Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Speakers At San Juan Capistrano Tea Party

Star Parker, candidate for congress in CA-37, is a great speaker. I fully enjoyed listening to her and hearing how she used to be a liberal "living the lie that the left sells".
She said that we are at a crossroads. And we pray that we may be able to save our country from being turned into that which our founders did not intend.

Lon Uso, San Juan Capistrano Mayor said, "We came here to be Americans, not Mexicans living in America."
He worries that he has friends that are reducing their output so they can be below an artificial line separating average people from the rich must be punished for their success.
"We are trading our freedom for comfort."

Lynn Schorr quoted, "being American is not a matter of blood or birth, but a matter of faith. Who said that? Barack Obama said that several days ago. Faith? Or is it a matter of LAW, Mr. President?"
She says that illegals have allegiance to a foreign power and their children have allegiance to those parents. We as Americans welcome immigrants, but in an organized way so that we are not bankrupted.

Linda Dorr said, "Today we find ourselves in the greatest war of our lifetime. We are fighting the governments of Sacramento and Washington."
"You have to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. Michelle Bachmann says you have to adopt a progressive. You remind them that there will be a VAT tax and maybe even a tax on the air that we breathe if the Democrats win in November."

Brian Watt, blogger at the Barking Dog of the Radical Right said, "Its time for more of us to stand in Obama's way. Our struggle to preserve protect and defend our freedom never ends."


Reaganite Republican said...

She's brave- I lived there 5 yrs and only met one Republican that lived there, lol

Z said...

STAR was there, too! What a great event..~!

The War Planner said...

"Am I from the party of No? I consider myself a member of the party of Hell No!"


Stupendous coverage and pictures ~~ this post and the one above. The line by rep Calvert is a keeper; I would like to appropriate it and use it with complete attribution if I might.

Good work and thank you for the touching video as well.

God Bless America on her 234th birthday; God keep her and her freedom-loving people safe and well..

..and God Damn her enemies -- foreign and domestic -- to Hell!