playground full of school kids on recess. He ran out of ammunition briefly when two construction workers pursued him. He jumped back over the fence and was struck by the pickup truck of Carlos Partida, one of the construction workers, while the other one tackled him. They struggled with the man on the ground while concerned citizens Scott Chandler and Terri Lynn ran to the scene and joined in to help subdue the man before police arrived. Two girls, ages 6 and 7 were shot clean through their right arms and are expected to recover. The man had numerous ammunition cartridges in his pockets and was in possession of two gas cans and a propane tank. Lynn said O'Rourke seemed "crazy." Police Lt. Cain remarked that O'Rourke was probably a transient who lives in the area.

How fortunate that there are so many heroes living in Carlsbad. These men did well.
Via fox and fox5.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Twin Baby Pandas Unveiled

More cuteness. I guess I miss Bunni and want to share more cute animals and babies lately.
Via guardian UK.

Breaking: Obama Does Not Win Nobel Peace Prize for 2010

It went, instead, to a jailed pro-democracy dissident in China named Liu Xiaobo. He is serving a ten year sentence for writing a manifesto asking for multi-party elections and free speech. China had threatened Norway in recent days not to allow Liu to win the award, saying it would endanger a trade agreement they were working on.
Per Reuters.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Government Agents Seize Oathkeeper's Newborn From Hospital?

OMGosh, can it be true?

Stephanie Janvrin's facebook page.
Official Oathkeepers' Statement:
We are doing all we can to confirm and document this. But if is IS accurate, and a newborn child was ripped from her mother's arms because the parents were "associated" with Oath Keepers by simply being members of our online ning discussion forum, then this is a grave crossing of a very serious line, and is utterly intolerable. It cannot be done. It cannot be allowed to stand.

If it is true, then I will do all in my power to stop it. We will pull out all the stops, every lawful means of seeing that this child is returned to her parents and that all persons responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. There can be no freedom of speech, no freedom of association, no freedom to even open your mouth and "speak truth to power," no freedom AT ALL, if your children can be black bagged and stolen from you because of your political speech and associations - because you simply dare to express your love of country, and dare to express your solidarity and fellowship with other citizens and with active duty and retired military and police who simply pledge to honor their oath and obey the Constitution. It was to prevent just such outrageous content based persecution of political dissidents that our First Amendment was written.

picture from her facebook page
If true, then this is as bad, and in fact worse, than any of the violations of liberty that our Declaration of Independence lists as the reasons for our forefathers taking up arms in our Revolution and for separating from England. We no longer have freedom at all if this is allowed to be done. And we will not let it stand.

Stewart Rhodes Founder of Oath Keepers

Stewart will post additional statements and info as this situation develops. Please be ready to flood the responsible parties with phone calls and emails to put public pressure on them in the court of public opinion.
My question is, what did the mother do to justify removal of her baby. Even if the father had "issues", what did she do. Why was the baby removed from her as well.

Who is cuter, new baby or golden retriever

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) says U.S. southern fence = Berlin Wall

And if that is not bad enough, Loretta Sanchez herself chairs the congressional committee on border security. Is there any wonder that the fence we have funded has not been built. Please support Van Tran for congress. We must take back control of our border.

Hat Tip Just a Conservative Girl.

Bomb-sniffing dog with PTSD finds a home with a family who lost a son in Iraq

Gunner is too sweet. It is nice that the family and dog can team up and love each other through it. Thanks to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and to the families who loved them. And thanks to our war wounded. You are so much appreciated.
Hat tip WSj.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes, it took a long time to free the slaves, but the Republicans finally did it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New proof that DOJ lied about Black Panther case

Whistleblower J. Christian Adams himself wrote the article for Pajamas Media. They received the redacted communications logs from the Department of Justice that shows high level discussions before, during and after the Black Panther case dismissal. And they claimed this dismissal was a haphazard circumstance coming from low-level career civil servants. They claimed this to everyone, congress, the Civil Rights Commission, and to the public. They claimed this under oath. Looks like things are about to heat up for the DOJ:
The deputy attorney general is the second highest-ranking official in the Department. The use of the term “current thoughts” implies that there were prior thoughts and ongoing discussions with the second highest-ranking political official at DOJ about how to handle the case.

Further, the logs show dozens of communications between senior DOJ political officials in the two weeks prior to the dismissal of the case.
Mr. Adams notes that the media has repeated not only this lie, but also the lie that he himself had been demoted, and thus was a disgruntled employee. To the contrary, he says. He had been given a better assignment and pay grade.

I can't wait for the congressional hearings to start. Maybe that will provide a little economic stimulus to the Washington D.C. area. And a little moral stimulus for the rest of us.

Meet the Mixmaster

This machine makes it so easy to bake. The kids and I made bread with yeast this weekend, something I have avoided for the last 20 years, after the Doorstop Fiasco. These Toll House cookies were a snap, even from scratch. Watching the machine turn round and round was a thrill for the little guys.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our best and bravest in Afghanistan, worth the time to see video

I am in awe of our great fighting men. Thank you to all American soldiers and vets.

via @ericsteelelive

SNL's Rahm Emmanuel Press Conference: Shawshank Edition

Saturday Night Live's opener was a fake CSPAN announcement of the resignation of "a man who has twisted a few arm and poked a few chests. A man who knows no fear, but knows how to make others afraid. You know him as Rahm Emmanuel, but to me, he will always be RAHMBO. Rahm will be replaced as White House chief of staff by Peter Rouse (who shakes his head no), uh, uh, he hails from Connecticut and is a lover of cats. Come on back Pete...nothing to be afraid of. But enough about Pete, today belongs to Rahm."

"Thank you Mr. President. As the president reminded us just now, I do have a certain reputation among my colleagues in congress. Now has my manner sometimes been a bit aggressive? Probably. Could my personality be described as a bit abrasive? Yes it could. Do I lack even basic social skills? Absolutely. Does a little bit of me go a long way? Indeed it does. In my job, have I at times used ugly strong-arm methods to get support for this president's agenda? Guilty as charged. But remember, there is a big difference between arguing a point passionately, and committing actual physical violence. And that's a difference I completely lost sight of. Not in every case, but almost. And for that I am truly very sorry. Now, Pete, come here, there is one piece of advice I can give to you is this. Everyone in Washington is trying to kill you. All the time. And it's kill or be killed. Are you ready to kill a man, Pete? Are you ready to choke a man over a vote?" "I don't think so." "Cause this is prison rules now, baby. On the first day, you gotta walk up to the biggest congressman you can find and say, nice to meet you, and when he goes to shake your hand, you stab him in the neck with a pencil. And then you scream for every one to hear, I AM PETE ROUSE, BUT YOU CAN CALL ME KING F-ING KONG! If any of you ladies have a problem with that I will fight you in the men's room. Are you ready to be King Kong Pete?" "No!" "Are you ready to let the part of you that's human die?" "No, I don't think I want this job anymore." "You can't cry buddy, OK? If you cry, it's over. If you cry, it's Shawshank. Here, I want you to have this. It's a razor blade. You keep it in your mouth. Hopefully you'll never have to use it. But it's still nice to feel the metal against your gums." "I WANNA GO HOME!" "Shhh. You have no home now. Home is for people. But you, you're a monster." He plants a long kiss on Pete's forehead, and shoves him away. "Today I am leaving the hardest and the best job I've ever had. Now, did I make a difference? I hope so. I do know one thing for certain, I made a lot of friends. What's that? I didn't? No friends at all? Right. Because of my personality. Well, there's not much more else to say. I want once again to thank the president for this opportunity, and to wish him good luck dealing with the new angry Republican majorities in congress. On that score, I'm sure our people will do just fine. (Rouse is sobbing.) And one last thing, LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT'S SATURDAY NIGHT!"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

OK, so I was reading over at FireDogLake...

Commenter ratfood said that Obama wouldn't implement his internment camps for progressives until after the 2012 election. And that when the leftists were out of power, that would the the one policy that the conservatives would keep in effect.

Yikes. Paranoid much? Evidence? Location? Memos? Anything?

And they also said that of course the One Socialist Nation rally would fall short of expectations because it was only promoted for one month, and only then by Ed Schultz, and virtually not at all by Olbermann or Maddow.

OK. Rationalization and excuses. Check.

And they said that although there was bussing, all the people on the busses had to pay their own fare, which was $45, and that this proves that the attendees are not astroturf.

Hmmm. I'm still suspicious. I saw a picture that shows a bunch of them wearing the same colored t-shirts, and that smacks of an odd level of organization for a so-called grassroots event.

Commenter Kittygalore castigated Obama for not taking over the banking system in early 2009 when he had the chance, or at least SOME banks, and also for not ramming through healthcare before the August 2009 recess, which allowed the townhall phenomenon to flourish, which caused all sorts of "depraved" ideas to be introduced into healthcare, basically ruining the public option plan.

I've gotta tell you. If this is what it would take to make these people happy, I'm tickled PINK to see them disappointed. I hope they have many more disappointments coming. It is not about rubbing their progressive noses in their failure, it is about preserving free America and capitalism, the driving engine of economic and real freedom. The person who is not economically free is a slave. Money equals work/time/effort. When that is stolen by the state through punishing taxes, the person is effectively enslaved. I'm sorry that the progressives feel that the hard work of others belongs to them. We already have a progressive tax system. It is not punishing enough to those rich people to keep the leftists happy, and that is too bad. They will have to go to bed with envy eating up their hearts, I guess. Someday perhaps they will learn that happiness comes from within. Contentment is the key. Thou shalt not covet, and things of that sort.

And last but not least, fpfan44 said:

Im a die hard liberal, and this was awful..I was hoping for 100’s of thousands and were lucky if we got 75,000. This kills me but I think we are in trouble, and so much anger it really turned me off, sorry.
just read what they are saying…this as I watched, was a real punch in the gut.

"big flop" "bustup" "event a bust" la la la la. Sounds like music to me.

Somaly Mam Foundation saves victims of child sex trafficking

This former child sex slave has set up shelters and saved over 6000 from the sex trade. She had been locked in a cage as a child and let out to service 20 to 30 clients per day. She lost track of day and night in her basement prison. Not all of these victims reside overseas. We must open our hearts and our eyes to the abuse of our fellow men/women/children. Turning a blind eye to modern slavery cannot be a good act. If you can find it in your heart to donate, her charity would be a good place to start. Somaly Mam Foundation were featured on Fox and Friends this morning.
Here is an interview she gave at UCLA about a year ago:
And this video describes the conditions of the girls and children:

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dems Came, They Saw, They Failed

Jon Stewart unmercifully rips Dems and Obama. It is a beautiful thing:
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Indecision 2010 - Democratic Campaign Woes
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity

Milla Jovovich Then and Now

Milla Jovovich was discovered at age 11 and landed her first magazine cover. She went on to grace many magazines and films.

I remember her mostly as her character Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Great movie! I can still hear her pronouncing the word, "Corneeleeus."

via theshiznit
And here she is selling something.  Anybody realize that there is a Ducati in this picture?
via fanpop
Her newest picture comes out next week: Stone, with Robert DeNiro. Jovovich told the LA Times that she "felt violated" getting intimate with DeNiro during the filming.

Special Rule 5 thanks to The Other McCainAmerican Power Blog, and Theospark.