Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fiscal Issues Take Precedence Over Social Issues

Bipartisanship may be overrated in politics, but in the electorate I feel that we all, as Americans, need to fix the HUGE financial mess we are in. Rising debt will CRUSH this country. I implore moderate and conservatives and even old-fashioned liberals of all political stripes to vote for fiscally conservative candidates this fall. Our present administration is attempting to spend us all into bankruptcy. Please, PLEASE let us put aside our social differences for a while, get our house in order, then later we can argue about social niceties.
Clayton Cramer at Pajamas Media says:

4. Financial collapse takes precedence over everything else.

I’m mostly a social conservative. I don’t agree with libertarians on some issues, and vice versa. But guess what? We’ve got a bigger problem.

Moody’s is talking about the possibility of lowering the rating of U.S. Treasury bonds because of how severe the deficits are that Obama is intent on creating. Lowering the rating means that the interest rate that the government has to pay goes up — and that makes it that much harder to pay down the national debt when Congress again has adult supervision. We all need to focus on a smaller and more fiscally responsible federal government, and elect either conservatives or libertarians to Congress as appropriate to a particular congressional district. We have a common enemy that is larger than our differences.

We can still debate, but anyone who sits out a campaign because “he’s a libertarian” or “she’s a conservative” is helping to elect someone that is neither.

Excerpt from Pajamas Media Rules For Republicans. But I feel this particular rule applies equally to all Americans who love and want to preserve what is left of our country.


WoFat said...

I think officials in this administration have a genuine ignorance about the functions of government. They seem to thing it's all "one man up-man-ship," over the Republicans. Like many politicians in the past they really don't know the value of money nor believe that the government can run out of said commodity.

Teresa said...

I totally agree with this. We need to clean house, focus primarily on fiscal issues, and compromise on social issues. If we can agree with the person 80% of the time great! That doesn't make the person 20% my enemy. Guess who I got that tidbit of advice from?

A= Ronald Reagan

Candle said...

Regarding libertarianism vs. social conservatism.... There really is a middle ground, if you look for it. For example, marijuana. One can literally be both "for it" and "against it", and maintain a straight face. It goes like this: I am against the federal government telling me that I can't smoke pot - who the hell are they? So, I think it should be legalized at the federal level. That way, it goes back to the states to decide. Now, once it hits my state, I will proudly vote to keep it ILLEGAL in Virginia. That's why we actually have separate states - so that we can decide for ourselves what is legal and what is not. The libertarians will love it because they can turn around and go to Nevada or California or wherever to get high, rather than Amsterdam - or they can smuggle it more easily into Virginia and risk fines, etc., but not gigantic life-changing penalties like jail (maybe, again, up to the state).

But socials and libert's need to be together on the fiscal stuff now, agreed.

Snarky Basterd said...

Amen, Opie. The bleeding needs to stop; if Americans have to tighten their belts, politicians do too, especially since they spend OPM (other people's money).

The_Kid said...

Bipartisanship: The act of Republicans giving in totally to Democrat socialist policy, enhanced by the Democrat practice of never compromising with the Republicans.

Anyway, Hey, we could just print up 14 trillion and pay off the national debt.

Don't laugh; a Democrat Senator asked Ben Bernanke to do just that within the last month as I was watching a segment of the dog and pony show on CNBC at lunch.

It's called 'Monetizing the Debt'.

John Carey said...

I agree that we need to stop the bleeding by voting those candidates that are fiscally responsible. I also believe we also need candidates that understand that through the Constitution and limited government we can become fiscally sound again.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Very true, but don't hold your breath for libbies to join in. They may hate America, but they have a bizarre and ironic DEEP faith in our strength and wealth. They honestly believe that we are still "the richest country in the world" and that no amount of irresponsible spending will ever change that. They're idiots, of course, completely delusional. But they just don't get that a country can go bankrupt (yes, even with the evidence throughout history, including the former Soviet Union and the contemporary Greece). That can't happen to America, the libs shriek, we're the richest nation evah! Uh-huh.

WomanHonorThyself said...

officials in this administration have a genuine ignorance about the functions of government...thats a fact!


You are so right, the majority(including most independents and many liberals) want to see spending cut.

The problem is when you start saying what you will cut. You say your cutting Social Security and older people get angry. You can go from government program after government program, and people will fight the cuts.

People need to realize that the spending cuts we need and want are going to hurt.