Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seen Around Town

The Obama-Milli Vanilli connection.
Hat Tip Reaganite Republican Resistance.

Is Obama Organizing in Our High Schools?

An Atlas reader, Chuck, has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama's Organizing for America (OFA is the former site.)

Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America is (and I quote) recruiting in our high schools to "build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda" ............of national socialism.

The Ohio High School is Perry Local in Massillon, Ohio.

This is incredible. And evil. Suffer the little children -- enlisted like SS youth. This is no accident. Obama is poisoning our public school system. He acts as if it's his own private breeding farm. Once again academic learning and achievement is hopelessly abandoned, and supplanted by radical leftist activism from the leftwing Alinsky indoctrinators in the perverse public school system.

Children must be advised to expose this ugly propaganda. Children must tell their parents how they are being used and manipulated. Parents, warn your kids. Better yet, home school.

Check out the recommended reading list page 4:

  • Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky
  • The New Organizers, Zack Exley
  • Stir It Up: Lessons from Community Organizing and Advocacy, Rinku Sen
  • Obama Field Organizers Plot a Miracle, Zack Exley, Huffington Post
  • Dreams of My Father Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama

This internship program is geared towards the 2010 elections. Using our kids as their goons. Can you imagine if the Republicans attempted such a fascist stunt?

More here at Atlas Shrugs. Go to the Atlas Shrugs website and see copies of the multi-page handout and questionnaire that was given to the high school students. Is this what things have come to? Obama's radicalism has caused adult Americans to turn away so now Obama goes after our teenagers? What is next.

It Turns Out TARP Is Making Things Worse

Why do I have the feeling that TARP and Stimulus are being used as slush funds for Obama and his minions. Or maybe I am too suspicious.
The problems that led to the last financial crisis have not yet been addressed, and in some cases have grown worse, says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the trouble asset relief program, or TARP. The quarterly report to Congress was released Sunday.

The government's bailout of financial institutions deemed "too big to fail" has created a risk that the United States could face a worse fiscal meltdown in the future, an independent watchdog assigned to review the program told Congress on Sunday.

The Troubled Assets Relief Program, known as TARP, has not addressed the problems that led to the last crisis and in some case those problems have festered and are a bigger threat than before, warned Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general at the Treasury Department.

"Even if TARP saved our financial system from driving off a cliff back in 2008, absent meaningful reform, we are still driving on the same winding mountain road, but this time in a faster car," Barofsky wrote.

Barofsky wrote the $700 billion financial bailout has encouraged more risk-taking because bank executives, who are still receiving massive bonuses, figure the government will come to the rescue the next time they steer their ships nearly aground.

"The market mentality now seems fixed that the U.S. government will continue to step in and bail out giant financial institutions," said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. "The IG's findings confirm my decision to oppose releasing $350 billion in TARP funds last year and my recent vote to terminate the program altogether."

More here.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

HI from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Wish you were here.


I don't even know where to begin to describe my reaction to last night's SOTU (full text, video). Here's what he said, in a nutshell: Nothing has changed, I still don't get it, and I intend to carry on as before. The second he said that the American people are thinking, in response to all his spending, is "what's in it for me?" I knew, beyond any shadow of any doubt, that he doesn't get it. The question is not what can I get from the government, but what can we do for our country. The government is not the country; its job is not to provide for its citizens anything except opportunity, freedom, and protection. Patriots know this.

When BO evokes the Constitution and/or American values, he will, in his next breath, undermine the Constitution and/or American values. He does this in almost every speech (this is one reason that I recommend reading the text of his speeches rather than watching him read them from the phalanx of teleprompters--though, to be honest, he's not as "magical" or "inspiring" as he once was, so it's becoming less important to read the words). He began his speech last night like any good high school student: he placed the speech itself in a historic (and constitutional) context. He then went on not to talk about the state of the union but of the state of his own crumbling presidency and what else he's going to do to destroy our constitutional republic.

When BO talks about solutions, they are always (and I mean always) ways to grow government, ways to empower government. Empowering the government means restricting the individual, the people. It can mean nothing else. When BO talks about "what is right," it is always about what the government thinks is right, what the government will impose on the people, regardless of what we want or of our constitutional freedoms. Clearly out of his mind, BO intends to plow ahead with his radical progressive agenda while mindfully ignoring the will of the people (we don't fit in his vision of a "fundamentally transformed" America). Sure, he made some suggestions that might be considered conservative. If you don't think about them, that is. If you think about them, the only conclusion to draw is that he is working his butt off to socialize and nationalize everything. Everything.
Read more here.
If you don't know about the blogger, Fuzzy Slippers, I will tell you. She MUST be on your blogroll. This gal's writing is among the highest quality on the internet. She belongs writing for such top sites as American Thinker. All of her pieces are original, and astoundingly well-reasoned. As you can see, I can't say enough good things about Fuzzy Slippers, one of my favorite bloggers.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Arby, Here is a Group of Tweeps

In answer to Arby's question, "what is a tweep."
Tweep is a shortened version of the word, Tweeple. Which is short for Twitter People.
The Tweeple in this photo, from left to right, are @lyn_cox @CocoSKonski @pcam @KamaainaInOC and myself, @Opus_6. We all coordinated on Twitter and showed up at the Michele Bachmann/Ed Royce reception. The cool thing was we connected with Chuck DeVore and his lovely wife, Diane DeVore. Also David Horowitz spoke.
Anybody anywhere near So Cal needs to start coming to these events. Don't let 2010 pass you by!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I ended up meeting Chuck DeVore

This guy is a Conservative. We need to hold the line in CA and we can't afford to elect RINOs like Ahhnold. More about Chuck later.

The beautiful woman on the left is a tweep that goes by @KamaainaInOC and she coordinated about six twitter people to come to Bachmann's reception.

I am sitting a few seats down from Chuck Devore in Newport Beach

How fun is THIS! I sure hope Chuck can send Boxer packing!

Michele Bachmann Speaks in Newport Beach

I am having fun at this reception, let me tell you.

Bachmann got a good crowd in Buena Park, CA

Great crowd. Tea Party people are SO polite!

Michele Bachmann is speaking in Buena Park, CA

They are forming a Board of Healthcare Choices. Who do you think makes those choices! Death Panels!

30 percent of people in California identify with the Tea Party movement.

She asked Geitner and Bernanke where in the constitution where they had the authority to nationalize corporations. They never answered. The Constitution is not an optional document!

Last year, Joe Wilson- YOU LIE! This year- Justice Alito- NOT TRUE! Do you see a pattern here?

She is not shy about using the word socialism. Since bailout nation, starting under a Republican admin, fully 30 percent of our national economy is under control of government. Prior to bailouts, it was zero percent.

This will lead to currency devaluation. This is from government stealing from the people. This is what led to the revolutionary war.

"Not with my country you don't! This is my country, my freedom and my constitution!"

Bachmann herself is under attack by Pelosi and leftist pundits but WHO CARES! Pelosi sold 2700 copies of her book. Then she canceled her book tour!

Last night the community board of lower Manhattan voted 42 to zero against holding the KSM trial there. Mayor Bloomberg blinked and said maybe we shouldn't hold the trial in New York.

Rep Ed Royce speaks in Buena Park, CA

Ed Royce says that Obama's SOTU address says ballooning government spending is the answer to our economic problems. And that the climate of fear created for our businesses by the healrh care tax in the house health care bill and energy increases in cap and tax, and card check makes no mystery about the hesitation of businessmen to hire or expand their businesses.

Congress muscled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that fully one half of their loans MUST be subprime loans. Now what do you think the outcome will be.

Now some of the same architects of that program want us to grow government. The stimulus bill is growing only government. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd had a hand in the home loan crisis.

Michele Bachmann waits to speak in Buena Park, CA

The crowd is here and it is energized. I have a front row seat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Justice Alito: Obama, YOU LIE!

How often does a sitting pResident attack the Supreme Court in public? At the State of the Union, no less?
Justice Alito responded to Barack Obama tonight by mouthing “Not True” when the president attacked the Supreme Court for defending the First Amendment.
The cameras caught this “You Lie” moment tonight:

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit.

Wednesday Twitter Chatter

Everyone is getting prepared for Obama's State of the Union (SOTU) address tonight. People on Twitter have strong opinions. Here are the choicest tidbits this morning:

jackiesic Said 1 well connected Democrat last night, “Things R so bad there is a betting pool on which DEMOCRAT screams ‘You Lie!’ tonight.” #tcot #p2

@NCAlliance: With this news, is BHO and his WH nearing a meltdown? Even some talk of canning Rahm-bo. #tcot #gop

kronaldgray Getting rid of Geithner may be like having a very bad sniper firing at us daily. If we kill him, he may be replaced by a very good one.

Kibitzette Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.-M. Mead

TombstoneBadBob THEY DON'T GET IT , YET! RT @GeneTaylorUSA: Why does GOP continue to back these RINOs over equally qualified conservatives. {RINO=Republican In Name Only, or a liberal Republican}

mardod RT @ aterkel RT @SenJohnMcCain: @JoeLiebermanwarm welcome to my dear friend Joe to twitter! // Fun times abound y'all #p2

RoseD1st Help wanted: $24,000 to stop Glenn Beck, 'tea-baggers': LMAO they are getting desperate

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michele Bachmann in Southern California Jan 28th

There are two events. The first is a free rally with Ed Royce at Knotts Berry Farm in Buena Park, CA at 3pm.

The second event is an evening reception/fundraiser in Newport Beach, CA.

Monday, January 25, 2010

You Know Your Agenda Is Radical When... requires congressional supermajorities to pass, and even THEN you have problems.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Do We Get To Take A Deep Breath?

I don't know about you. But I, for one, have a new attitude since Scott Brown was elected Senator of Massachusetts. I have been terrified this entire year that Obama would be able to inflict lasting harm onto our nation. Obamacare would have been the worst. The government infrastructure set up to oversee our health care would have harmed that industry greatly. Irreparably.

Also Cap and Tax. And amnesty for illegals. Can it be possible that our politicians will now be able to defend us in Washington? Because, honestly, we have been virtually defenseless through all of 2009. What an awful year that was. Americans protested. Washington politicians cackled, "Ha, ha! Let's ram it through before they can stop us!" Americans called, faxed, emailed and tweeted. Politicians sneered, "Those people calling and writing are fringe elements. They are extremists."

And that is what is so beautiful about what happened in Massachusetts. By electing Scott Brown as the 41st Republican vote, Americans, ordinary Americans showed exactly WHO is upset at the Radical Obama Agenda. Independents and Republicans completely rejected the Obama agenda. And also 20% of Democrats. That is a large group of people. I wonder if the forecasters can take those results and plug them in nationwide for a look at what November 2010 might look like. I hear rumblings on the internet that if the Massachusetts Miracle holds true, Democratss will lose their large majority in congress.

You don't say. You mean you can't sneer at and laugh in voter's faces for a full year an face no consequences?

The best news is that Scott Brown's election brings November's bounty home a little early. Kind of like Christmas in July. November in January. So Happy 2010 my fellow Americans. I have a good feeling about this.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chris Matthews Teaches Alan Grayson (D) Senate Procedure-No Reconciliation

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Read Chris Matthews' Lips. No. Reconciliation.
By the way, did something happen to Chris Matthews lately? This is the second time in about a week that he has produced material worthy of my Tea Party-ish blog. Did he fall in love? Did he win the lottery? Did he hit his head?
Hat Tip Newsbusters.

Liberal Billionaire Regrets Voting For Obama

Obama punted on the economy and reversed the fortunes of the Democrats in 365 days.
He’s misjudged the character of the country in his whole approach. There’s the saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.” He didn’t get it. He was determined somehow or other to adopt a whole new agenda. He didn’t address the main issue.
This health-care plan is going to be a fiscal disaster for the country. Most of the country wanted to deal with costs, not expansion of coverage. This is going to raise costs dramatically.
In the campaign, he said he would change politics as usual. He did change them. It’s now worse than it was. I’ve now seen the kind of buying off of politicians that I’ve never seen before. It’s politically corrupt and it’s starting at the top. It’s revolting.
Five states got deals on health care—one of them was Harry Reid’s. It is disgusting, just disgusting. I’ve never seen anything like it. The unions just got them to drop the tax on Cadillac plans in the health-care bill. It was pure union politics. They just went along with it. It’s a bizarre form of political corruption. It’s bribery. I suppose they could say, that’s the system. He was supposed to change it or try to change it.
Even that is not the worst part. He could have said, “I know. I promised these things, but let me try to do them one at a time.” You want to deal with health care? Fine. Issue No. 1 with health care was the cost. You know I think it was 37 percent or 33 who were worried about coverage. Fine, I wrote an editorial to this effect. Focus on cost-containment first. But he’s trying to boil the ocean, trying to do too much. This is not leadership.
More by Mort Zuckerman here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

How Do We Get Deficit/Debt Under Control?

The Senate opened debate Wednesday on a plan to raise the nation's debt limit by $1.9 trillion, a move that Democrats hope will see the Treasury through this fall's congressional elections.The record increase would raise the Treasury's legal ceiling for borrowing to $14.3 trillion -- about the size of the nation's overall economy.
More here.
This is like a family who makes $100,000 per year agreeing to run up their credit cards to 100,000. This is a dangerous level of debt for our nation. So part of the talks center around creating a Budget Commission to look into ways to make spending cuts. Odds are they will also want to raise taxes, as the majority of the commission would be Democrats.
Republican commission advocates remain skeptical that a presidentially appointed panel would have the clout to tackle the nation's toughest fiscal problems. Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), a sponsor with Conrad of legislation to create a budget commission by law, called a presidentially appointed panel "a fraud" designed to do little more than give Democrats political cover.
"It's a fraud among anyone interested in fiscal responsibility to claim an executive order could structure something that would actually lead to action," Gregg said.
Some Democrats, particularly in the House, where leaders have long resisted relinquishing their authority over taxes and spending, are also less than optimistic. Under the agreement, the commission would have 18 members, including six lawmakers appointed by congressional Democrats and six lawmakers appointed by congressional Republicans. Obama would appoint six others, only four of whom could be Democrats.
Fourteen commission members would have to agree on any deficit-reduction plan, a prospect that skeptics called a recipe for gridlock because action would depend on the support of at least two Republicans for a plan that is sure to include tax increases.
More here.
A comment on my blog from Stephen M. Nielsen yesterday got me thinking. He points out that this would be the fifth such debt increase in 2 years. He blogs:
For the sake of argument, the failure to extend the debt will mean that the US Treasury will default on its debt for the first time in history, causing the absolute collapse of the US dollar as an international standard currency, and sparking an undoubted fire sale of US Dollars on the foreign market bankrupting the Nation overnight.
I argue that this is not such a bad thing.
The US has REAL WEALTH right beneath our feat. Our natural reserves, forests, ore, etc are the foundation that made this nation prosperous - throw in a little good old fashioned ingenuity and you have more than you will ever need at your fingertips. The concept of passing debt on to future generations is in direct contradiction to the ideals of George Washington et Al. We should draw our nets up around our real wealth, minimize government while maximizing individual success and prosperity, and get this nation back on track as the torch bearer for liberty.

This is the comment I left on Mr. Nielsen's blog:
We definitely are drunk on borrowed money.
I am worried that going cold turkey would injure us badly. Is there a short program of detox that everybody could agree to?


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will Senator Scott Brown Block GITMO Closure?

One of the things Scott Brown criticized during his recently successful Senate campaign was Obama's decision to give Miranda Rights and Tax-Funded American Lawyers to terrorists. Brown feels terrorists should be held as enemy combatants, including the Christmas Day bomber. And that waterboarding is not torture. Can Brown's election have any effect on these policies? Probably not. The pResident has broad authority to make decisions about terrorist trials, as the Commander in Chief of the armed forces.
On the other hand, there might be a little problem with funding now that Brown has been elected. And it is not just about Brown himself. No Democrat up for reelection is sitting in a "safe" seat. The realization has finally hit home that ignoring constituents has serious consequences. And the majority of Americans disapproves of criminal trials for terrorists or bringing GITMO terrorists to the United States.
Obama’s plan to buy an Illinois state prison for use as a detention facility and site for military trials of some Guantanamo prisoners will require Congress to appropriate $150 million or more. White House officials have also said they want Congress to change current law so that some prisoners could be brought to the U.S. for indefinite detention without trial, if necessary.
Some analysts said that even before Brown’s victory Obama needed the equivalent of a triple-bank-shot to get Congress to agree to such moves. Now, they said, it could be all but impossible.

Read more:
There confusion in the halls of Washington in the wake of Scott Brown's victory. I dare to say that this is an improvement.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mass Voters Send A Message To Washington

Democrats are in deep, deep trouble…because they allowed the party to be taken over by radical Alinsky socialists and America has realized exactly who’s in the White House and what the people around him are up to.

What happened to Martha Coakley is going to happen to Evan Bayh, Barbara Boxer, Blanche Lincoln, and every other fool Democrat unless they start focusing on job creation and abandon all attempts to inflict socialism or any part of Dr. Utopia’s personal agenda upon this nation.

They need to stop spending.

They need to forget about telling Americans what they have to buy.

They need to stop apologizing for America’s exceptionalism and parading around the world as effete, bowing “global citizens”.

More at Hillbuzz.

I remember listening to the radio yesterday hearing that Frank Luntz was having problems with Democrats canceling out on him at the last minute. They did not want to be seen in public voting for Coakley. This is a classic sign that the bottom fell out of a political campaign. And the bottom did fall out. Just 6 weeks prior, Coakley led Brown by 30 points. He surged 35 percentage points to win. Astounding. And much needed. Massachusetts voters, in the bluest of the blue states realized that American Government needs checks and balances. Neither party is peopled by choir boys. Our founding fathers knew this and built a system of government whereby we can police each other. It really is best that way.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This Is The Way It's Gonna Be Now, Reid...

H/T FeedyourADHD.




Jon Stewart Apoplectic Over MA Senate Race

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This is rich. Really worth watching. He does have a way with words.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Chris Matthews Predicts Scott Brown Win

There is a reason that this is one of the only MSNBC videos ever to be posted on this blog. There is some satisfaction watching the pundits shake their heads. Bellweather polls show Brown leading by double digits. And I even found myself agreeing when they said that Brown was leading, not because of Republicans, but in spite of Republicans.

When will they get it. Voters are DONE with party politics. We are voting for the candidate. Based on RECORD. Not WORDS. And the majority of Americans, including those living in Massachusetts, oppose Obamacare, Amnesty and the rest of the Government Takeover Agenda.


From tea partiers on Twitter:

All the many tea partiers here on Twitter wanted to send you one final “shout-out” before the big election in Massachusetts on Tuesday.

AND we wanted to share with you the results of our little tweeting campaign we’ve been conducting over the past week.

As you know, we’ve been tweeting articles and You Tube videos to both the National and Massachusetts media throughout the past week. Our tweets were to Newspapers, TV and Radio.

BOY OH BOY, were people interested in what we had to say!

• Over 100,000 tweets were sent;

• Over 20,000 people viewed the articles and videos we sent out;

• One national and several Massachusetts news organizations told us they would be investigating both of your organization’s activities on election day;

• Nearly 3000 people have told us they’d be bringing video cameras to polling places just to video you and yours “having election day fun.” (You wouldn’t beleive where people told us they’d be hiding cameras!)

Hat Tip Hillbuzz, Nice Deb.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

LOVED Him, Hated Her.

Don't these 2 photos from the Boston Globe tell the story perfectly? Brown is surrounded by a crowd of supporters. Coakley, on the other hand, is at a campaign event attended by 200 union workers. They were probably paid to be there. Look at that guy leaning away from her – as if he’s repulsed and can’t wait to get the heck outta there. Those poor guys look embarrassed to be there.
Anybody who thinks Scott Brown can't win this has rocks in his/her head. If you live on the East Coast, bake some brownies this morning and head to a Scott Brown rally. If you don't, head to Scott Brown's campaign site and get a phone list and do some phone banking. You want to stop Obama in his tracks? THEN DO SOMETHING!
Hat Tip Hillbuzz via The Strata Sphere via The Lonely Conservative.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dems Are Bluffing About Reconciliation Threat

I love a good, optimistic attitude, and that is why I loved this Red State article:
Maybe the Dems are waking up to the toxic politics of their health deform (H/T Erickson) and WaPo linked to above is reporting the Dems working feverishly to cut some kind of deal that gets 218 and 60 to try and get it off the front page.

It is beyond bizarre and illustrative of the fact THEY DON’T GET IT that they think passing something the public hates will make them hate it, and the Dems, less.

Reconciliation would keep health care on the front pages (again) for months — because the Dems would have to start over at the Committee level. Oh boy, BIG FUN. It would be like crawling over glass for the Dems (uh, more light bulbs please — they are so FUN break.)

(For the record, yes, I still think — as I have since Obama was elected — that ObamaCare will not pass, and that no health care reform will pass this Congress. I am still annoyed every time I hear — something will pass. I’m at Nyet it won’t — regardless of the outcome of the Scott race.)

First, the Dem members would revolt — er, whine a lot (since they have proven they don’t revolt) if any move was made to pass health care via reconciliation.

But, the political consultant class — those responsible for re-electing and electing Dems would revolt — President Obama’s Captain Ahab routine with the health-care-white-whale notwithstanding.

In a nutshell, reconciliation ain’t gonna happen. Van Hollen is a smart guy, but he’s bluffing.

Hat Tip Red State.

Tea Party Express Endorses Scott Brown for MA Senate

Hat Tip to MichL on Hillbuzz.

SEIU: The Good, The Bad, and the Unethical

Purple-Shirted SEIU Members for Scott Brown:

Photo Credit: David Toppen's Facebook Page

More after the break

OK, I take back what I said about the SEIU. Not ALL of their members are bad or Union Thugs. I have to tell you, though, it will be hard for me to forget the SEIU beating of Kenneth Gladney or the strong-arm tactics used against the elderly at last summer's town hall meetings. I have got my eye on SEIU and ACORN. Looks like Scott Brown filed an ethics complaint against SEIU today because they may have used public funds to pay their members to hold signs promoting Martha Coakley for Senate.
Hat Tip Red Mass Group.
This is actually great timing. Coakley, the MA Attorney General, has now 1) committed copyright infringement on UPS’s slogan, and 2) slandered Brown about rape victims, and 3) accepted illegal assistance from SEIU who used state resources to campaign for her. All of this stuff hits the fan on Saturday… and you know who is coming to town tomorrow. How is Obama going to get up there on stage with an Attorney General who just committed THREE CRIMES and endorse her for Senate? He’ll do it… and flush any remaining credibility down the toilet.

Hat Tip Down With Dems via Gateway Pundit.
And here is a link to a PJTV segment by Zo from the ground in Massachusetts.

Jon Stewart: Maddow Uses Haiti Tragedy For Bashing Bush/Cheney

She's a class act, isn't she?
Hat Tip Newsbusters.

Spotted in New York

The plates are Pennsylvania. I also saw another car the same day on Long Island with stickers that said "Don't blame me. I voted for Palin."

A hopeful sign of the times. This comes from my blogger buddy in New York, Canubeapartofmylife. You know what they say. "If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere...."
Hooray for 2010! And GO SCOTT BROWN!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Scott Brown Mock Attack Ad

Found this little video gem on RightKlik. Good for a chuckle. Well worth a watch. ;=)
"Paid for by people who really hate Republicans."

Haiti Devastated, Help Needed

Via Drudge Report, there is a website offering satellite views of Haiti, before and after the recent devastating earthquake. The photos brought tears to my eyes. I read on Reuters last night that the 50,000 dead bodies are piling high and create a threat to the health of the remaining earthquake victims.

Countless requests have come from people wanting to help. The best way to do that is to make a donation to the American Red Cross International Response Fund at or by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS. Donors can designate their gifts to Haiti relief. Donations to the International Response Fund allows the American Red Cross to respond to global emergencies and disasters.
In addition, several hundred thousand people have chosen to make a mobile donation. Donors can text "Haiti" to 90999 on their cell phone to send a $10 donation to support Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. The mobile giving effort raised more than $3 million by Thursday morning, and all money raised goes to support Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

More here at the Red Cross.
The text donation is very quick and easy. A reply comes to confirm, reply back in the affirmative and it is done.
Red Cross Photo Essay:

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Never Leave Your Purse, Someone Called They Found My Wallet, Update: The Driver's License is MISSING

Don't ask me how I know this. Let's just say that today turned out differently than planned.

Update: After running around all day trying to get my car window fixed and cancel all my accounts, I got a message on the home answering machine that somebody 30 minutes away found my wallet. Strange. I will hopefully see tomorrow what all is left in there. Would be great if my driver's license is still there.

There is a Clear Choice Here, Veteran or Thug.

Forgive me. I can't stop blogging about Scott Brown. He is so WONDERFUL! And a VETERAN. Please vote for him if you live in Massachusetts.
Hat Tip Hillbuzz.

Scott Brown Takes The High Road

He Blasts Coakley's Negative Attack Ads:
Coakley might be running negative attack ads paid for by SEIU, but Scott Brown is running a positive campaign based on grassroots support. Hat Tip NorsU on Twitter and Gateway Pundit.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scott Brown, The Vote That Could Kill The Bill-Donate NOW!

Brown campaign says: There is still more to do. The negative attacks have already begun. We need to fight back. Donate Here. Or Make Calls From Home. Hat Tip NNN.

Coakley Looks On While Her Thug Assaults Reporter

John McCormack of the Weekly Standard asked Coakley about her lobbyist fundraiser last night and he was shoved into a metal barricade by Michael Meehan of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). After he pushes the reporter to the ground, Meehan "helps" him up and then physically blocks the reporter from moving down the sidewalk. Coakley quietly walks away after witnessing the assault. As the Attorney General, does Coakley have a duty to report or prosecute this type of violent assault? McCormack noticed later that his suit pants were torn, and now he needs a new suit. Looks like Meehan owes him one. Meehan's prior work experience includes work for John Kerry, Maria Cantwell, NARAL, the DNC, and the Dukakis/Bentsen campaign.
More on the Weekly Standard, "We Report, We Get Pushed"
Another less scientific but still telling statistic from the Boston Herald: Brown's crushing Coakley on Facebook. Brown has 20,000 supporters compared to Coakley's 6,000. More interestingly, the "Facebook Women for Brown" group has over 1,000 members, while the "Women for Coakley" group has just 45.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PHRMA *Loves* Martha Coakley


With Democrat Martha Coakley in trouble in the Massachusetts special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat, Democrats could lose vote No. 60 for President Obama’s health-care bill. In response, an army of lobbyists for drug companies, health insurance companies, and hospitals has teamed up to throw a high-dollar Capitol Hill fundraiser for Coakley next Tuesday night. The invitation is [above].
Of the 22 names on the host committee–meaning they raised $10,000 or more for Coakley–17 are federally registered lobbyists, 15 of whom have health-care clients. Of the other five hosts, one is married to a lobbyist, one was a lobbyist in Pennsylvania, another is a lawyer at a lobbying firm, and another is a corporate CEO. Oh, and of course, there’s also the political action commitee for Boston Scientific Corporation.
All the leading drug companies have lobbyists on Coakley’s host committee: Pfizer, Merck, Amgen, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Astra-Zeneca, and more. On the insurance side of things, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, HealthSouth, and United Health all are represented on the host committee.
From Tim Carney at the Washington Examiner via Michelle Malkin.

Scott Brown was in Massachusetts today, and Coakley was in D.C. Brown raised over a million dollars yesterday via grassroots support. Coakley raised over a million dollars today from the DSCC, DNC and SEIU.

Coakley represents everything that is wrong with America today.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Obama Signs Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors

ESTABLISHMENT OF THE COUNCIL OF GOVERNORS By the authority vested in me as President by theConstitution and the laws of the United States of America,including section 1822 of the National Defense AuthorizationAct of 2008 (Public Law 110-181), and in order to strengthenfurther the partnership between the Federal Government and Stategovernments to protect our Nation and its people and property,it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Council of Governors.
(a) There is established a Council of Governors (Council).The Council shall consist of 10 State Governors appointed bythe President (Members), of whom no more than five shall be ofthe same political party. The term of service for each Member appointed to serve on the Council shall be 2 years, but a Membermay be reappointed for additional terms.

(b) The President shall designate two Members, whoshall not be members of the same political party, to serve asCo-Chairs of the Council.

Sec. 2. Functions. The Council shall meet at the call of the Secretary of Defense or the Co-Chairs of the Council toexchange views, information, or advice with the Secretary ofDefense; the Secretary of Homeland Security; the Assistant tothe President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; theAssistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs andPublic Engagement; the Assistant Secretary of Defense forHomeland Defense and Americas' Security Affairs; the Commander,United States Northern Command; the Chief, National GuardBureau; the Commandant of the Coast Guard; and other appropriateofficials of the Department of Homeland Security and theDepartment of Defense, and appropriate officials of otherexecutive departments or agencies as may be designated by theSecretary of Defense or the Secretary of Homeland Security.Such views, information, or advice shall concern:

(a) matters involving the National Guard of the variousStates;

(b) homeland defense;

(c) civil support;

(d) synchronization and integration of State and Federalmilitary activities in the United States; and

(e) other matters of mutual interest pertaining toNational Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.

Sec. 3. Administration.

(a) The Secretary of Defense shall designate an ExecutiveDirector to coordinate the work of the Council.

(b) Members shall serve without compensation for theirwork on the Council. However, Members shall be allowed travelexpenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, asauthorized by law.

(c) Upon the joint request of the Co-Chairs ofthe Council, the Secretary of Defense shall, to theextent permitted by law and subject to the availability ofappropriations, provide the Council with administrative support,assignment or detail of personnel, and information as may benecessary for the performance of the Council's functions.

(d) The Council may establish subcommittees of theCouncil. These subcommittees shall consist exclusively ofMembers of the Council and any designated employees of a Memberwith authority to act on the Member's behalf, as appropriate toaid the Council in carrying out its functions under this order.

(e) The Council may establish a charter that is consistentwith the terms of this order to refine further its purpose,scope, and objectives and to allocate duties, as appropriate,among members.

Sec. 4. Definitions. As used in this order:

(a) the term "State" has the meaning provided inparagraph (15) of section 2 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002(6 U.S.C. 101(15)); and

(b) the term "Governor" has the meaning provided inparagraph (5) of section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford DisasterRelief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122(5)).

Sec. 5. General Provisions.

(a) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair orotherwise affect:

(1) the authority granted by law to adepartment, agency, or the head thereof; or

(2) functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary,administrative, or legislative proposals.

(b) This order shall be implemented consistentwith applicable law and subject to the availability ofappropriations.

(c) This order is not intended to, and does not, createany right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable atlaw or in equity by any party against the United States, itsdepartments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, oragents, or any other person.


THE WHITE HOUSE,January 11, 2010.

Can anybody explain this to me? There is a large thread on Free Republic about this. Some commenters think that Obama may be anticipating a Constitutional Crisis. The crisis I see looming on the horizon comes next week when/if the Ruling Elite may decide to delay seating Scott Brown if he becomes elected Senator of Massachusetts. Is this constitutional?

Scott Brown On Greta

Brown did great on Greta again. She wants him back on election night, of course. I am so thrilled to see his money bomb went well over 1 Million Dollars. Way to go, Patriots! You don't have to be Republican or Democrat to want balance back in Washington.
Hat Tip Live Leak.

Help Scott Brown WIN!

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Published on on January 11, 2010

The Republican tide is now so strong that there is even a chance to take away the Kennedy Senate seat in Massachusetts. A January 9th survey by Public Policy Polling has Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown in a dead 48-47 heat. Rasmussen, in an earlier survey, had Coakley only 9 points ahead.

If Brown were to take the seat it would end the Democrats' 60 vote supermajority in the Senate. Health care would probably still pass if the House just accepted the Senate version, but nothing else would. The Obama revolution will be over and he will have to negotiate with Republicans to have his way.

Even if Brown comes close to Coakley, the result will send shivers through the Democratic establishment and trigger more defections, party switches, and retirements. The elections in the People's Republic of Massachusetts could send a signal that, even here, the Republican-conservative tide is strong and sweeping.

The League of American voters is about to unveil an ad to be run in Massachusetts emphasizing the importance of having a system of checks and balances in Washington. The ad says "it's not about party or politics. It's about checks and balances."

Please help us put the ad on the air.
CLICK HERE to donate to help us raise $300,000 for a last minute media buy to push Brown and the Republicans to victory.

We will send you the ad as soon as it is finished (likely tomorrow). With your funds, we can roll back the 60 vote Democratic supermajority and restore some sense of balance to Washington.

The ad draws on the recent tradition in Massachusetts of electing Republican governors to check the excesses of Democrats in the State Legislature. For twenty years, the state has elected one Republican after the other as Governor while returning a solidly Democratic Congressional and Senatorial delegation, top heavy Democratic legislative majorities and a full slate of Democrats for other statewide offices. The idea of checks and balances - of restraining the liberal big spending policies of the Democrats - sells well in Massachusetts.

We may have a rare opportunity here to change the nation's course and we all have to pitch in to make it possible.

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This is a full copy/paste of an email to me from Dick Morris. I can't imagine he will mind if I repost in its entirety, considering I am including full links to him. Bottom line is, this is a pivotal point in our battle against Obama and his radical Marxist agenda. The reason the MA senate election feels like a national election is because it is one. And the first order of business is to help this man get elected. Let's do what we can so that we have a prayer of keeping our Republic. You think those words are too strong? I don't. A full-on takeover of 1/6 of the nation's economy, with ALL of us having to answer to the government for our HEALTH, our LIVES and the government reaching into our BANK ACCOUNTS, is not freedom. When majority rule decides what rights we are entitled to, we are no longer protected by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Then the Republic is lost.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

SNL Yemen Press Conference

General Petraeus and a Yemeni official hold a press conference about American/Yemeni cooperation.

Sand, Water, Leaves. What More Could A Boy Want.

There is a water spigot in the sand area at this park. He is enthralled.

So Rape is OK in Dubai if Woman is Incapacitated

Let me get this straight. A British lady passes out drunk in the women's bathroom in an upscale hotel in Dubai. A waiter finds her and rapes her. She reports the rape to the authorities the following day, accompanied by her British fiancee. The woman and fiancee are arrested and jailed for "illegal sex", since they had been sharing a hotel room.

Now the woman is told by authorities that they will let her leave the country if she DROPS THE RAPE CHARGES, admits to being drunk, and marries her fiancee.

So apparently it is not considered Rape if a stranger finds a woman incapacitated in a public place.

Would it be OK for a stranger to have sex with a woman passed out in the ladies bathroom due to a stroke? Due to anaphylactic shock? Due to heart attack?

Is it OK for passers-by to engage in intercourse with paraplegics in hospitals? Stroke or accident victims? Elderly with dementia?

This is an OUTRAGE! How DARE they say that this is not rape. I know of cases in America where a teenage girl passes out drunk and is gang raped, and when that happens here it is a CRIME!