Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) Rips Obama Re Oil Spill

Scalise expresses appropriate outrage at Obama's ineffectual dithering.
Hat Tip Moonbattery.


The War Planner said..., this rant is rich! He is absolutely dead on in his frustration and anger. And, isn't it ironic, that we have another disaster in the gulf that tests a president's mettle only to find it more wanting than the previous president.

If anything, Bush's response -- all of the whining and "Nageling" aside -- was head and shoulders above this idiot's.

Just for grins, and I apologize for the shameless plug, I hunted down a time line of the oil spill, a day-by-day, blow blow account of the events int he Gulf and interspersed them with Obama's daily activities for the same period from another site. The results are striking -- and it is amazing how much jet-setting this clown does and how little of the nation's business he really attends to.

Opus #6 said...

TWP, sadly, "this clown" is a most accurate depiction of Obama.

The Conservative Lady said...

Bravo, Rep. Scalise.
God forbid this had happened during the Bush presidency. The Left would have been beside themselves...Katrina times three.

LL said...

The law says, "The pResident shall".

I don't think barack hussein obama cares that we're facing the single largest environmental disaster in America's history. BUT I do believe that he'll put the blame for it where it belongs -- at the feet of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. You could perhaps add Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Dwight D. Eisenhower because they're dead Republicans and heaping blame on them seems to work.

It's interesting that the White House didn't respond to the Governor of Louisiana any more than he responded to the Governor of Arizona (different issues, but a response was called for in each case).

Indifference is the theme of the day in Washington unless it specifically glorifies barack hussein obama and his regime.

Trestin Meacham said...

Where is the outrage from all the environmental groups?

the malcontent said...

Why doesn’t anyone of these duffus’s mention that it's the government and their enviro-nazis who demanded that this!
Get government out of our lives. . . they're just corrupt leaches. For Obama to just sit in his chair and tell these inept staffers that to cap the damn thing or whatever is just ludicrous. Is the man not capable of any original thought of his own!

the malcontent said...

No one seems to want to mention that BP gave Obama millions for his election. Maybe that's why he was so slow to respond?

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

This is exactly what happens when a community organizer is elected President. We end up with a "Bureaucrat in Chief".

Kristin said...

You mean "Plug the d*** hole" isn't a plan?!

It's sad, but I think BO and his regime intentionally dragged his feet on this to further impact our economy so he can use the emergency for another power grab.

Mustang said...

I don’t know what the law says about this, but my reaction to the gulf oil spill is the same as it was for Katrina. So here is my question: If all of our states are sovereign, why do we look to the President of the United States to meddle in matters that mostly pertain to our sovereign states? Now I realize that the oil spill is beyond the territorial limits of Louisiana, and I realize that the oil spill may affect far more than just Louisiana. By all means, the president should illustrate leadership … but I deeply resent the fact that our states have permitted the federal government to encroach upon their sovereignty precisely through promises of federal money. What this does, IMO is exactly as Kristin suggests: it sets up the feds for yet another power grab.

This really is a disaster. Let the states work with BP to solve it. Let the states—no, insist upon the states behaving as sovereign states and eventually, the federal government will treat them accordingly. Where am I wrong on this?

Teresa said...

I loved it! I am impressed with Rep. Steve Scalise calling out Obama on his utter incompetence, lackadaisacal attitude, his playing the blame game and blaming everyone else for his own inability to be a competent leader. I don't think the "man" knows the word responsibility. I think Obama used this disaster for his political gain. But, it looks like that plan may be backfiring in some respects.