Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama inspires black politicians to seek office-as Republicans

Here is the feel-good story of the morning. Obama certainly has energized the country. We are uniting across party lines to oppose his radical, destructive agenda. The daily caller has a piece that discusses the more than 30 black Republicans running for office.

As my friend @diesel_lady says on twitter, "Received an encouraging email from a black man who is now a Conservative Christian Republican after being a Dem for 25yrs." And "Why is it a joke for blacks to be Tea Party supporters? Would he prefer I support Snoop Doggy Dog who does nothing for America? #fail"


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


This sure is promising and my fav candidate this fall is Lt. Col. Allen West down in FL.

It matters not the color of one's skin but rather their belief in our foundation and principles that have guided this nation and her people for 234 years.

I would vote for a purple and green alien from outer space for congress if they held the beliefs I just stated.

Sam Huntington said...

All of us have suffered from political naiveté; it isn’t a matter of skin color, it is rather that we want elected officials to serve us and —we assume by extension, the interests of the United States of America. Ultimately, only one in ten actually does that; the rest of scalawags who should probably be in prison. My own life’s journey has taken me from an uncaring, uninformed, under-educated 20 year old to a very skeptical, almost pessimistic senior citizen. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned how wise and valuable our founding fathers really were and I lament that few people today know enough about them. I detest watching progressives lie and distort the true history of our country. I lament so many have bought into the Alinsky tactics used to discredit true geniuses like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

Yet, it is stories such as this small one that gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow for America. I do not suffer the illusion that our schools will begin producing knowledgeable young people who deeply care about our country —care enough to serve their country, but there is hope. It has always been 20% of us who have actually stepped forward when their country needed us —as you are doing with this blog and why I respect you so much. The remaining 80% have always been parasites.

LL said...

I've been to several Tea Party gatherings and there are black people there as well as white people. The polarization between black and white is the stock in trade of the radical black agitators like Jackson, Sharpton and Obama.

Black people are just as damaged by the Democratic Socialization of America as white people are. It's not a racial thing at all -- but Democrats work hard to paint it that way.

Mustang said...

Yes, Mr. Obama is clearly the man of the hour. He has helped reduce illegal immigration by bringing American capitalism to its knees and making minorities aware for the first time that they, along with non-minorities, are all in the same boat. If we sink, we all drown. My good friend LA Sunset has often admonished me about my dismal view of our political future —and, he may be right about that. If we collectively vote out the Marxists in November, it will only be because Progressives/Communists haven’t made our children stupid enough yet. Give them time, though.

Want to see something that is eye opening? Go look at the entry at Wikipedia for John Birch Society and notice how we used to regard mainstream America as God loving, patriotic, anti-communist, pro-liberty, repudiation of large government; now it is “radical right wing.” I mention this because I want everyone to know how subtle are the messages being fed to Americans. Yes, these are little doses of bull taco, but remember: if you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

Hayden said...

This would exemplify the fact that the left is the one to perpetuate racism. And it will be the left who designate any and all black candidates who happen to be conservatives and who love this country and want to serve it honorably in public office as "Uncle Toms" and "Aunt Jemimas" adding to the already despicable destruction of anyone who disagrees with them.

peggy38 said...

As far as i am concerned we are all Americans first. I am more than ready to get past the false distinctions and rigid categories that divide us. I am sick of it. But the race hustlers persist.

I never would have expected the Republican party to play a role in the movement to break us out of those narrow racial categories that demand that if you are a person of color then you must vote for a certain party. But as an independent who usually leans Republican, I am truly glad to see it.

It has to start somewhere.

PatriotUSA said...

Col. Allen West is the one who should be
running for POTUS or at the
very least, in my home state!

Sigh, I live in the most progressive,
regressive state in the
Union, POORegon. Home
of liberal losers like
DeFazio, Wyden, Merkley
and others.

This is great to read
about and see. I have
several black friends.
NONE like Obama or
his agenda. They have
all LEFT the democratic
and will now be voting conservative.

The War Planner said...

Closer to home, Opie, let's not forget Starr Parker, longtime conservative talk show host(ess) and running against a liberal Democrat in the CA-37 -- Dominguez Hills.

Will get more info and post it on my site and LCRez.


Conservative Scalawag said...

Good for her. Another awakening that you can do it without government, but on your own two feet.

Opus #6 said...

I agree, skin color does not matter. I tried to explain that to Obama voters in 2008. Obama's record was bad, his associations were bad, his political ideology was ruinous. So now look at us.

I like to hope that the Obama experience will not end up making us more prejidiced. I hope we, as a people, become more discerning of character, and less trusting of the Media Machine.

Maggie Thornton said...

I saw a wonderful video yesterday at teresa's of Black Conservatives at Restoring Honor. Liberal hasslers were doing their best - both Black and White, but a Black women stood her ground until they walked away. She was magnificent!

It is joyous when anyone of any color leaves Liberal-land and crosses to a Conservative position.