Thursday, September 30, 2010

Death Threats Against Conservatives

A publisher of a Tea Party coloring book for kids is receiving death threats. Vitriolic diatribes where the person states they would like to get the publisher "in a chloroform headlock." This strikes close to home, as at least one conservative blogger has recently been chased off the internet because of vitriolic death threats.
Will the Dems stop at nothing to get their way in the November elections? I know this is crunch time politically, but is there no restraint? I am glad to hear that the publisher of this coloring book is not backing down to this pressure. As Americans, we must stand up to the thugs, or our nation will be run by them.
The 32-page coloring book teaches children and parents about the origins of the Tea Party -- "A very pleasant song, coloring and activity book on Liberty, Faith, Freedom and so much more!" -- according to the company's website.

"Get involved, participate, self reliance, freedom of choice, work, government-of-for-by the people, Leadership, Ingenuity, Jobs and responsibilty! [sic]"

But critics point out that a passage of the coloring book reads: "When taxes are too high, the high tax takes away jobs and freedom."

Another reads: "In 1773 we had a Tea Party and this led to freedom from high taxes. Today we are having another Tea Party and this will lead to freedom from high taxes again!"'s Joshua Rhett Miller contributed to this report.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Is Harry Reid in Hiding?

He holds 100% private events now. Only Dems allowed. Wait a minute. I thought he was supposed to represent ALL Americans.
Hat Tip @mikepfs and @dumpreid

A Patriotic Rant, How To Get Fired Up for NOvember

Incredible rant. One of the best I've heard. Find some way to send this to everybody on your email list or blog it today. We must motivate everybody to help with this election and defeat the Democrats or we deserve what we get.
Via Golly Geeez!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is Obama's DHS Pardoning Criminal Illegals For Citizenship?

This illegal male admits faking a Social Security number and two forms of ID in order to vote in the 2004 election. He perjured himself on the form, claiming to be a U.S. citizen. And now he wants the voter roll purged so that he can get legal citizenship. To this end, he was given a letter by the Department of Homeland Security to give to Debbie Steidl, the administrator of elections for Putnam County, Tennessee, so that his voting record could be purged. What he did was a felony. Am I the only one who's stomach is churning because of this? Is this Obama's end run around the amnesty issue? Simply fail to enforce laws regarding illegals?

And this raises the question. How many illegals will vote in November. And how will we know.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lost Two Chicago Bloggers In One Week, Odd, Isn't It?

Chicago Ray quit blogging suddenly at the beginning of last week:


Funny. Two Chicago bloggers quit in the same week. Just one odd coincidence after another around here....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moonstruck, featuring the Twin Towers

I had the happy occasion to visit family this weekend, and last night we watched Moonstruck. This is one of my all-time favorite movies. Each scene is a classic. Each joke perfection. The love is heartfelt.

One thing that made me catch my breath was how often the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were shown. In all our innocence. So sad to see the towers in the context of a great 1987 movie. Will the perpetrators of 9/11 ever understand what they did to us? How we will never forget? How the blood and ashes of our fallen cry out from the very dust? If they ask, tell them sorry. I will not forget any time soon, if ever.
via tvparty

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hey, Twilight fans, guess where I am!


Star Parker: Keeping the American Dream Alive, iCaucus

Star Parker is our iCaucus-endorsed candidate for the 37th Congressional District of California.

Star is a former single welfare mom who worked hard to get out of poverty and live her own American dream. Her dream has grown as she works to free other people from the bonds of a life defined by welfare checks. 

As founder and president of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal & Education, a 501(c)3 non-profit think tank that explores and promotes market-based public policy to fight poverty, Star believes the dream is achievable.  Now she takes that dream to the next level as a citizen candidate for the people of her district. 

If Star is the type of candidate you would like to see elected, you can support her and many other iCaucus citizen-vetted and endorsed candidates by following the link below today and donating to our nationwide donation pool.  Any amount is appreciated.

Click here to support iCaucus endorsed candidates like Star.

For more information about Star Parker visit, or watch Star as she explains in her own words why she is the candidate for today in her community. 

Watch Video: Conversations with Star Parker

Friday, September 24, 2010

Katy Perry is Too Hot for Elmo, Booted From Sesame Street

This video is deemed too racy by parents, so after its You Tube debut it was pulled from Sesame Street air time. Toddlers will have to wait a few years to get a gander at Katy Perry in a bathing-suit-like costume.

@rustyrockets on Twitter said:

"@katyperry today's Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mexicans Build A Border Fence-Against Guatemala!

Oh, this is rich. I remember Presidente Calderon had the gall to criticize Arizona for enforcing immigration laws. Yet now he undertakes to build a wall/fence on the Mexican southern border. Ha ha! It will be hard not to laugh out loud the next time he complains about American border enforcement.

And I can't wait until the next Conservative President of the United States begins construction on our border fence again. That will be a few "shovel-ready jobs".

The Inter-Press Sevice (IPS) is reporting that the head administrator of the Mexican Superintendency of Tax Administration, Raul Diaz, has confirmed that his government is building a wall in the state of Chiapas, along the Mexican/Guatemalan border.

The official reason is to stop contraband from coming into Mexico, but as Diaz admitted: “It could also prevent the free passage of illegal immigrants.”

According to Mexico's National Commission on Human Rights, 500,000 people from Central America cross into Mexico illegally every year.

Just as Mexican authorities have opposed the construction of a fence by the U.S., along our border with their country, Mexico is now receiving a great deal of criticism from the Guatemalan government.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sanchez Says Van Tran is "Very Anti-Immigrant and Very Anti-Hispanic"

Really! Evidence, please. Put up or shut up. I can't believe Loretta Sanchez is such a race-baiter. If the race has been neck and neck until now, this should put Van Tran over the top. This is a great race to get involved in, too. The close ones are where our help is needed the most.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV via Gateway Pundit.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harmful Pacifier or Human Pacifier

disgusting "redneck pacifier"
Fox News' Dr. Manny took the time to point out that babies who suck pacifiers have a 50% higher rate of ear infection. He recommended taking away the pacifiers or keeping them cleaner. The one thing he did not mention was breastfeeding. Not once. I find that odd. I wonder how the group of non-pacifier babies satisfies their urge to suck. Could it be that some of them are breastfeeding instead? And could those babies be getting secretory IgA antibodies in their mother's milk along with macrophages that engulf and attack germs? It saddens me that he missed this opportunity to promote breastfeeding, only lamenting the dirtiness of the pacifiers, but failing to mention the "scrubbing bubbles" in mother's milk.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Even Obama's Supporters Realize There is Nothing to Support Anymore

Best comment I have read all week:
“Let me put this bluntly: virtually no one in America gives a damn what Barack Obama says about anything at this point. What could be more predictable, and less interesting, than Obama’s opinion on any given subject? Who wants to contemplate the economic wisdom of a guy who looted the Treasury for a trillion dollars, with less benefit than we could have achieved by stuffing hundred dollar bills into random cereal boxes? Who’s excited to hear about the next plan to convert taxpayer dollars into Democrat campaign funds? Who’s hungry for another hour of tedious excuses about permanently broken markets and the titanic dead hand of George W. Bush? Who wants a lecture on ethical business practices from the titular head of the party that gave us Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters? What use is another hollow foreign-policy speech from a man who sees no global adversary to rival the menace of Arizona? Even Obama’s supporters don’t hear anything he says any more. There’s nothing left to hear.”

Just goes to show. Even Obama's supporters are exhausted trying to defend him. Via RCP and Gateway Pundit.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dear DemocRATS, I'm sorry, somehow I opened up your fortune cookie...

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Via @CO2Hog

Some things require a lot of concentration


Hello from the amusement park


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Neil Diamond Yom Kippur Scene

Yom Kippur is not just a day of atonement and fasting. It is as opportunity to re-connect with God and each other. L'dor v'dor, from generation to generation, as this moving video illustrates. All my best to you and yours.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sheriff Arpaio Seeks Volunteer Posse To Patrol Arizona Border

Opponents are trying to smear Sheriff Joe's posse already. They just can't stand that there are Americans brave enough to stand up for the rule of law, which often runs contrary to the progressive agenda. How anyone one year after 9/11, much less nine years, can advocate open borders is beyond me. We must control our borders. It is a matter of national security. Immigrants should come as immigrants have always come...legally.

More here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

East of the Sun, And West of the Moon

I overheard this playing today. I forgot what a pleasant tune it is. This is a lovely version. Pure romance.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Koran Page Burner Derek Fenton Fired From NJ Transit Job

Do you think he should have been fired for burning pages of the Koran in public on a street in New York City on September 11, 2010? He was off duty. His employer states that he was an "at will" employee, meaning he can be fired for any or no reason. However, I have seen mixed reactions, and some feel that his employer could still get in trouble for this.
Several neighbors in Fenton's town stood up for his right to express himself with flames.
"Good for him for burning the Koran," neighbor Jacqui Marquez, 40, said.
"Everybody's entitled to their opinion ... by firing him, they're sending a message that there's no freedom of speech. They're completely wrong for doing this."
"He's a family man," neighbor Randy McConnell, 43, said.
"He loves his kids and he loves trains. I don't agree with what he did, but he shouldn't lose his job over it. That's his right."
If Fenton was fired for burning the Koran while off-duty, his First Amendment rights probably were violated, Chris Dunn of the New York Civil Liberties Union said.
"The Supreme Court has recognized a constitutional right to burn the flag. As reprehensible as it may be, burning the Koran would be protected as well."
Here is coverage of the 9/11 event from Russia Today:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catty Comments About Ines Sainz

I apologize in advance. I should not talk about another woman's body, or suspected plastic surgery. Or suspected insecurities that lead to plastic surgery and subsequent behavior and dress in public and around men. Case in point. Tell me that her blouse is not unbuttoned to her NAVEL in this interview with Fox News. The reporter looks like he's got the "feva". The unnatural "valley" between the breasts is a telltale sign of implants:

And in this case, I am starting to wonder about bottom implants. Does this look natural?
One thing Ms. Sainz points out is that she is not the same lady as the one who represented Spain in the beauty pageant. I am not surprised. Her face is not all that remarkable. Her body is, if you like plastic barbie-dolls. And enough Jets players do, apparently. Also, consider how the Jets players might be under the influence of steroids, which enhance men's aggressiveness and lack of control. Not that I'm saying out-of-control behavior is OK. Just that this is beginning to look like a case of throwing raw meat into the lion's cage.
Of course that is what she had in mind. I imagine she gets some extra "oomph" in her interviews because of the sexual tension. Nothing wrong with working the "assets", however, she seems to tread close to crossing the line of dressing too provocatively.

Ground Zero Mosque Associate Denies Islamic Involvement in 9/11 Attack

Rauf and his wife Daisy founded the American Society for the Advancement of Muslims with assistant imam Faiz Khan in 1997. Khan is a radical "truther", a denier of the islamic attack of 9/11, insisting instead that 9/11 must have been an inside job. This man, Faiz Khan, has led services at the Burlington Coat Factory as recently as late 2009.

Now do you want to tell me this project has no radical ties? It is about peaceful bridge-building?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Obama Admin Threatens to Destroy Insurers Who Criticize Obamacare

The gangsters have spoken. Kathleen Sebelius sent a letter to insurers last Thursday telling them they had better stop blaming rate increases on Obamacare, or they will be excluded from insurance exchanges starting in 2014, when the government monopoly on health care begins. After that, the Health Secretary will be responsible for approving all policies sold in the United States. According to the Obama Administration, there shall be no free speech for insurance companies. You vill toe the party line, and YOU VILL LIKE IT! Sebelius stated that "there will be zero tolerance for this type of misinformation and unjustified rate increases." So, unfunded mandates are OK, but complaining about them is VERBOTEN!

Washington Examiner states, "The threat to use government regulation to destroy or harm someone's business because they disagree with government officials is thuggery. Like the Obama administration's transfer of money from Chrysler bondholders to its political allies in the United Auto Workers, it is a form of gangster government."

Zero tolerance for expressing an opinion, or offering an explanation to policyholders? They’re more subtle than this in Caracas. …
This is nasty stuff and an obvious attempt to shift political blame for rising insurance costs before the election. It’s also an early sign of life under ObamaCare, when all health-care decisions are political and the bureaucrats decide who can charge how much for a service or product.
More here.

Oh, don't worry. There is no government takeover of Health Care. Sen. Kent Conrad says so.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Muslim Persecution of Hindus in India-the story you won't see in the western media

I recall hearing about cross-border clashes and massacres in India, but this is the first story I have seen about ongoing attempts at islamization. All of the forced-conversion/war tactics are consistent with the Koran. India certainly has a fight on its hands. The Indians I know are peace-loving people. If the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are peace-loving people, they do not stand against the jihadis. Like the peace-loving Germans in 1939. They stood by and did nothing.

By Phyllis Chesler
They are crossing the border illegally and violently displacing the indigenous population whose homes and possessions they either destroy or occupy. They are attacking the young, the elderly, and especially the girls and women, whom they kidnap, forcibly convert, or traffic into brothels. 
The locals are terrified of them. The police rarely come to their aid, nor do the politically correct media or government. Both are terrified by the criminals and terrorists who are riding these immigrant waves.
I am not talking about illegal immigrants to Europe or North America. I am describing Muslims who are penetrating India’s West Bengal region.
These Bangladeshi immigrants are becoming conduits for criminal activities (arms, drugs, and sexual slavery) which also fund global jihad.
You won’t read about this in the Western mainstream media—or even in the Indian media, which has turned a blind eye to this ongoing tragedy because they are afraid to be labeled “politically incorrect” or “Islamophobic.” They are also afraid of reprisals.
When Islamic zealots ransacked the office of the renowned newspaper, ‘The Statesman’ in Kolkata, in retaliation for a mere reproduction of an article condemning Islamic extremism, the Indian press remained silent.
The editor and publisher of the newspaper were arrested for offending Muslim sentiments and no action was taken against the rioters....

According to Ghosh, there has recently been a sharp increase in incidents of “Muslim rioting during Hindu festivals, destruction of Temples, desecration of Deities, and large-scale, provocative cow slaughter.” Worse: “Hundreds, thousands, of Hindu girls have been kidnapped, trafficked into sexual slavery, or taken as second or third wives for wealthy Muslim men.

Ghosh wants the Indian government to stop the illegal immigration from Bangladesh and to force the return of undocumented Muslims; to ban madrassas and polygamy; to enforce a single standard of law and education; and to arrest and prosecute known Muslim mafia kingpins and terrorists. 
He challenges the media to report on the anti-Hindu atrocities and to address the issue of religious apartheid....

We hope that Americans and Westerners will come out and support the Hindus in Bengal in raising resources and creating awareness about our on-the-ground realities.”

Phyllis Chesler, Ph.D. is professor emerita of psychology and the author of thirteen books including "Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman" and "The New Anti-Semitism." She has written extensively about Islamic gender apartheid and about honor killings. She once lived in Kabul, Afghanistan. She may be reached through her website:
The author would like to acknowledge the assistance of Nathan Bloom in the preparation of this article.
With thanks to FoxNews and thewestislamandsharia.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vote: Who do you like for Transformers, Megan Fox or the New Victoria's Secret Model.

via megan foxy

via the insider
Do you like the new Victoria's Secret model, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, or if you would prefer Megan Fox as the Transformers girl.
Special Rule 5 thanks to The Other McCainAmerican Power Blog, and Theospark.

Friday, September 10, 2010

On-the-scene 9/11 documentary-Naudet brothers

If you have not seen it, go to You Tube and watch the 11-part Naudet brothers 9/11 documentary. They were doing a documentary on what it takes for a rookie to become a New York city firefighter. I had not seen this, and it was unintended that they would be there on the scene as 9/11 unfolded, but if you want to watch a movie this weekend, it is worth your time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Imam Rauf threatens islamic radical attack if we don't build ground zero mosque

Wow. Did he just lecture us on Larry King about separation of church and state? When he and his co-radical islamists want Sharia law? Where no churches or synagogues are allowed in Mecca? Did he really say that?
And did he go on to say that he is "concerned" that radical islamists will perceive that islam is under attack if the mosque on ground zero is not built, and that would be a risk to our "national security"? Really???
How dare he!

Hat tip Breitbart.

Back-To-School Memories, Forever Associated With 9-11

It was a cloudless day, I was hurriedly driving the kids to their elementary school around 8am Pacific daylight time. After dropping off the kids, I turned on the local FM pop station, and the disc jockeys were aghast and said it looked like a bomb had been dropped on New York City.

Never forget.
Hat Tip Just A Conservative Girl.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Polls Are Not Accurate: Dem Radio Pundit Says

The reasoning is this: polling relies on land lines, which are used overwhelmingly by older voters. Young voters have cell phones.

OK. I can see the logic. But I have a question. How is it that the polls were SO incredibly accurate two years ago, but today they are hopelessly flawed. Two years ago they showed Obama up by five percent. They now show generic Republicans up by ten percent. Yes, the same Republicans that this radio guy says are still the party of "NO" with "no new ideas". He can't understand why voters would want a party like that to lead America.

Kind of sad. This commenter can't admit that Democrat failures and nullification of voters' wishes could lead to such virulent disenchantment. He takes no responsibility at all. He can't begin to point out that voters are pursuing a new brand of non-incumbent Republicans. Like maybe some real Conservatives. And that even the oldest, stuffiest incumbent Republican is better than the bluest Blue Dog Democrat, because at least they don't take their marching orders from Obama/Reid/Pelosi.  Americans have suffered much these past two years at the hands of Democrats, and we have learned some hard lessons.

Come on, Dems. Wake up and smell the polls. Americans are burning with a fire for November. We can't wait to elect grown ups to government. We can't wait to throw the socialists out of office and repeal socialist programs like Obamacare that continue to poison the economy and stifle private sector job growth. Is that so hard to understand? Is that so hard to admit?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama inspires black politicians to seek office-as Republicans

Here is the feel-good story of the morning. Obama certainly has energized the country. We are uniting across party lines to oppose his radical, destructive agenda. The daily caller has a piece that discusses the more than 30 black Republicans running for office.

As my friend @diesel_lady says on twitter, "Received an encouraging email from a black man who is now a Conservative Christian Republican after being a Dem for 25yrs." And "Why is it a joke for blacks to be Tea Party supporters? Would he prefer I support Snoop Doggy Dog who does nothing for America? #fail"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kitty Saves 97-y-o woman from 4 pit bulls

Hat Tip technorati.

Yorba Linda Fire: surveying the damage

Three Yorba Linda boys look at the scorched hillside. The three-acre September 4, 2010 fire was exactly one mile from their home. Their suitcases were packed. Everybody is grateful for the valiant efforts of the Orange County Fire Authority. Our neighborhood is safe.

Yorba Linda Fire Update: Helicopters Flew at NIGHT!

I KNEW I heard/saw helicopters flying. I didn't know if they were fire department helicopters or press. It is impressive that they flew with night vision goggles and made water drops in the dark. Wow. No wonder the fire went out so quickly. Our fire department is the BEST!

They say the cause is under investigation. However, I found an internet posting that brings up the possibility that the fire was caused by an airplane crash. Not sure what to make of that, third-hand information from "some guy at Stater Brothers grocery store". I suppose the fire department will make an announcement in time.

Ride to Stop the Flight 93 Crescent Mosque, See Laura Bush

Thanks to Right TruthError Theory and Alec Rawls:
Anyone live within driving distance of Somerset Pennsylvania? It's a beautiful place to visit and a group of motorcyclists from Indianapolis is already going.
Tom Burnett Senior and Alec Rawls are buying full page color ads in the Somerset Daily American  for both Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th, so anyone who makes the trip will have a ready made protest sign waiting for them. Just buy a newspaper, tape the ad to a piece of cardboard, and let the massed national media know what side you are on.

That's right. With Laura Bush and Michelle Obama both attending, it's going to be a media circus, and a rare opportunity to force coverage of our issue. Just self-organize. Ad-holders will show a core of united opposition (and the media might even be forced to read our brief expose).

A PDF of the ad will be posted in another blogburst next week for anyone who wants to make signs ahead of time. There is also a set of small posters that were put together for a previous talk by Mr. Burnett. Just print with tiling to make the finished product as large or small as you want:
Board 1: The giant crescent

Board 2: It points to Mecca

Board 3: The gigantic Islamic sundial

Board 4: The 44 glass blocks

Petition to stop the Flight 93 memorial passes 10,000 signatures

Including a spate of dozen or so by 9/11 family members that feature some very strong comments. (See pages 198 and 199.)

Blogburst logo, petition

It Points to Mecca video nearing 20,000 hits

Thanks to big fat repostings by Creeping Sharia and Atlas Shrugs. Thank You!

Here are parts 2, 3 and 4 (also worthy):

If you haven't been to Shanksville before, there really is no lovelier place on earth than an open field in that sprawling Sherwood Forest that is Western Pennsylvania. Drink it in. There is something in the air at that patriots' grave.

To join our blogburst against the crescent mosque, just send your blog's url.
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