Friday, March 5, 2010

Perfect Storm Brewing to Sweep Republicans Into Office-Kristol

Rahm is doing damage control. Rangel imploded. Pelosi looks foolish. Obama is tone deaf.
USA4July1776 on YouTube said:
The Democrats went from being the party of Thomas Jefferson to being the party of Karl Marx.
The reason the GOP sucked is because they acted like big government, big spending leftists... now we have actual leftists in power and we're being literally buried under an Everest of debt for special interest and socialist welfare state crap... while the ecofreaks kill what is left of the economy.
Flush em, and only vote for accountable, fiscally conservative, small government elected officials...

Hat Tip RRR.


LL said...

Fox seems to be the only reliable news outlet in this country.

And, presuming that there is a perfect storm to sweep Republicans into office -- will that mandate be squandered? What will Republicans do presuming that the public gives them the power in Washington DC?

In the recent past we've seen a general default to RINOism and a 'spirit of bipartisanship' that in my mind can't exist with the likes of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

I'm not suggesting that a conservative Congress go to war with the Executive Branch of Government, only that they not vote them any money beyond that which is necessary to carry on the business of government -- and that they actively debate a Constitutional Amendment to link Congressional spending to 20% of the GNP.

I could go on, but I'll rant on my own blog ;^)


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well shot Opie, all we can do is Vote, Help Campaign, and Keep Our Fingers Crossed.

Teresa said...

There is a tidal wave of corruption happening amongst Democrats. I hope that Republicans will take back at least one of the Houses in Congress.

WoFat said...


What more needs to be said?

Arby said...

I'm thinking that the Democrats are on their way to being the party of Groucho Marx, but that may be an insult to Groucho.

Barking Spider said...

Tony Blair, when he became PM back in 1997, said words to the effect that "This Labour government will be whiter than white, purer than pure" and they turned out to be the most corrupt administration Britain has ever known - typical Lefty doublespeak, Opie.
How hollow Pelosi's words were, now that you also have the most corrupt administration America has ever known.

The Conservative Lady said...

I sincerely hope the Republicans take back Congress in November. I just hope they don't make such a stupid statement as Pelosi did about being the "most ethical...".
The GOP better learn a lesson from what has happened over the past several years and make a point not to screw it up again like they did during Bush's administration. Look where it got us.

Euripides said...

I like the term "statist" to describe those in power who want more power. I'm not happy with either Republicans or Democrats, but understand we must work within the system as it is - which means we're stuck with Republicans and Democrats. Fiscal responsibility shouldn't be partisan.

The_Kid said...

and the rest of the Dems are in ethics probes or are about to be. Jeeesh. Living the cartoon.

Arby, I emailed a friend yesterday saying this administration is like Moe, Larry and Curly, except there's no one smart enough to be Moe.