Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sanchez Says Van Tran is "Very Anti-Immigrant and Very Anti-Hispanic"

Really! Evidence, please. Put up or shut up. I can't believe Loretta Sanchez is such a race-baiter. If the race has been neck and neck until now, this should put Van Tran over the top. This is a great race to get involved in, too. The close ones are where our help is needed the most.

Hat Tip Breitbart TV via Gateway Pundit.


The_Kid said...

Insult and accuse is all they got.

LL said...

I met Loretta Sanchez when I worked at the Orange County District Attorney's Office in Santa Ana, California (the heart of Rep. Sanchez's Congressional District). My impression of her is that she's an opportunist who uses race baiting and every tool in her arsenal to win. The media doesn't care about the racisim because she is a Democrat.

Doom said...

Why are so many of the race baiters white? She might have a Mexican sounding name, but she sure doesn't look it. And, really, race baiters would not have any power... if it weren't for white media and a very white party with a quota on top. Think about it, didn't they say they already had a black president (Bill?). And, actually, Obama has been called the first woman president. Whatever and go figure.

And, by the way, she will never put up. She has nothing TO put up. This is all about emotions and sound bites for a portion of the population which is under educated and easy pray. She knows she doesn't have to put up... at least to them (or more, many of their leaders).

Just sayin'.

Just a conservative girl said...

This is really sickening.

Chris W said...

Maybe Mr Tran is just anti-illegal immigrant. Don't see anything wrong with that.

Slamdunk said...

If stuff like this was not caught on tape, I'd have a difficult time believing it happened.

Amusing Bunni said...

Typical statist tactic, accuse those you wish to marginalize and destroy with the VERY SAME TACTICS that the statist does. Their culture of LIES is really going off the hook now. It's desperation on steroids and it's all they got. Racists suck. Some of my BEST pals come from MANY different ethnic groups. Of course with obummer and his lackeys stirring up the cess pot of racism, I hope they wake up and smell the dog doo, so to speak ;-)

So glad that there is video of this.
They can't hide their ideologies any longer.
Of course the lapdog media doesn't report this.
That is why we are Blessed to have us great bloggers, Fox News, Breitbart, et. al, and that is why they hate us so. That is all ;-)

Teresa said...

These Lib politicians use fear tactics and they lie to the voters just to get their vote. She needs to prove her accusation or apologize for lying and then shut up.