Monday, October 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan, Mean Girl/Sweet Girl/Troubled Girl

I remember seeing the movie Mean Girls in the theater with my daughter years ago. I enjoyed the movie and liked the character that Lohan played. How sad that she succumbed to the Hollywood lifestyle of drugs and promiscuity. And as media reports roll in about her current trouble and progress through rehab, I look at her with a misty eye, straining to remember the fresh-faced young girl who represented Disney well, once upon a time. Today's news is that she will be in rehab until at least 2011, although she complains that she cannot afford it, as she cannot work while in rehab.  Here she is at a recent court appearance.
AKM images/Splash news via dailymail 
A far cry from former days as a major child star:

I hope the Betty Ford clinic can find a way to help her. Reports are that she is still in the "denial" stage.

If you have never seen the Mean Girls movie or trailer, I won't inflict it upon you now. But I did run across a cute remake. This is pretty funny and has 1.7 million hits:

I miss the fresh, freckled face I loved to watch:
 As someone who is old enough to be her mother, I pray for her recovery.

If you don't already know about rule 5, The Other McCain is where it all started.  There was an excellent roundup of participants over there this past weekend, featuring Maggie's Notebook's debut post.  The robot had some mind-numbing fare, American Power featured Faith Hill (who doesn't love her?), and amid Theo Spark's mopsies and totties there was an Australian Miss Pole Dancing Competition (I'm afraid to watch) (Is there a competition for Mrs.'s?). The Eye of Polyphemus always has an eye for the ladies. But the sweetest rule 5 will always be at my friend Teresa's blog.


Red said...

It's like watching the female version of Robert Downey Jr.'s decent.

Maggie Thornton said...

The photos just get sadder and sadder. I know someone who lives in her area, and she is in such trouble.

Her parents should be so ashamed. God bless this young woman, and Opie, I'm praying with you.