Sunday, March 14, 2010

Slaughter Strategy Explained

"This is how you overthrow the U.S. Government."
I was thinking about this today. The term "Progressive" means a person who is liberal and wants to change the American Political system to socialism or communism without frank, open war, so the "progress" must be done in small steps so the American People don't notice. Progressivism has been very successful in America. Liberal Progressives have worked their way into controlling schools/curricula, Hollywood, and the formerly free press. But since Obama was elected, politics have been anything but progressive. They have become Aggressive. Frank, open war against the Constitution such as government takeovers of the banking and auto industry, the threatened use of reconciliation to enact sweeping government takeover of health care, and odd new rules for enacting legislation such as the Slaughter Rule. Both houses of congress need to vote and pass the same piece of legislation before the President can sign it? Remember School House Rock? Fuggeddaboutit!

I saw this over at Red State today and it sums up this past year nicely:

Let’s recap the last year of the Democrats’ Health Care Takeover adventure. Why? Because it was fun, and we won:

  • With 60% majorities in both House and Senate, and flush from victories on Porkulus and Cap-and-Trade, Obama and the media tried selling America on their signature issue - government health care takeover — with glib lies, fuzzy math, and blaming ‘evil’ insurance companies.
  • FAIL – it smelled like a government takeover.
  • They shut Republicans and their ideas out of all discussions, in order to shut down dissent.
  • FAIL – America noticed, and so came the August recess fiasco. So also came 99.54% party discipline, as only Joe Cao (from a hyper-blue district) voted with the Democrats, to date.
  • They skipped, dodged, and staged astroturfed townhalls.
  • FAIL – Twitter. Internet. Americans found and crashed the meetings anyway.
  • They sent their SIEU and ACORN thugs to intimidate ordinary outraged Americans.
  • FAIL – People took their beatings. And brought video cameras.
  • Obama and the media decided they had not made themselves clear. So, more speeches, ABC specials, and more blaming of insurance companies. And doctors.
  • FAIL – America actually HAD heard it right the first time. and polls really started to look nasty.
  • They accused Republicans of just being obstructionists, having no alternative plans themselves.
  • FAIL — Republicans were obstructing with the blessing of their constituents, and their always existing plans sounded a whole lot like cost-lowering free-market ideas. [correction, h/t Jeff Emanuel - Repubs lacked numbers to actually obstruct anything, which the press unerringly failed to ever point out]
  • Their own members began to revolt, so they were bribed and blackmailed
  • FAIL – Americans reacted very badly to the Chicago way.
  • They passed the Senate version on Dec 24 while America traveled and thought of loved ones.

At this point they really thought they had won this thing. Unfortunately for them, Americans are not like Russians, programmed to serve silently and cower in fear of their government.

It was just getting interesting.

  • FAIL – America noticed anyway. McDonnell and Christie smoked VA and NJ governor elections. Scott Brown campaigned as “Mister 41″, and easily won the “Do it for Teddy” seat in deep-blue MA.
  • They plotted to delay the seating of Scott Brown in order to get a bill passed.
  • FAIL – once that was made public, they denied they would have considered such a dastardly thing.
  • With America dead set against it……more speeches. And publicly dressing down the Supreme Court.
  • FAIL – again, America already got the message, polls sunk even further, and wobbling Democrats were catching bloody hell from their constituents.
  • With 60 out of the question and 216 shaky at best, they decided to break congressional rules and jam the bill through by “reconciliation”.
  • FAIL – the shaky 216 started to look more like 200.
  • With no more hopes of even passing the House, now they propose the Slaughter Rule — to declare the Senate bill passed without a vote.
  • FAIL – just wait and see.

Update: the reconciliation bill is posted online, complete with a government takeover of the student loan industry, "green schools" and the PUBLIC OPTION. But don't worry. There isn't anything to see here. Move along, move along...


LL said...

The only certain thing in the ObamaNation is the daily outrage. Every day they do something that's completely beyond the pall of acceptable conduct. Every day they do something to erode Constitutional government.

Tomorrow is another day.

The Conservative Lady said...

Great video of Rush.
It's just amazing what the Dems are doing and they will pay in Nov. LL is right...every day it's something else.
I want to know what school loans and green schools have to do with health mcare reform. It's all there in the bill they are "reconciling". This is a travesty.

Opus #6 said...

LL, another day, another outrage.

Opus #6 said...

TCL, you are right, I updated my post. I understand the public option is also back IN. Eeeek!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I don't think the Libs took the intention of the Second Amendment into consideration.

WoFat said...

Some very strange people are running this country.

Amusing Bunni said...

Cool Post, Opie.
I hope we can stop this horrid slaughter of
our constitution and freedoms.

Thinking happy springy thoughts your way (huggs)