Sunday, May 16, 2010

Obama Plays Basketball While Oil Spills Into The Gulf

Obama took a break from rebuking BP to shoot some hoops this Sunday morning.

Commenter DocScience at Gateway Pundit had the best spin on the story:

Come on people, Obama’s golf game is off, he shoots b-ball like a white guy, and throws baseballs like a girl.

This guy REALLY needs to spend a lot of time improving his sports performance. Cut him some slack.

I mean, is America safer when Obama is making policy decisions or shooting hoops? Really.


Arby said...

He has a point.

Blue Collar Todd said...

And he attacked President Bush for flying over the flood damage caused by Katrina. More hypocrisy.

Longhaired Conservative said...

The less they do the better. Hey, let's de-fund Congress!

The_Kid said...

Well, what exactly can government do about the oil spill but flap their jaws.

Maybe fund some money for applying the chemical that encapsulates the oil and makes it harmless - at best. But they won't. They Want and Need the oil spill to be a major disaster. So they can ultimately take over the energy complex Profits.

In the final analysis, BP will Fund and Do everything that it has to do with oil spill cleanup.

Government will simply fill its role as a bunch of worthless children standing on the sidelines throwing feces at BP while simultaneously trying to take credit for anything 'good' that happens in the containment-cleanup process.