Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Allies in Courage

I walked away from the talk last night in Los Angeles by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer feeling grateful. Sure Geller and Spencer have a world-view that would shock many, but as a blogger I cannot say I was shocked. We are locked in an ideological war whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. The left wants to control our freedom of speech through new "laws" and our methods of production through punishing taxes. The jihadists want to control our freedom through conquest. The world is now and has always been a dangerous place. Ronald Reagan believed in Peace Through Strength. Strength worked back in the 1980s and it would work now, except we have a weak president who often sides with our enemies. One thing I didn't fully understand until last night is how serious an act of treason it was for Obama to support the UN resolution against anti-islamic hate speech. When hate speech can (and is, in Europe) be misconstrued to mean mere reporting on jihadist activities, our God-given rights to free speech, as documented in our Constitution, are in grave jeopardy. Obama sides with our foes against our Constitution, which he has sworn to protect and defend against all enemies. Of course, the Constitution has always been a barrier to any would-be tyrant. He seeks to take more of our liberties and more and more as time passes. God bless America and God help us get through Obama's reign. We need His help and we need the help and efforts of all Americans who believe in freedom. Keep blogging, tweeting and being active in our communities and on school boards. This struggle is real and the outcome will determine what kind of nation our children live in. Do we give them Ronald Reagan's shining city on a hill? Or something else.

Most importantly I want to thank you and thank all of our brave allies in the blogosphere for pushing through the struggle which can become personal at times. Particularly Geller and Spencer have received violent threats based on their blogging and public advocacy, and yet they persevere. Donald Douglas has been reported to his boss at work for his blogging efforts and continues to struggle with those attacks. My own blog was called to the attention of the divorce court in the custody battle for my children. The struggle becomes personal.

And thank you to LL, a staunch ally and blogging friend. I love the new header he made for this blog with the new title *American Perspective*. He had made the old MAinfo header as well. His piece from last night is important reading. He says that we are now past the tipping point and that war between Israel and Iran is inevitable, because of Iran's nuclear ambitions. And that this would necessarily involve our troops because American bases in the middle east would undoubtedly come under fire by Iran. Our weak, quasi-muslim president practically invites attack.

And yet I am hopeful. The spirit of the Israelis under Benjamin Netanyahu is indomitable. And our American Spirit is a rock-solid force. We will not submit to tyranny.


LL said...

I'm proud to play a very minor role in supporting Opus#6's American Perspective!

WoFat said...

Nifty Header.

Necromancer said...

The new header is great Opus#6. Sure wish I had a copy of it.

Always On Watch said...

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, both of whom I've worked with from time to time in my small way, will never give up fighting the good fight.

We need more people like them!

I do worry about their safety, though. God forbid that something should happen to either one of them!

Glad that you got to see them speak in person, Opus #6.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great new header and blog title.
I am going to link to this post over at TCL FB. You did a wonderful job expressing the dire need for us to be outspoken and to be courageous in our fight to keep our freedoms.

Red said...

Then I shall update my blog list to reflect the new name ;-)

Opus #6 said...

Necro, give me your email address via comment. I will not publish the comment and I can send you the pic via email.

Opus #6 said...

AOW, I worry, too. But all the more reason for us to join them.

Opus #6 said...

TCL, thank you for the link.

Opus #6 said...

Red, thanks hon.

Opus #6 said...

LL, you are an artist.

Opus #6 said...

Wo, agreed.

Debbie said...

What a great post. Each of us do our little part in our own little way and hope, pray, for the best outcome. My heart goes out to those who give it their all, devote their lives to this new fight we are in.

When it gets personal we all have to do what we can and thank goodness that we have a big network of "friends" out there on the internet that we can count on in times of need.

I've had threats before, but only one that I truly took seriously. Luckily I have friends who I contacted. They in turn contacted the UK police who I can only hope tracked down the vile Muslim and put the fear of Gitmo in him. The threats stopped thank Heaven.

We can also do a great deal of good through our sources. The new head of global operations for al-Qaeda was spotted by a Right Truth reader in Ontario, living with 5 others in her apartment building.

She contacted me, I contacted the FBI, who eventually got around to checking it out. Sure enough it was Adnan Gulshair el Shukrijumah, a/k/a Jafar the Pilot. But the FBI and pals were too late to nab him and didn't have a warrant even though he has a 50 million bounty on his head.

I had to contact three different FBI offices before I could even get an agent to take my report. I'm not sure they even knew who Adnan was.

We have to scratch out heads sometimes. It's no wonder that Osama bin Laden is still free.

Right Truth

Teresa said...

LL did a great job with your new header and I love the new name of your blog!

Excellent piece! May God be with all of us in our blogging efforts to stop this regime from "transforming" America.

Maggie Thornton said...

Just when I think the tone cannot become more somber it does. Pamela and Spencer are a powerful duo. I also am grateful for their lead, and their voice.

Opus, I believe there is no way to have peace except through strength.

About Obama and the UN resolution on anti-Islamic hate speech, this would have never happened in the Bush or Clinton administrations. Obama has already set himself up to support the UN's Millennium Development Goal - which is perfectly evil, and I don't use the word "perfectly" lightly. It is so well crafted that the world will be entirely under the rule of the U.N.

At Obama's young age, I believe he wants to head the U.N. when he's out of the Oval office, if he is forced to leave.

I too am honored to have met so many bloggers who are passionate and knowledgable about what makes America the "shining city on the hill." Just think, not that many years ago, no one was talking about the Constitution. Today, it is the center of conversation, as well it should be. Unfortunately, we are learning that lesson far later than convenient...but not too late to make amends.

Love that beautiful header and your new name. Thank you so much for the blogroll add. I really appreciate it and have added you to mine.

John Carey said...

An excellent new header and appropriate name! I thought your post was great. We are locked in a bitter ideologue war with the left. A war we cannot lose.

Donald Douglas said...

Great posting ... will get you link up later ...