Sunday, July 25, 2010

Obama Admin Cowers Before Glenn Beck

Didn't Shirley Sherrod complain in her own words that she was told to pull over in her car and submit her resignation because she was going to be on Glenn Beck that night? She claims the person on the phone told her it was the WHITE HOUSE that wanted her resignation and had mentioned Glenn Beck.

Does this man look terrifying to you? ==========================}

Howard Dean went on to try to blame Sherrod's firing on Fox News, but he was hoist by his own petard. Turns out Fox never ran the clip or mentioned Sherrod until AFTER she was fired.

Oh, the HUMANITY! Poor Howard Dean. Sitting there like a deer in headlights. Wallace owned him.

H/T Alinskydefeater.


Always On Watch said...


Dean's stammering and facial expression are quite something.

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

You can almost see Dean thinking, "Curse you facts!"

That whole 'We're scared of Glenn Beck' thing is just weird. I didn't think he put a gun to his guest's heads and forced them onto his program or anything like that. It's weird.

Also, I just want to say thanks again for your comment on New Revolution!

)O( said...

Do not forget that Shirley Sherrod played her NAACP group with all the right nuances and pauses for head bobbing and mummers of understanding and agreement. She was not delivering a message so much as playing to the choir.

LL said...

As I spent Sunday with my daughters, I had FOX News on in the background and watched as they played the Wallace interview three or four times over the course of the day.

Howard Dean is so scrambled, so bigoted, so foolish, that I don't understand how liberals could draw any confidence from the guy. He needs to go back to being a dentist and hurting people in his chair rather than inflicting himself on the nation.

However, to your point -> I guess that the RED PHONE scares the Obama White House. It made me laugh each time Fox aired it. They are also afraid of the blogs.

Since the mainstream media gave up on reporting news, much of the information out there has been reported by bloggers (who filled the void). Message to barack hussein obama: the truth hurts.

Sam Huntington said...

It seems to me that Howard Dean's entire life is filled with Eeeehawww moments.

It is difficult to become angry with average Americans who allow themselves to be fooled by media lies, distortions, and omissions when very well educated people like Dean are equally fooled.

Or perhaps it is simply that Howard Dean is a very dishonest fellow himself.

Trestin said...

Wow he is smart!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

In the case of Howard Dean, I love it when a really stupid man is made to look really stupid!

Red said...

"She was not delivering a message so much as playing to the choir. "
So true. And while I'm not a fan of Glenn beck, the fact that being outed on his show would conjur panic is something worth noting; that and the clout of the conservative blogosphere.

WoFat said...

Dean is a dizzy doink. The fact that liberals listen to him IS the message.

The Professional Family Manager said...

Hilarious that Dean is doing exactly that which he accuses Fox News of doing...yet Fox News had the facts to show they didn't do it, and Dean had no facts to show that Fox News did do it.

Who looks like the fool here?

I detest people who make accusations without facts. I'm all for free speech...I just wish people used free speech responsibly.

Amusing Bunni said...

Dean is so dumb, his stammering was hilarious.
Have you seen sherrod's husband?
He's just as racist as SHE IS.

Look at Rheil or McCain site. they put the video.
Also on my YouTube Channel.

LL said...


The Watcher said...

2) Politicians used to have a grace-period between saying or doing something stupid and having it appear in the papers - they could then work on 'spinning' it. Nowdays, that grace-period may be hours, minutes, or even seconds, and they don't have the time to come up with even marginally-plausible explanations for their gaffes, so they end up looking like doofuses (doofi?) and come out with, 'Oh, you took that out of context' or 'That's not what I meant'.

Or they just let their jaw drop and look like a derp. Or like Howard Dean.

Hayden said...

Proof positive that Dean is truly a Jackass.

The_Kid said...

Man I love these comments.

All the Dems are Jackasses.

Opus#6 for president. :)

John said...

Now that he owns him, will he do us all a favor and put him out of our misery... On the other hand, he is the leader or poster child for the Democrat convention...