Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do We Live In A State of Emergency?

As I am working my way through Michael Badnarik's book, Good to be King, I came across a part that says that the United States operates under several declared national emergencies, starting on March 9, 1933. And it is these declarations that cause the loophole in the constitution to allow the president to assume powers reserved for congress. Under normal circumstances, a president should not issue executive orders. Presidents do not legislate. Under normal circumstances, congress should declare war, not the president. But ALL wars since WWII have been declared unilaterally by the president, not congress.

We need to urge (DEMAND) that our legislators reverse and end all declared states of national emergency. I am not willing to sell my liberty for perceived (and fake) security. THIS is the reason we are flirting with Tyranny. And it must be stopped. We want to restore the Constitution? End the State of Emergency TODAY!


Longhaired Conservative said...

What a coincidence! Last night, a friend and I were discussing when and who began "ruling" by executive order. My guess was Wilson or FDR. Funny how so much changed in so little time back then. Kind-of like history repeating itself today with the never let a crisis go to waste doctrine.

Amusing Bunni said...

I was not aware of this, Opus, it is WRONG to be ruled this way. It's esp. dangerous now, with the psycho commie in charge....he is manufacturing emergencies left and right....and I'm sure they'll come up with some right before the Nov. elections!

On a lighter note, I hope you have a blessed day, my dear friend! You always cheer me up.

tammy said...

Good point! The only emergency I see is the need to get these people out of office.

LL said...

We need to allow CONGRESS to declare war in order to engage in a war. Ruling by executive fiat takes the choice of whether or not to send America's children to fight out of the hands of the people.

And -- yes, we're still in a state of national emergency. That's why George W. Bush said that the war on terror would never end. I'm not bashing Bush, but it's what went on then and well before his presidency.


WoFat said...

Teddy R., that splendid fellow, really started this thing with the president "starting wars."

Red said...

Yeah I think it is past time to shut down the alarm bells as far as national emergencies go. Alarm bells still ring on the emergency to preserve liberty though.

Doom said...

That is an interesting piece of news. Very interesting. In the implications, it also suggests why truly free nations do not go to war as often. And why we have been to war as often as we have.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about any particular war, some I have been for, some I have been against, I would gladly pitch my vote in to ending not just the way America has been handling wars, but also ending executive orders.

Toss in getting rid of "marriage courts", which is actually an rotten executive branch growth with nominated "judges", and I would be peachy keen on the package. All of those are "extra-Constitutional".

Of course, that would just be the beginning, you know.

Lipton T. Bagg said...

I suppose the state of emergency will exist until January 2011, then perhaps there will be hope...


They Say/We Say said...

Exc. Orders have been around since the beginning. FOR KITCHEN HELP!
Yea, That's right for the White House Staff only!
Can you all really grasp the evil behind this. Well some do.
Expansion of Administration Duties is what is behind this all!
I was in the Court House and debating some things with a couple Attorneys, waiting for some certified papers, and something led to my spouting off Expansion of Adim. Duties; and several peoples faces dropped. They were suddenly woke up.
EVIL FDR and More EVIL Henry A. Wallace who bombarded the Supreme Court with the New Deal; which FDR had to STACK the Supreme Court to get his way! Why do you think FDR refused to run for his 3nd term, unless he could have Wallace as his VIP?
The War Powers Act is, too, to some degree. BUT BOTH TOGETHER IS TOO MUCH POWER. Neither of them should be allowed! The Constitution was suspended, that is how this all took place.
The 22nd Amendment brought the Constitution out of suspension;
and the Expansion of Admin. Duties should be resended and abolished, as well as the War Powers Act.
But Power hungry politicians do not want to give up power-they just want more and more, since the people are un aware!